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Books Related To Anne Frank?
Nithya Nithya Nov 11, 2011 03:55AM
I've been tracing Anne Frank's life for the past 7 years and been collecting many of the books related to her life. I've found the following books written by her or about her by her family/friends etc.

1. The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank
2. Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies
3. Tales from the Secret Annex by Anne Frank
4. The Hidden life of Otto Frank by Carol Ann Lee
5. My Name Is Anne, She Said, Anne Frank, by Jacqueline van Maarsen
6. Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend by Hannah Goslar
7. Roses from the Earth: the biography of Anne Frank by Carol Ann Lee
8. Anne Frank: The Biography by Melissa Müller

IS there any other book that you know of, that shows some light into Anne Frank and Holocaust? Thanks much!

Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies was a wonderful book, told from the point of view of Otto Frank's secretary. It's a memoir describing what it was like for those who helped hide the Frank family.

The book Annexed by Sharon Dogar might interest you, its a fiction story from the Petter's point of view, like his own personal diary about Anne and living in the Annexe, it's not the best book in the world but if you like Anne Frank as much as I do you might enjoy it.

Another excellent book is Hana's Suitcase

Maus -Art Speigelman

I liked:
Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary, A Photographic Remembrance
By Ruud van der Rol and Rian Verhoeven

It's got a lot of family photos from before Anne and Margot's time in the annex. It's an interesting book.

ϟEvelynϟ (last edited Feb 23, 2012 08:37PM ) Feb 23, 2012 08:36PM   0 votes
Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy It's a very intriguing book...and real!

Gisselle (last edited Dec 14, 2011 06:36PM ) Dec 14, 2011 06:37PM   -1 votes
Here is one I liked:
Anne Frank and the Children of the Holocaust by Carol Ann Lee

C.E. (last edited Dec 16, 2011 04:34AM ) Dec 16, 2011 04:33AM   -1 votes
I second the recommendation for "Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary." Actually read that before I read the diary, and referred back to it while reading.

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