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message 1: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Bunn | 160 comments No, not Good Humor bars, though I wouldn't mind one myself right now. Rather, I'm giving away free copies of The Mike Murphy Files. It's a slender little book containing freeze-dried pygmies, the resourceful Ms. Polly Inch, and other things like that which are guaranteed to give fits, or not to fit, or keep one's funny-bone fit. Also mummies. Not that mummies need to be concerned about being fit, seeing that they're dead. I mean, it also contains a few mummies. Not the maternal sort.

Use the coupon code: ZH68F

message 2: by Claudine (last edited Nov 10, 2011 11:11PM) (new)

Claudine | 1110 comments Mod
READ THIS BOOK! I laughed out loud quite a few times.

I'll use the coupon to do a review for you Christopher. I wonder why Smashwords works that way, that you have to buy the book in order to do a review? Oh well.

message 3: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Bunn | 160 comments Woops. Just saw your post. Thanks, Claudine. I really appreciate that.

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