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What has led Vi, Jag and Zenn to make the choices they have made?

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message 1: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Langford I did not finish this book, but when I do I am sure I will discover why Vi, Zenn, and Jag are lost, searching,questioning, or contributing(that I know of). They are distressed about their place in their societies and trying to discover who they are. They are lost and looking for answers. Because I serve Gifted Children in my career, I identify many characteristics in the young people of the story with gifted children I serve. Without support and recognition of their strengths, these kids develop ways to survive in ways that may not be the most helpful or giving back to the society. Rather, they lead tragic, run-away lives????? That is my take on the story at this point . . . I hope to finish the book later and discover what choices Vi, Jag, and Zenn make that will make contributions to the world to make it better?

message 2: by delaney (new)

delaney I'm still thinking about reading this book, the cover is very cool (guilty for covers).

Mary Vi loves Jag and wants to protect him, Zenn loves Vi and wants her anyway he can get her, and Jag loves Vi so he WILL do what he has to to get her back. Its all about being free to love who you want, to think for yourself, to just be free.

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