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Show Book Trailers to your students!

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message 1: by Asenath (new)

Asenath | 19 comments Here is the link to some book trailers. I like to show a book trailer a day--it only takes a few minutes and the students love it.


Also, I forgot to say this in my presentation, but book trailers can really help students become interested in reading.

Here's what one of my 11th graders said:
"I have always had a hard time with wanting to read, honestly the book trailers we watched in class helped me out alot in wanting to read. They got me interested in the fact that books are almost the same as movies. i have started the book Before I Fall and i am loving it! I desided to read it because of the trailers. All the book trailers we watched would be movies i would want to watch."

If you have any questions, or want me to add anything, feel free to email me at arallison at alpinedistrict dot org

message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (stwagstaff) | 27 comments This is great. Thanks for collecting these so that they are in one place. I love showing book trailers in the library during lunch, but so many are on YouTube which is a pain.

message 3: by R (new)

R (rrhodehouse) | 18 comments I have to warn our library when I show a book trailer, because students make a run on anything I show in class. It's funny to me how sucked in they get by a really well produced trailer! (Now, if only I could keep up with all of the books that I share and read them as well. Students also want me to tell them if they're good or not. At least we have Goodreads to help us with some idea of what people thought.)

message 4: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (kaytiestorms) | 1 comments Oh I LOVE this idea!!! What a great idea! Also an interesting idea for a book project...

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