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What are your top 3 SK books?

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3. Dreamcatcher
2. The Stand
1. Bag Of Bones

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Jerusalem's Lot is a short story!!

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Rohan | 9 comments I was always a sucker for Christine. The conversion of a classic car, of course a Plymouth, into a demonic agent was a particularly modern type of horror (a lot like Stefan Grabinski's train tales of terror back in the 1930's). I'm pretty sure King had watched The Car and was riffing quite nicely off of La Vey's little bit of Hollywood nonsense. Regardless, Christine was the novel where I realised the power of the page-turner. I demolished the book in less than a day and still have extremely vivid memories of that lone highway dispatching of Buddy Repperton. It's a classic horror sequence, that was recently evoked in Tristan Egolf's hysterical Amish werewolf novel Kornwolf.

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Lexi 💜 (lexiz90) 3. The Stand
2. IT
1. The Shining :)

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Rohan | 9 comments Kyle you couldn't have put it better. Christine is indeed a twisted love affair masquerading as a horror, probably what makes it stand out in my imagination. I read a lot of King in my teens, but Christine is the one that sticks out, whilst Misery, Cujo and Different Seasons I've returned to frequently as I've got older and I have a love/hate/love relationship with Insomnia, which is all over the place, but also features some of his best later work. I really want to read his latest book about the Kennedy assassination however, it has had some excellent reviews here in Europe.

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Shannon (ShannonCinderz) | 8 comments When you have to really try hard to choose your top 3 King favorites, you can't decipher for long without Christine crossing your mind. This is the reason why I want so much to re-read several of his older novels. Much of what I read of King was his older classic horrors like Christine. It ranks HIGH in the top ten in most of the Constant Reader's King lists if they have experienced the BOOK rather than the movie alone. There is so much more tension in the book.

*sigh* If I have to pick 3 I would have to go with:

The Shining
Cujo - Christine as a tie. How's that?

NOTE: The top 2 have something in common?
It must be because I am a lover of writing. I am always excited to read a tale involving an author, and funny how those types rarely disappoint.

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Rohan | 9 comments I think you've hit the nail squarely upon the head there Shannon. There really is far more tension in the novel of Christine than in the movie. The novel feels like a visceral experience and, as Kyle so astutely pointed out, a significant part of the novel is a seduction.

I much prefer the ending to Misery in its novel form, whilst Cujo was far too good a read to get made into such a naff film. The Shining made an excellent movie in Kubrick's hands, but it really is a Kubrick film, rather than a King adaptation.

Talking of writers in King works, what about the story The Body with Gordy Lachane as the central narrator/writer. It was of course made into the great Rob Reiner movie Stand By Me, which still chokes me up in the final Dreyfuss scene.

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Cassie | 7 comments Another hard question... I know Pet Semetary for sure, I read it in highschool and refused to watch it for 8 years because I didn't want to actually see the images in my head, scared me so bad!! Possibly It... I read that just in October and was captivated, I also couldn't believe I had read a 1200 page book in less than 2 weeks. I currently have that dvd on my shelf, not sure when I will work up the nerve for it. And last... either Misery or Geralds Game. I cant decide. Miser was the first King book I read (actually I read in 8th grade and did a book report and my teacher refused to accept it and deemed it as inappropriate.. whoops!)

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