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Should Bonnie be with Matt or Damon?
Rachel Rachel Nov 11, 2011 10:48AM
I think that she should be with Damon. But my friend thinks that she should be with Matt! Who agrees with me or my friend?

Matt. Because Elena belongs with DAMON!

hmmm, definitely Matt! 2 supernaturals together isn't good, judging by what Bonnie did to Damon when Caroline was turned in to a Vampire, (series)
so Matt it is.. :)

hmm, i think either one would suit her just fine but on the other hand it should probably be matt because she wouldnt be able to handle damon anyway

MATT!!!!!!! He deserves a good girl... and a little supernatural protection since he's white knight syndrome-ish..... Delena all the way.... I've shipped them from the start of these books.

I think she should be with Matt, Matt and Bonnie would be cute together and i think they both need someone. Damon is to caught up with Elena.
BTW i think Damon and Elena should be together!!!


Matt, if Bonnie was with Damon, it would be a constant struggle and disaster.

Bonnie and Matt

Damon and Elena should be together, so I think that Bonnie should go for Matt :)

Matt. He's cute and deserves someone cute.

Rachel wrote: "I think that she should be with Damon. But my friend thinks that she should be with Matt! Who agrees with me or my friend?"
I think she should be with Damon.

I think that Bonnie and Matt are suited better than Bonnie and Damon. Bonnie is very innocent, where Damon is not. Matt is a boy with exceptional manners and would take care of Bonnie, even from herself. Plus, he is capable of loving her the way that she needs.

Damon and Bonnie don't get along really well but i'd say that she should be with Matt.

Bonnie should be with Matt, due to the fact that we ALL know Damon still has mixed feeling about problem solved! :)

I think she should be with Damon..In the book and the tv series

she should be wi matt coz damons mine nuff said

I can't time i think Damon other Matt...


In the books, they share quite a few moments but in both the tv series and the books I think Damon and Elena belong together. However, I also like Caroline with Matt.... But between Matt and Damon, it would have to be Matt.

B L Jones (last edited Mar 27, 2013 01:53PM ) Mar 27, 2013 01:52PM   0 votes
I know Damon is meant to love only Elena forever...blah blah and more blah, in both the books and the TV series be honest in the books(i've read all of them) by the last book i've had enough of Elena, she becomes so irritatingly stupid when it comes to who she loves. The books were ruined for me. Damon and Bonnie in the books would have been brilliant actually, just to change it up a bit. And as for the show Matt needs a nice normal girl, and Damon and Bonnie should be friends because their scenes together are always funny, they play well off each other xxx

Amber Ivers I read them all too and she did change. She became irritating to me also. But, I still thought that her and Damon would have been great together and s ...more
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Amber Ivers Instead of a fierce tiger, she became whiny. Then all of a sudden, she had no where near the feelings for Damon and it was like he was a speck of dust ...more
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I think some people are getting confused between the books and TV show. lol

Anyway, in the books, I've always wanted Elena to be with Damon. He actually explains why they're good together in one of the books.

As for the TV show......anyone who's ever read the books, would know that Jeremy doesn't exist!
Jeremy was MADE for the TV show.
In the books - Elena has a little sister and NO OTHER sibling(s).

(Tv Show)
SO.....Bonnie & Jeremy should be together.
And I still think Matt was better than Tyler for Caroline!
Stefan and Katherine!

And finally....Elena and Damon forever!

KJ18 (last edited Apr 18, 2012 11:41AM ) Apr 18, 2012 11:40AM   0 votes
Bonnie should be with Jeremy but thats my opinion
cause damon and elena are ment to be
and caroline and matt should be

hmm, tough call, but I have a soft spot in heart for Matt. He is caught up in all the supernatural stuff and deserves a little happiness so I choose him.

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