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message 1: by Santina (last edited Oct 29, 2008 03:01PM) (new)

Santina (littlesaintina) | 292 comments Mod
Based on my recent rant in bitchfest I went looking for information on teaching and helping right brained children. I came across this video which brought tears eyes. It's beautiful and really makes you think. while not all children experience problems in school I think a good many of them go through things similar to the things described in this video and that makes me really sad. Our entire system is wrong and needs to be completely revamped.

I hope that works.

message 2: by Pisces (new)

Pisces (shaffergray) | 3 comments I came across this video about a week ago. It really touched me. I've strived very hard to choose a school that would offer my children a "whole child" education. Though I am pleased with the school and my oldest son really loves it (he is the only one in school so far), he does struggle with being focused and tends to be more artistic and athletic than academic. It opened my eyes to being more understanding and appreciative of his efforts and the things that he naturally does well. I think it's a great message that everyone could benefit from. My son is often hard on himself and I showed this video to my son and discussed with him how everyone is different, and that's just fine. Thanks for posting!

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