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message 1: by Elizabeth (Alaska) (last edited Nov 16, 2011 07:44AM) (new)

Elizabeth (Alaska) I'm interested in the names of existing independent bookstores/shops. These often have unusual or descriptive names. Sometimes the stores specialize in a particular genre.

Let me know if there is one you like, town/country where it is located, and something about it, or the store owner.

Thank you!

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary (marybt) | 336 comments There's one in Westport (Kansas City, MO) called The Reading Reptile. It's children's books. They have a bakery in back where you can get cupcakes. I haven't been there yet because it's about a 45 minute drive from my house; but I get their email and it's on my list of things to do this winter.

There's a used book store not far from me called The Thrifty Reader. The owners are very nice and knowledgable.

message 3: by JC (new)

JC (jmnc) Here in Sandpoint, Idaho we have Common Knowledge bookstore and teahouse. It's an organic local food cafe and used bookstore. My favorite haunt is The Corner Bookstore (used) downtown and there's also Vanderford's just around the corner from them (new and used).
In Walla Walla, WA where my husband is from we stop in to Earthlight books when we visit. They also have a famous record store there called Hot Poop.

message 4: by Nancy (new)

Nancy | 1274 comments I have two favorites in our area - The Bookworm carries new books AND is pet friendly - my wirehair fox terrier has been there making new buddies a few times. They used to hold a fundraising weekend in August called the Dog Days of Summer in which patrons were encouraged to bring their four legged friends and a contribution - material or financial - for the local animal shelter. There is a used shop in Lincoln where my daughter lives called A Novel Idea.

message 5: by Viola (new)

Viola | 1014 comments There's a great one here in DC called Politics and Prose. A very apt name for an independent bookstore in our nation's capital.

message 6: by Rebecca (new)

message 7: by Cassie (last edited Nov 11, 2011 09:24PM) (new)

Cassie | 487 comments Here in Waukesha, Wisconsin, it seems like the only non-university bookstore is a place called Cuddles, which also contains Martha Merrell's Bookstore--but the outside of the store is rather cagey about that. I know technically the part that isn't pink things and cute stuffed animals is just Martha Merrell's Bookstore, but I can't resisting laughing whenever I think of a bookstore called Cuddles. The bookstore is not owned by Martha Merrell anymore--I think she's retired--but it is technically an independent bookstore (as a piece of paper on the front door proclaims). Unfortunately, their selection does not give me as much amusement as the idea of a bookstore called Cuddles.

I do hear, though, that Madison has some independent bookstores with humorous names.

message 8: by Becky (new)

Becky (divadog) | 1015 comments In Denver, Colorado we've got the Tattered Cover - which has grown to 3 locations. It's got a great variety and lots of comfy chairs to give it a great homey feel.

message 9: by Mary (new)

Mary (marybt) | 336 comments Becky wrote: "In Denver, Colorado we've got the Tattered Cover - which has grown to 3 locations. It's got a great variety and lots of comfy chairs to give it a great homey feel."

I love love love the Tattered Cover. It is the most amazing bookstore! Everytime I go to, near, or through Denver, I stop. I didn't know they had 3 stores now - I've only been to the one downtown.

Elizabeth (Alaska) This is part of the Wikipedia entry for The Tattered Cover

In 2000 the store resisted, on First Amendment grounds, a search warrant for records related to purchases made by a customer suspected of illegally manufacturing methamphetamine. The case made national news, and was eventually decided in the store's favor by the Colorado Supreme Court.[6][7] Officers were attempting to establish a connection between the suspect and books they found on how to manufacture the drug. The purchase in question was later revealed to be of a book on Japanese calligraphy.

message 11: by Becky (new)

Becky (divadog) | 1015 comments TC is amazing - besides downtown, there is one off of Colfax - which saved an old theater in Denver, and one in Highland's Ranch - which is not that far from my way home from work!

I'm proud too of the history with the First Amendment.

message 12: by Abby (new)

Abby | 119 comments I also adore Tattered Cover, being a Denver native. However, I must say that Powell's in Portland, OR is better because of the used books available on the shelf with the new for those into recycling and/or needing a more affordable option. I could spend days in that store.

message 13: by Abby (new)

Abby | 119 comments Ooh! I just read the opening post and must add some details about Powell's for those who don't know it. It covers an entire city block and is 5 stories tall. It is the most comprehensive, and anally organized bookstore I have ever been in (and it's still independently owned!). It is a reader's dream. There is no room for chairs or comfy-ness because of the incredible amount of books they house, but no matter, people camp out on the floor and on stools if available. It is always busy, and in a trip to Powell's you can make money selling books, spend money buying books, and get a latte to go. It is the most fantastic bookstore I have ever been in. When I lived in Portland, I banned myself from going in around pay day otherwise bills would go unpaid. Absolutely amazing.

Cate (The Professional Fangirl) (chaostheory08) | 101 comments Here in Pasadena, CA we have Vromans Bookstore. :)

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