Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, #4) Breaking Dawn question

Does Bella deserve Edward? Jacob? Either?
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I think Bella is a cow, no offense but the way she is in the love triangle. She is so in love with edward yet she is stringing Jacob along. I really don't like Bella and i think she is very attention seeking and thinks everything evolves around her.

She deserves Edward because she needs someone to give her special attention and love her with all their heart... and ONLY Edward can do that.

Karli I agree 100%!
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bella put Jacob through so much pain, ugh.....

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May I asked has anyone been in love with someone and then something happens that causes you to break up. It may be something so serious that you go your seperate ways. Then you fall in love with someone else but that person is not the person that you think is your true match/soul mate whatever. You still have a draw to that first person and you eventually leave that second person becuase you do not want to settle for anything but your true match. So you go back to your true match and be happy. So many people settle for less than enough or less than their true match that is why we have so many people in unhappy relationships.

I think she deserves Edward just as much as he deserves her. They were a match. It was unfortante for Jacob that he was thrown in the mix but it just happen, it could have been easliy Mike, Eric or someone else. Love has no barriers.

I don't think Edward went out seeking to fall in love with Bella it just happend if you read his perspective I think it would help see it that way. I like reading his view over Bella.

bella deserves all the love she can get. i mean, i think she has had a terrible life. kind of sad. so yes, she deserves both of them. if that can happen

I think it's fine the way the book ended...

I'm not exactly sure what to think, so I'm going to go about this analytically, adding in my opinions.

If you look at all of this together, Edward is extremely abusive, cutting her off from friends and family, trying to control who she is and isn't friends with, etc. Does she deserve the abuse? Maybe, maybe not. She is so hopelessly co-dependant and has such extremely low self-esteem, she has lost all my respect for her. This makes my biased opinion be, "Yes, she deserves it."

Para me: Jacob is less abusive, more caring, and more free-willed/spontaneous. He wants nothing more than for her to be happy and be with him, and that's a noble wish. Her co-dependence and catastrophizing of pretty much everything makes this my conclusion: Jacob deserves to get what he wants, but he deserves more than Bella. Bella does not deserve him.

Therefore, I say that Bella deserves Edward and all his abusive, sparkly pedophilia.

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It's been a really long time since I read the novels (as soon as each one came out), so I can't give you the opinion of someone who has just read them, but on reflection, no I don't think she deserved either of them. I enjoyed the books when I read them but I now find it difficult to understand just exactly what was so unique about her that attracted the attention of a more-than-a-century-old vampire who must have had his choice of just about any woman he was near and surely would have wanted someone far more mature and a lot less sulky. He was after all very old , but still seemed to have the taste of a seventeen-year-old boy.
As for Jacob, one could understand a little more why he would be attracted to Bella. He was very sweet and she was all sulky and mysterious, but come on! That sultry-sweet attitude of Bella's must have become really annoying after a while, so I don't get why he was still hung-up on Bella after so long; perhaps he just wanted what he couldn't have.

In short, she confused Jacob so much that she really didn't deserve him and was somewhat inadequate for a very old vampire so she didn't suit Edward either. No, she didn't deserve them.

(Sorry it's so long, I tend to waffle)
(And I should probably repeat that I did really love the books when I read them, though you wouldn't think it to read all of this).

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