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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments There we go, but aye we'll continue this later coz i have class now, but u can start on ure character

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Name:Chris Austad
Gender: Male
Appearance:[image error]src=""
Width="400" height="600"/>
History: He moved from Ireland a couple of years ago for a fresh start after he left the millitary. He was born on a little farm not far from the capital of Ireland, Dublin. He was the olderst and the head of the house when his father died. He helped his mother raise his younger brothers and sisters before leaving for the millitary. After he came back for a few year and finally decided he needed his own life. He moved to America and started a Gym up.... that being his cover.

A year after he got to America he landed himself a job working in a high class office filing papers. One day someone offered him a higher job with better pay. Being the man that he was he took the offer and was soon thrown into a training camp for CIA agents. He got through training with ease and soon became one of the best agents they have.

Perona: Chris is a quiet guy, he keeps mostly to himself and like his alone time. He is a very hard worker and a fantastic business man. He can also be very charming, witty and kind, when you get to know him. Being the oldest he is very protective of the things he cares about, including his family and the women he love.
Job: He owns his own Gym (and also works for the CIA)
Family: Mother,Dianna and his three brother, Phillip Henry and Joseph

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments Name : Rose Rosevalt
Age: 21
Gender: female
Appearance: description
About her: Rose is an American student who's studying to be a university teacher for psychology. She got inspired by psychology when she was at the age of 13 after watching all those psychology shows where you can tell what a person is thinking from their body language, so she was straight away inspired and wanted to learn more and more about human nature and society. She left her family in England to go and study in America, and she's loving it. She owns an apartment in a dark city, where crimes happen, but she's getting used to it. Her parents didnt want her to leave, but she ran away from them one night after they refused to let her out of their sight, so she snuck out
Personality: Rose is a kind, sweet girl, who has a strong determination to anything she puts her mind into. She's sympathetic, humorous, and resilient.
Job: Student
Family: On her own for the time being

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Name: Tamina Grey
Gender: Male
Appearance:[image error]src=""
Width="400" height="500"/>
History: Tamina moved from Vietnam when she was twenty after she graduated from college. She was born Oct. 27 on a small rice farm in a small village. She was the baby of the family and the town and was alway being made fun of. They use to torment her and bully her until she reached college were she blossomed into a beautiful young girl. But all the tormentment gave her a hard exterior.
Persona: She plays a tough girl, and plays it very well, but on the inside she is just a scared little girl. She is smart, witty and charming[in her own way]; she is very fistey. She is a hard worker and very determind to get things done and done the right way. She does like a little adventure, both in life and love.
Job: When she moved to the US, like Chris, she was recruited into a government agency but her's was the FBI. She is one of their best agents and is always running to Chris on similar missions.
Family: SHe has a mother and father and four older siblings.
Extra: SHe has a tattoo of a lock behind her ear, her old love has the key but they don't see each other anymore and she doesn't like to talk about it much.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments Name: Jace Carter
Age: 24
Appearance: description
History: Jace was a kid when he was signed into martial arts, he's dad wanted him to get into the military and fight for his country, so he did that, but by the time he became 18, the legal age to get into the army, he wanted to drop down, he didnt want to live his life like the way he's father wanted him to. But his dad threatened him that he'd disown him if he didnt obey what he had asked him to do. Jace didnt want that, so he signed up, and got into the army, now he's fighting in England on the western front, wanting to meet the right person, and live hiis life normally when after the war ends.
Persona: Strong, capable, understanding, kind, and dangerous when in a fight
Family: on his own

♥Sex Kitten♥ [tada]

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments ((haha cool, shall we start?))

♥Sex Kitten♥ [[We shall... where exactly? Hahahahah]]

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments ((ikr! lol, idk, about with Rose just finishing up from uni and going to the gym? and Jace just gets off for a break from war for a day, and gos around villages in the country? idk lol, think with me))

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♥Sex Kitten♥ [[That sounds like a plan, would you like to start or should I]]

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments ((umm...I'll go))

Rose was in the middle of class in university, in the middle of learning the different ways you can interpret a person, when her teachers phone rung. He excused himself to answer it, and when he didnt come back, everyone began filing out, she didnt know what had happened, but she knew that that phone call was pretty important. She left to go to the gym to work out, it was just across the street from her, so she smiled and ran inside to change into her gym clothes. When she was done, she got onto the treadmill, with her earphones and ran her heart off

Jace had just gotten a break after the week of war for a day. He had scratches around his face, but packed up his bag and took off, he wanted to explore the country, so he began with the small villages. He got into a small village that was filled with so much greenery, that he smiled and sighed

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris sat in his desk in the back of the gym. He flipped threw a magazine as he glanced at the monitor here and there. His eyes settled on a young girl running on a tredmill for a momment before going back to his book. He thought to himself, I need a new yoga instructor while Stacey is out, and he wondered where he could find one who was free on weekends.

Tamina walked threw her old village slowly, it was good to be home for awhile. She was dipped her bucket in the well, gathering some water before she walked back to her home, she wore a plain white cloth wrapped tightly around her, her feet bare. She looked around taking in everything wanting to forget nothing for when she went back.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments Rose ran her heart out until she felt too tired to do anything else. She picked up her towel and wiped her face from the sweat. Her long brown hair got loose out of her pony tail, and she whipped it around. She looked around the gym to find it so quiet, people were doing their own thing, she smiled at the peacefulness. She then remembered that she needed a job to pay her tuition fee for her university, she smacked her forehead, she couldnt believe she never thought about working here before. She got to the front desk and asked the lady working there if there were any jobs on offer, and her reason why she needed it so desperately, otherwise she'd get kicked out of the uni

Jace was walking around the calm village when he spotted a few small houses out in the distance, he'd always wanted to live in one of those, so he walked closer only to find a girl filling a bucket of water and walking back to her home, she looked so serene and happy that he smiled, fighting the urge to go up to her and ask her about herself, but he fought back that urge and walked forwards to the river running there, glancing at her home everytime he got closer to the river, he wondered if she'd come out of there again, but smacked himself mentally, this wasnt him

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♥Sex Kitten♥ "Well actuallumy yes, we have a yoga instructor spot open," the woman said with a smile as she pulled out the application,"And if you walk around the back and knock on the last door you can speak with the owner." She said pointing her in the direction.

Tamona poured the water into the pump near the rice feilds, she smiled at she looked at the step like patations of rice. Home, she thouvht with a smile before she went bavk to the river to gather more water, she caught sight of a man in the distance but didnt think much of it.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments "really?" she beamed, "well thank you!" Rose grinned, as as she followed the lady's direction. Rose walked down the back to the door, but then looked at herself, she didnt look that representative with her gym clothes. So she made do with her hair by running her hands through it, making it spread out along her shoulders, she then knocked on the door, fingers crossed for a job

As Jace was washing his face with the water, he closed his eyes and looked around the field once again to spot the girl he had seen in the distance before he walked forwards to the river. He watched her with great great anticipation, smiling as she gathered more water. He stood up and walked a couple of meters forwards.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris looked up,"Come in," he called as he pur his magazine down and sat back in his chair slightly as the young girl from the tredmill walked in. "Well hello, I'm Chris Austand," he said his accent was thick and almost seductive when he spoke, as ge stood and offered her his hand.

Tamina turned when she felt him move closer," Hello? Bạn có cần giúp đỡ?" She said to him, wondering if he needed any help as she picked up her bucket and brushed her hair out of her face. She looked him over and recognized him as a soldier, by his boots and his camo uniform.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments she smiles as she shakes his hand, noticing his accent and build, 'im rose rosevalt' she introduces herself before pulling her hand away and cutting to the chase, 'i just asked the lady working on the counter if there were any jobs available here at the gym, and she said that a yoga trainer was needed, i mean im good with yoga, so do i like umm...need to audition for this or something?' she blushes, as she just rambled on, not knowing what to say or do as she looked at him for confirmation about what she just said

as the girl opened her mouth to speak to him, and as she got closer, he gulped at how amazing she looked, since he hasnt seen a woman in a long time, ofcourse he'd think that about her, but god she was gorgeous he thought as she spoke in a different language he couldnt fathom. He smiled and walked closer 'sorry, uhh.,.i dont know what your saying' he rubs his neck watching her intensely

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris chuckled,"No, there is no adudition, but I would like to know how mamy years you have been doing yoga." He said as he sat back down and botted up, his eyes flashing back to her every once in a while waiting for her answer.

Tamina could understand him a giggled,"Umm, do you need any help?" She asked her accent thivk as she looked at him, he looked a little hurt from the scratches on his face and arms. "Come, I will clean you up," she said grabbing his arm and pulling him back to her home.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments 'i've been doing yoga for over four years now, in my own home, sometimes i get my friends to do it with me when he have a girls night in' she smiled as he typed then sat down in the chair across his desk, hoping to get a job out of this. She analysed the guy from head to toe, but didnt get far, when her phone rang 'shit' she said under her breath, before switching her phone off, 'really sorry' she tokd chris, knowing she wasnt making a good impression

jace was surprised as she took his arm and ran off into her home, albeit he did like it. As he walked in he gasped at how clean and beautiful her house was, it looked so homey and calm, 'you have a beautiful house' he told her, meeting her eyes, searcging her face

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris shook his head,"Its okay, at least you didnt take the call like the other guy i was going to hire." He said with a chuckle, he was a pretty laid bavk guy and wasn't very uptigt about things. "But four years is a good while and you must like it?" He said phrasing it as a question as his eyes met hers.

Tamina smiled,"Thank you," she said before she pulled him into the bathroom and sat him down,"Wait here." She said before she left, returning with rags and a bottle of alcohol,"this will sting a bit," she said as she poured it onto the rag and began cleaning his face and arms.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments 'yep, i actually reaally like it, keeps me calm and focused, nice way to end a day after a long day of lectures' she looked around his office, taking in the many certifcates and medals

jace sat there as she wiped his face with the disinfectant and cared for him, he'd never had a woman do that for him, and he really liked it. He looked into her eyes, and pushed back a lock of her hair that had fallen into her eyes. 'thank you...for this' he whispered

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris smiled and stood up,"Well, Rose, you have found yourself a new job, Welcome to the Gold family," he said as he shook her hand and gave her a charming smile. "You will make 200 dollars a week, if thats okay with you."

Tamina smiled,"Your welcome," she said as she cleaned his arm,"And I'm Tamina," she said sweetly, and richly her accent giving her words a sence of mystery to them.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments ((sorry! phone switched off outta nowhere!))

She grinned, "thank you, but when do i start?" she asked, determined for this job, "and ofcourse its okay with me"

"Tamina" he whispered her name, smacking himself mentally for not askin her name earlier, "beautiful" he said, as he considered her name

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris smiledd,"Tomorrow if possible, you will have three sessions one at 3:00, another at 5:30 and your last at 8:00." He said as he handed her her schedual and a set of keys along with yoga pats with the gym logo in it.

Tamina smiled as she looked at him threw her lashes,"Thank you, it was my grands name," she said as she finished. She then stood and pulled off his shirt,"Shower," she ordered sweetly before she left.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments 'cool, thanks' she took everything from him before heading to the door, ' see ya tomorrow then' she smiled and saluted before leaving happily, she'd gotten herself a job and not just any job, a job with a smexy guy, she giggled before leaving the gym, and walking home

he gazed after her, mesmerized by everything about her, he then walked into the shower, shaking off his pants and sinking in to the warmth. He hadnt felt this good in ages, and he didnt know a woman could be the influence of his emotions just then

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris nodded and watched her go,"Working with her was going to be difficult," he said to himself as he shook his head. You will not mess with her Chris, he thouvht to himself but he knew he wasn't listening to it, he was still thinking about her smile

Tamina smiled to herself as she walked to the kitchen and began washing his shirt, if her mother could see her know. She chuckled to herself, she knew he mother would have lost her marbles if she knew she had a white man in her house. She couldn't help but smile thinking about his smile.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments rose walked down the street and began heading to her apartment, it was pretty far, but she could manage. On the way there she brought a croissant, talked to the manager of the patiserrie for an hour, since they were good friends. By the time it was sunset she left and commenced her walk

jace had finished showering, he put his pants on and headed out of the bathroom, with no shirt on, since she was washing it. He walked up from behind her and watched her, smiling, 'you didnt have to do that' he said, pointing to the shirt she was washing

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris finiahed up his day quickly and mase sure eveeyone was home before he locked up and got in his car. He pulled out and drove down the street before he came to a slow,"Miss would you like a ride from your new boss?" He asked with a fharming smile as he pulled off his sunglasses.

Tamina gasped and turned around quickly at the sound of his voice,"Its okay," she said with a smile,"I want to help." She reasured him before she turned back to his shirt and rung it out.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments She stuffed the croissant in her mouth in the end, but when she heard his voice, she choked on it, she blushed badly at the way she was eating, she looked at him, covering her mouth, "wouldnt wanna be a burden on you" she coughed, tears escaping her eyes from the choke, but she managed a smile, looking at his car

He walked upto her, "well thank you" he curled a lock of her hair, before realising what he was doing, and put his hand back down, a blush rising upto his cheek, he cleared his throat

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris shook his head before he got out of his car and walked up to her,"It seems like you need my help," he said with a smile as he patted and runbed her bavk,"Come on its okay." He said as he moved her to his car and opened the door for her.

Tamona smiled and flushed slightly as well, but she shot up straight when she heard her door open. "Tamina?!" A male voice called as her berrothed walked into the kitchen.

"Antonio," Tamina said a hint of frustration in her voice,"Why are you here?" She asked moving to stand infront of Jace slightly.

"Who is he?" He asked his anger growing.

"That does not concern you." She said.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments She smiled and nodded, "sorry, didnt make a good impression, aye?" she chuckled as she got inside, and looked up at him, "thanks, nice car you have here" she looked around it

Jace clenched his teeth, wrapping his hand around her wrist, "whats wrong?" he asked her, eying the man, "who are you?" Jace asked him

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris chu kled and shut her door before walking to his said,"Thank you, and its okay, there have been worse." He said with a smile before he pulled off. "So where am I going?"

"Dont touch her," the man said as he pulled Tamina away from him amd pushed her to the floor. "You dirty con điếm," he said calling her a whore.

"I have done nothing wrong," she said looking up a him, her hair tumbled around her face, her eyes intense and truthful. She yelped her he grabbed her roughly by her shoulders and lifted her up.

"You have a man in your house," he yelled at her his face inches from hers,"half naked!" Taminas face was calm and blank as zhe looked at him.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments She looked ahead, heart beating faster as she was in the same car with him, "uhh...Tulips Street" she blushed, she knew it was too far away, "you can just drop me off at a bus stop, and i'll go from there, really" she looked at him, "i can manage, dont wanna be a burden on you"

Jace lost it as he pulled the man off her with his muscly hands, holding him up at eye level, looking into his eyes, "dont you ever ever ever speak or touch her like that!" Jace threw him onto a wall, and looked down at her, pulling her up, "are you alright?" he asked, clenching his teeth as he watched the man fall, he knew the guy was no match for him, he's been trained for so long, he looked back at Tamina, "who is he?" he asked her, taking her hand

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris smiled,"Oh no, I am not dropping you off, it is late and there are maniacks running around." He said as he drove,"Plus its not that far," he added with a charming smile as he glanced over at her.

Tamina nodded,"I'm fine," she said as she pulled herself to her feet with his help. "He is the man they said I was to marry," she said looking at him as he scrabbled to his feet. He yelled words at her before he left, vowing to.come back. Tamina sifhed softly before she leaned against the counter, breathing deeply.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments "well...thanks" she smiled at him, looking into his eyes, searching his face. His eyes were the most wonderful thing, they were so intense and amazing that she couldn't look away, but as she realized what she was doing, she blushed and looked out the window and away from him, clearing her throat, "so, how long have you been working at that gym?" she asked, not looking at him

He watched the man leave before he faced her, looking into her eyes, "I'm not going to let him hurt you, no matter what" he said to her, vowing, but then he remembered he had to go back to war in a day, and kicked himself mentally, not knowing what to do, "he took her hand, do you stay here by yourself?" he asked her

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♥Sex Kitten♥ "I started the gym up about three years ago," he said as he drove,"I always wanted my own gyn and soon I had one big family there." He said woth a smile as he looked at her, her long brown hair covering her eyes slightly, thos beautiful light brown eyes.

Tamina nodded,"Yes my brother sonetimes comes by but I am mainly here alone. But I will be okay, he will not hurt me," she said looking up at him, her light brown eyes locked with his. "I will be okay," she repeated slowly and smoothly.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments "really? thats awesome" she played with her hands, looking down at her lap, then looked back up at the windshield, "The sunset's so beautiful" she watched the sunset, mesmerized by it, closing her eyes and sighing, "Live life to the limit" she told herself, before realizing she was talking to herself, "I talk to myself" she laughed shakily, "and im random, it seems" God im wrecking this, she smacked herself mentally

"If i have to leave war, i'll do whatever to stay by your side, i'll never let him touch a hair on you" he stroked her cheek, "and trust me on that"

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris chuckled,"Its okay, my sister is exactly like you. I think its cute and a great way to kee yourself entertained." He said looking over at her, and he weaved through traffic smoothly. "And plus thats a gtreat philosophy to live by."

Tamina shook her head,"You need to go back, you have a duty and I understand that." She sais looking up at him. "I promise you, he will not hurt me, but you must go when thwy call you. Promise me that," she demanded softly.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments she grinned, 'yeah, im all about the philosophy' and laughed, 'ya know? I think we're gunna get along real well, unlike my old boss' she frowned, shuddering just at the thought of him, remembering the things he'd done to her. She looked out the window, 'we're nearly there' she stated coldly

jace watched her, 'im gunna come back for you, and if he as so much as lays a finger on you, i swear to you tamina that i'll end his life' he looked into her eyes, lifting her chin up, ' and trust me on that' he looked through the window and at the isolated fields, 'you're so alone here' he whispered, rubbing along her arm

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Tamina smiled,"I am not alone now," she said softly with a smile as she looked up at him. She was glad she had someone here with her,"Now go sit we have to eat." She said moving him so he would go sit at the table before she movex to pull the food out of the oven.

Chris smiled before it dropped slightly when she spoke of her pther boss. He decoded not to push on it but instead just nodded. He came to a slow as he turned onto her street,"Holler when you see it."

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments 'i'll help you' jace said, 'you didnt have to go to all that trouble' he set the table with some spoons, forks and knives, then turned to her, 'and no, you're not alone now' he smiled, helping her with the tray

'its right there' she pointed to her building before she opened her car door straight away and got out, 'thank you for the ride, i really appreciate it' she managed a smile, looking down at her feet, 'ill see you tomorrow' she felt a tear trying to break free, but pushed it away. She turned around slowly and headed to her building, not looking back

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris nodded,"Okay bye," he called as he watched her walk into her building and into the doors. He sighed softly before he drove back home, his mind still on Rose.

Tamina smiled and pulled the pot from the oven and kicked it close. She then poured the stew into each bowl and covered the top. She then sat down,"I never caught your name." She said as she picked up her spoon.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments she walked into her apartment, throwing her stuff on the bed before heading into the shower, shedding tears she never dared to shed. When she was done, she fought the thought of her old boss, and began thinking about her new one, which brought a smile to her face

he sat the table across from her, and smaacked his forehead, 'oh, im sorry, my name is jace' he watched her, not eating yet, 'jace carter, 24 professional in martial arts and fight for my country, thats pretty much me, i have no life' he chuckled

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris made his way home and tossed his keys onto the side table and walked to the shower. His mind on Rose, as he started his shower and steipped down. He showered ad changed before.going on his evening run.

Tamina smiled,"Well it is nice to meet you Jace the soldier," she said as she ate. The night air was peaceful and seren, the soft breeze blew through the window and through her hair.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments Rose fell asleep on her bed thinking about him, a photo of her parents in hand tucked under her, she fell asleep with a smile

"Likewise" Jace laughed, watching her with a hard intensity, "youre so beautiful" he said, before realising what had just gotten out of his mouth, he cleared his throat, digging into his plate, a blush creeping up to his face, he didnt even know he could blush till then

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris finished up his room and wiped the zweat off himself before he got ready for befmd. He smiled and slid into bex his.mind onRoze and that smile of hers.

Tamina smiled,"Thank you," she said before she finished her food and rose ro her feet. She moved to the kitchen and cleaned her plate before looking out the window at his shirt drying.

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments The next morning Rose woke up and began getting ready for uni, she put on a summer dress, and packed her bag up with some gym clothes. She left and began walking there, looking up at the bright sun, she smiled

Jace washed his plate, and stood beside her, looking outside, "how long have you been living here?" he asked now looking at her

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris woke and shower before pulling on his normal Golden Gym shirt and jeans before heading to the gym. Once there he opened shop and everyone soon made their way in for the day.

Tamina smiled,"I lived here since I was twenty then I left for Americe for two years until my parents died then I came back." She said looking up at him,"I planned on staying for awhile."

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Just Deena (invictusmaneo) | 440 comments When she got to uni she went into her first lecture, and her teacher was there, albeit he had dark circles under his eyes, she wondered what had happened yesterday, she planned on asking him later on, everyone was confused too from what she can tell

"Im sorry to hear that" Jace said, "But would you want to live here for a while? wouldnt you want to go and live in the city?" he looked into her eyes, "all this time you've been living by yourself, alone" he closed his eyes and sighed

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Chris got right to it, teaching his kickboxing classes, three back to back. He took a couple of breaks but his day was books, and soon his tossed his shirt to her secratery and continued working.

Tamina smiled but shook her head,"I wouldn't make it in a big city, I know everyone here. And I wouldn't know what to do," she said with a soft laugh.

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