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Adriana Discuss!

Adriana I guess since in the thread Questions About the Group you guys wanted to talk about it all at one time let's all talk about it on the last day of November.

I might post questions on that day to get everyone talking.

Adriana Has anyone else read it yet?

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Viv (a_pocky_box) | 156 comments Mod
I'm not going to be able to read any books other than school ones till December 3rd right now. I did see this book at the library though

Adriana okay.
college books?

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Viv (a_pocky_box) | 156 comments Mod

Adriana cool. my brothers the same.

Have to go soon so I'll add more questions later and my response later.

1)Which sister do you identify with the most?

2)Which power of the sisters would you want?

Adriana 1)May. No I am not a goth or depressing person. I hope I don't come off that way... Anyway the invisible part is what made me feel more like her. I am not bubbly or a leader so I wasn't any of the other sisters.

2)I'm not sure. To see the future would be great but I ave anxiety for little things (I'm a worrier) so it might not be the best power. Invisibility is probably the least useful well in the book it wasn't... but still. I want my power to be awesome. So I'd go with June's mind reading powers even though people's mind might be ugly. If I learn to control it I CAN RULE THE WORLD!! or I can have all the answers to my math test.... hmm.. I could do the same with invisibility and get the answers from the teacher.... as you can tell I don't know.

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1) I think I am more like April. Mostly the whole worry-wort aspect of her. I tend to over think things and worry about it when I should just relax.

2)I like to know the future so that way I will never have any bad unexpected surprises. But Adriana, mind reading to rule the world might sounds fun haha.

Adriana Hmm.. I never thought of April like that. I am like her too in that way.

IKR!? It's the perfect power. (:

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I do like how sarcastic May is. She makes it sound like an art haha. Keep a sarcastic conversation going like that. It would be awesome.

Adriana I love that type of banter. I am sooo bad at coming back with witty lines.

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Viv (a_pocky_box) | 156 comments Mod
me too my attempts will end with me stuttering or making no sense

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