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Barr Memorial Library (barrlibrary) | 2 comments Mod
Check back here often to see what the Barr Library Staff is reading and recommending!

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Andrea Galbusieri | 2 comments Those Across the River by Christopher Buehlman

Very atmospheric, beautifully written, and suspenseful until the end. Southern Goth at its best. Terrific debut by Christopher Buehlman! Andrea

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Andrea Galbusieri | 2 comments Matterhorn

In honor of Veterans Day, I would like to recommend "Matterhorn" by Marine Corps veteran Karl Marlantes. "Matterhorn" is based on Marlantes' experiences as a young platoon leader in Vietnam. 30 years in the making, Marlantes' intense story of a young man's abrupt transformation from innocent, All-American boy to battle-hardened and tortured veteran not only brilliantly describes the hardships his rifle platoon had to endure in the jungle and the brotherhood that forms between men in the absurdity of combat, but also brings up the incompetence and ruthlessness of a handful of high-ranking officers who will gladly sacrifice their men to further their own goals. In its senselessness, the battle for (fictitious) fire support base Matterhorn reminds of Hamburger Hill and Korea's Pork Chop Hill, putting in question the meaning of war, of leadership, and, ultimately, of life and death. While there are many novels about the Vietnam War, Marlantes' account is especially haunting: its authenticity and intensity will draw your heart and mind into the jungle to vicariously experience the fear and exhilaration of combat, to suffer through the heat, the diseases, deprivations, and the loss of lives and, thus, will give you a glimpse of what it really is that we have been asking our young men and women to endure since times eternal.

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