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Sex Registry

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John What are your thoughts on what we (society) need to change within the sexual registry list? These kids are far to young to be placed on this list for a lifetime.

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Sam Bledsoe The paradigm is "You do the crime-- you do the time. Then you're whole again." No more reason to perpetuate the punishment of these one-time offenders than to pro-spectively "test" everyone in grade school for "perverse tendencies" and register them in advance. Recidivists receive more severe time, an effective protection for society. The registry is nothing more than a witch-hunters diary and a thinly-veiled violation of double jeopardy.

Karen All the sex offenders I have known of really deserved what they got. U do have a point about the youthful ones though. The adults who didn't raise them properly are to blame.

Marcy Karen, are you aware that the sex offenders registry includes teenagers who have consensual sex with other teens who might be a year or two younger? An 18-yr old boy has consensual sex with his 16 yr old girlfriend, her parents find out, they have him arrested. He's on the list for ten years to life.

I make a big distinction between these cases (and others that lean this way), and men who molest little kids. Unfortunately, most so-called justice systems do not.

James Patrick Spoiler in comment!

Pedophiles and serial rapists should be on a register. However.... I don't believe there's enough distinction between high-risk offenders and low-risk guilty people. It's a litmus test for both our own morality and society's....how do you do the "just" thing for someone who is guilty of attacking vulnerable populations like children? Severely limiting the public information of low risk offenders while maintaining a database would be a good. But....*spoiler* the Kid was also high-risk - he actively sought out a 14 year old , he brought alcohol, and more importantly didn't really see what he did as sexually wrong, just legally. So I wouldn't trust him around my nieces or nephews.

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