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Vampires versus the Third Reich

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Jeff Dawson September 1, 1939, the unimaginable happened. WAR! Germany invaded Poland from the west. Two weeks later, Russia honored her agreement with Germany and invaded from the east.
In the towns of Siepraw (twenty kilometers South of Krakow) and Tarnow (sixty kilometers east of Krakow) all was still business as usual. While the villagers feared for their lives, the Romanovs and Boirarskys worried little of the new flags hoisted in their respective areas. They had seen many empires come and go. The Czars, Napoleon, Lenin, Hindenburg and others. They never cared who was in power as long as the food supply was intact. But that was about to change. The Germans had plans for all races deemed sub-human; relocation. If one wasn't of true Nordic Aryan genealogy, then they considered those individuals a drag on the new order and its limited resources.

The plan of relocation was going to awaken an opponent that only resided in the "occupier’s" darkest nightmares.

Jeff Dawson Are you ready for vampires to redeem themselves and not "sparkle" in the twilight? This book should adequately bring them back to empowerment. Evil versus evil. Which side will you take? The Germans or perhaps the Romanovs. Both have very nasty attitudes. Don't forget about the Boirarsky's. They seem to be the more level headed of the three.

Is there action? Yes. Is there plenty of bloodletting. You bet. Is there a love story with some rather steamy scenes. Ladies, of course. I couldn't leave you all out in the cold. And finally, is there plenty of intrigue and betrayal. Well, I'll let the readers make that judgement. Get a copy today and add your comments.

Have a great weekend.

Jeff Dawson Having the artist work on a different cover. I knew the first one would be a bit controversial,plus, I have a potential book signing set-up in Dallas which is cool. However, even though they like the book, they not sure about their customers, so it is time to make a change. I believe the next one will just as cool without the flag.

Jeff Dawson Forgot to mention, it's free today. Get a copy an join Romanovs and Boirarskys as they formulate a plan to rid Poland of the current scourge. Will they be successful?

Jeff Dawson New cover is in the works. With luck, it will be up end of this week. Initial draft is killer!

Jeff Dawson Receied awesome reveiw today from Mr. Tim Greaton http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/.... His the author of the Santa Shop, Bud's Garage and a host of other works.

Jeff Dawson New bookd cover uploaded.

Jeff Dawson Chose your side. Romanovs, Boirarsky or SS. But chose wisely for safety does not lie in numbers nor does it lie in allegiances. Hitler swore he wouldn't repeat the mistakes of WWI and fight two front war. Little did he realize, the invasion of Poland would spawn a hidden dark second front.

Jeff Dawson Great review today from Anita, one of Amazons top 500 reviewers, YES!http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/....

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