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Who excited about this book turning into a film!?

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I CANNOT WAIT!! I will literally cry if they kill this in the movie. I know this book so well, I can practically quote every line. I've read this 14 times so I will freak if they screw this up.

NO FREAKEN" WAY!!!! ahhhhhhgggggg!!!!! <-----little girl scream OMG OMG!!!!!

This will be a movie(s) that I will also purchase to watch at home. Luv the idea of Ash being in a movie. S. Kenyon is my idol! Maybe when I grow up I could write a series like her. (I'm over 60 yrs) :-) She is a great author.

OMG I AM SO EXCITED!!! I love the series and I can't wait for the movie to come out. BUT, they better get it right! They better not mess it up like they did with City of Bones

Anyway, I can't wait :)

As long as it's not butchered like some other books (cough cough Percy Jackson, Twilight, Eragon.)

Is there a release date or at least the year when it will come out?

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Hayden Wheeler everything but the date
Jan 30, 2013 08:33PM

really, it's going to be made into a movie?
where did you hear this from?
. . . . I don't I've heard from Ms. Kenyon anything about it being made into a film. . .

I am pumped!! Can't wait to see the cast. I hope I'm not disappointed!


Oh god...I have a feeling this is going to suck...big time

i love the idea of this being a movie, but it will totaly wreck it if it ends up like the percy jackson movie did

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This is going to become a film? Huh, maybe it will be better than the book itself...

It has only been "optioned." Meaning, that the company has aquired the rights, but no plans have been set into actions to go forth and make the films.

While I am happy to see this and the Dark-Hunters being optioned, I am going to wait until we hear that they are moving forward with their plans before celebrating. These days, everything gets optioned, but few actually see fruition.

Totally excited, but terrified. What if they cut out some VERY important people like in Percy Jackson or just make it...a complete wreck that doesn't live up to the book like Twilight???? But then I heard from her FB page that Kenyon's writing the script herself so maybe it won't be bad. Just a lot of monologues. ;)

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I AM SO EXCITED!!!! AS long as it turns out good - DON'T RUIN THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg I can't wait I love nicks character!!!!

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who do you think would be a good nick?

IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!Can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone know when it is coming out?

wow omg that is impossible! can't wait to see who can pull of all there personalities

Any one heard of any news? Is the casting finish? A while back Sherrilyn said they had found the perfect guy for Ash, so I as wondering if there are any more news...

Is this still in production?

there's a movie!!? where was I when this was being announced? Can't wait!!

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Hope you’re having a great Friday 13th. I’m fresh back from New York with an update on the movies- I know how eager all of you are for news.
First, I can’t tell you how excited I am. This is going to be E-P-I-C. We couldn’t be in better hands for the this- I promise you. I haven’t seen the script yet, but I did get a copy of the treatment. Tom really outdid himself (I did get a peek at his upcoming Stronghold script OMG!! I can’t wait to see that movie. It’s going to be amazing, too. Medieval zombies?! What more could I ask for?). The best part is that Tom gets it in a way you won’t believe. He truly understands the characters and has an eye for the drama and humor.
And the ending…
We all gasped when we read it. You are going to LOVE it! I can’t imagine any DH or CON fan not adoring this. I promise. Tom has really remained very faithful to the characters and story. We also discussed the DH TV series and who the best POV character would be for it. I don’t won’t to let too much out of the bag, but I will say this…
It’s going to be great. Again, I can’t imagine any fan not absolutely loving this. Imagine seeing the Peltiers and Sanctuary live (along with Ash and all the DH). Ileen and Lawrence really wowed me with their ideas and suggestions. And yes, we discussed casting and they suggested names that I feel will be incredible assets should we be able to get them. Actors I know can more than carry those parts. But I don’t want to say anything more lest I jinx something.
That being said, here’s one teaser. The actor they want for Acheron… yes, he’s tall and he’s everything- E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G- you dream of Ash being. Finger-crossed we can have him as Ash.
We are moving forward with everything and I will let all of you know as soon as I have more details. I can’t wait to share more!
Hugs! Sherrilynn Kenyon

Mikaela Waaaaahhh! Can't wait! :) ...more
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Is it really turning into a movie. Cuz if it is I'm going to die of exitment.

I would have preferred that the Darkhunter series was being made into movies instead of this one. I liked Nick way better in the DH series. The storyline in this series doesn't mesh at all with how his character is introduced in earlier books of the darkhunters.

Angela wrote: "I'M EXCITED!!!!! HERE THE WEBSITE!"

This will be one of the best movies of all time! I really like this series. I didn't know there was going to be a book 5! Is the movie going to be just one book at a time?

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