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It is a long boardwalk that goes out to see for about half a mile. It's a good place for a date.

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jamie, tired from traveling from her home planet, arrived at the pier. She looked around, wondering if her sisters followed her.

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Kari had just arrived and saw her sister, "Hey Jamie!" she said running up to her

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Jamie smiled. "Kari, there you are!

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"Hey long time no see. How's my sis doing?" she said hugging her sister.

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Jamie smiled. "Good, been bored. And you?"

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"The same. Watched the senshi here fight." she said with a yawn

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"Hmm, yea. They didnt seem full of spunk, sadly." Jamie mumbled. "Except the moon one, and those legendary ones."

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"I thought the evil turned good kid was cute, you know fire boy." Kari said twirling her hair which she didnt have in a pony tail

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Jamie laughed. "You think everyone is cute."

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"No i don't!" Kari said loudly

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Jamie shrugged. "Say as you wish, Kari."

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"Okay." She said looking around the peir

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Jamie sighed. "So, wheres the final sister?" She whispered.

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"I have no idea. Haven't heard from her." she said

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With a sigh, Jamie rubbed her forhead. "Being crazy as normal."

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"Probably. So why are we on this planet agian?" Kari asked

(Youma attack?_

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Jamie shrugged. "Dont remember."

( i gtg soon, i have finals tommorow. Dx)

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(I have them next week)

"Me neither." she said feeling something wrong in the sir

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(Lucky you)

Jamie felt it too.

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(Not really)

"WHat is it?" Kari asled reaching for her head set.

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(Haha finals suck)

Jamie looked around, trying to find the source.

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(ugh don't tell me.)

Kari saw a shady figure and watched it walk towRDS THEM.

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(They doo, i want to rip them in half..)

Jamie grabbed her headset too.

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(Great now i have great things to look forward too!)

The person threw off it cloak to show a huge puppet of cogs and pipes.

"Transform?" Kari asked

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(Hehehe ull do fine.)

Jamie nodded.

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(Thanks im sure you did too.)

"Fighter Star Power! Make Up!" Kari said transforming into Fighter.

TK and Selene walked onto the Pier.

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(Got two more days of it)

Jamie smiled as she spoke, "Maker star power, makeup!!"

Selene smiled at T.K.

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(Mine starts monday ends wednesday.)

The puppet smiled and ran at them, knives shooting out of it arms.

"So what shall we do?" TK asked her

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(Nice. Haha)

Maker jumped, dodging the knives.

"Rollar coaster?"

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"Sure." TK said leading her to the ride.

"Star Serious Laser!" Fighter said the powerful beam hitting the puppet.

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Selene then ran to the line. "Hurry, slow poke!!"

Maker watched.

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Joanne Nguyen (joannemayihaveyourkidneysnguyen) | 1687 comments Mod
" hahaha! miss me selene....." luna said as her shadow crossed the boardwalk.

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Selene heard a voice and looked around.

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Joanne Nguyen (joannemayihaveyourkidneysnguyen) | 1687 comments Mod
" some friend you are.......left me alone in my time of neeed.....igues senshi arent that useful. DARK POWAH!!!! MAKE HUP!!!!" luna transformed.

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Selene saw Luna transform, along with everyone in the line. "Luna!"

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Joanne Nguyen (joannemayihaveyourkidneysnguyen) | 1687 comments Mod
" puppets ATTACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!" luna commanded.

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Joanne Nguyen (joannemayihaveyourkidneysnguyen) | 1687 comments Mod
( awwwww! ok )

" hiyah! " the puppets said slashing TK in the face.

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Selene pulled t.k away from the puppets.

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Joanne Nguyen (joannemayihaveyourkidneysnguyen) | 1687 comments Mod
" selene, why must you chose your date over the death of my family! " she said blasting a beam of dark energy at selene.

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Selene sqeeked and moved t.k. again. "Luna, calm down!!" She exclaimed.

message 43: by Joanne (new)

Joanne Nguyen (joannemayihaveyourkidneysnguyen) | 1687 comments Mod
" you dare call me by my name! " luna screamed as she tried to blast selene.

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Selene held up her hand. "Stop,!"

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Joanne Nguyen (joannemayihaveyourkidneysnguyen) | 1687 comments Mod
" KING BASILISK! fight for your lady!" she said summoning a gar ghoulk youma. " now killlllll!!!!!"

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Selene glupped.

Toshima, who was relaxing, over heard the fight. "Damn, i thought this was over!" She hissed, hiding. "Illusion power, make up!!" She exclaimed, transforming.

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Joanne Nguyen (joannemayihaveyourkidneysnguyen) | 1687 comments Mod
" you bad excuse for a friend!!" she cried as two tears fell down her cheeks.

" hurrr!!!" she groaned trying to scar selene.

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"Illusion delusion!! " sailor x shouted, an orb flying at the puppet. A mist grew and Sailor X held her wand.

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Joanne Nguyen (joannemayihaveyourkidneysnguyen) | 1687 comments Mod
" you! " luna exclaimed trying to scratch selene.

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Sailor X got in front of Luna, holding her hands. "Bad kitty."

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