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5- positively yes
4- could be yes
3- idk
2- could be no
1- positively no

1. Do you make friends easily?
2. Do you try hard not to be a complainer?
3. Are you careful never to interrupt when another person is speaking?
4. Can you be optimistic when others around you are depressed?
5. Do you try not to boast or brag?
6. Do you control your temper?
7. Are you genuinely interested in the other person’s point of view?
8. Do you speak well of your employer?
9. Do you keep the same friends for years?
10. Do you feel well most of the time?
11. Do you refrain from swearing?
12. Do you keep promises?
13. Are you at ease with the opposite sex?
14. Do you try to be helpful to others?
15. Do you organize your work and keep up with it?
16. Do you get along well with your parents?
17. Do you readily admit your mistakes?
18. Can you be a leader without being bossy?
19. Is it easy for you to like nearly everyone?
20. Can you stick to a tiresome task without being constantly urged along?
21. Do you realize your weaknesses and attempt to correct them?
22. Can you take being teased?
23. Do you avoid feeling sorry for yourself?
24. Are you courteous to your fellow workers?
25. Are usually well-groomed and neatly dresses?
26. Are you a good loser?
27. Do toy enjoy a joke, even when it is on you?
28. Do you like children?
29. Do you keep your room in good orders?
30. Are you aware of the rules of etiquette?
31. Are you tolerant of other people’s beliefs?
32. Do you respect the opinions of your parents?
33. Do you know how to make introductions easily and correctly?
34. Do you avoid sulking when things do not go as you would like?
35. Are you a good listener?
36. Do you like to attend parties?
37. Are you the kind of friend you expect others to be?
38. Do you accept compliments or gifts graciously?
39. Can you disagree without being disagreeable?
40. Do you like to give parties?
41. Can you speak before a group without feeling self-conscious?
42. Are you usually on time for social engagements?
43. Do you drive carefully?
44. Do you generally speak well of other people?
45. Do you smile easily?
46. Can you take criticism without being resentful or feeling hurt?
47. Are you careful to pay back loans, however small?
48. Does your voice usually sound cheerful?
49. Can you work well with those you dislike?
50. Do you contribute to the conversation at the family dinner table?
51. Do you try as hard to get along well with your family as you do with your friends?
52. Do you like people who are much older then you?
53. Are you pleasant to others even when you feel displeased about something?
54. Do you show enthusiasm for the interests of others?
55. Are you free from prejudices?

250-275: Your too good to be true!
200-249: Your attitude towards others is very good.
150-199: Your attitude needs improvement.
Below 150: You need to make a careful study of your attitude toward others, looking at yourself as others see you! Then you need to begin working toward improving your attitude.

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i scored 183

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Katie | 117 comments yepp, I got 205

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Irene (wingdesilverii) 249

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) | 357 comments 157 XDDDDDDD yay mee!!!! i scored lowest!!!!!

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Heather | 5 comments 267

message 7: by Gemini (new)

Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) | 357 comments yall r all jealous xp

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adam (adamthompson_) | 2 comments 199

message 9: by Gemini (new)

Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) | 357 comments i still scored lowest xp

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Heather | 5 comments I scored the highest!

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