Falling Under (Falling Under, #1) Falling Under question

Thoughts about the book? really good, good, or bad?
Tiffany Tiffany Nov 11, 2011 04:32AM
The book was good, but not enthralling.
I guess it was just too dark for me.

The creepy Under people were too much for me, too dark. And I hated the romance. It reminds me too much of twilight. What with the whole 'I'm dangerous stay away from me.'
'Oh but I love you anyway cause you're hot!'
It was annoying to me. I still read the whole thing (except I skipped over a few bits) but this definitely isn't something I'd recommend.

To maddie
Cool picture! I luv Nevermore!

For me, the book was just okay. I didn't read anything really unique except Haden was half human, half demon.

good absolutely good i loved this book and i cant wait to start the next book

I liked it a little in the beginning and then like 100 pages in I got to bored and left it for like 3 weeks and then I picked it up again and finished it

This book felt EMPTY; that's how it was for me. When I read a book weather a fiction or not, I expect to fall inside the characters world and see things unfold. Reading is an adventure, but this novel was lacking that elements.

Too cliche and lack of originality. The characters, I couldn't relate to.

deleted member May 31, 2013 09:01AM   0 votes
I thought it was ok.

I LOVED it. Adored it. Whatever you want to call it. Although Theia's dad is kind of unfair. Also, I love how when Haden lost his memory and he'd only been told of Theia, he still loved her. It's like he didn't know anything about her, but he still understood how his old self loved her. It was really dark, and it's basically the first book on demons I've ever read. It was a new experience.

I liked it. It was an excellent read. I was on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Once he stopped being annoying and fondling other girls it was very romantic.

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! the way she fell in love with someone that kept toying with her emotions, but she knew that the darkness wasnt actually him, but the demon running through his veins. i actually find it kind of inspring in some way that love can overcome anything. even after being technicall brainwashed, he knew in his heart who she was and how much he still cared forher.

I liked it at the begining, then as I continued, I was thinking: Uuuuhhhh-hhhhuuuhhhhh. Kkkkaaayyy then. I mean, I understand if you like it, but for me......I couldn't even finish it. But everybody has their own opinion.

I thought it was a fun story. Nothing to write home about, you know, it wasn't magnificent or spectacularly written, but for me it was definitely a fun read. I enjoyed it.

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