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Garrett (garrettgoodreads) A Mermaid Dystopian...out now!
The Mers:
What lies beneath the surface?
One hundred years from now, the world has
changed and brought with it, new forms of life.
Who are the Mers? Who is Mira?

Mira always knew she was different. Growing up with Mers, she never quite fit in. When Mira breaks the rules and takes Niren with heracross the border dividing Ellis Island and New Jersey, the border dividing two vastly different worlds, she thought the journey to find out who she really is would be an easy one.

But, as the world in Jersey proves to be a convoluted mix of aristocrats who hate the Mers, pirates who want to sell them, and magi who want to use them...finding her true identity will be a challenge, especially when her best friend Niren is a Mer willing to fight to the death.

message 2: by Ami (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ami Blackwelder (amirblackwelder) | 6 comments Thanks for adding me! I'm also writing the sequels, Ethan's Empire and Mira Rising. It will be a trilogy. I hope others check this book out for only 99 cents. After the holidays all my books will go to $2.99, so take advantage of the holiday specials:)

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Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick) (guitarchick) | 1021 comments Mod

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Ami Blackwelder (amirblackwelder) | 6 comments Thanks!

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