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Outlander Wannabe?
Alyssa Alyssa Nov 10, 2011 10:07AM
Okay, so this book was recommended to me by Goodreads. I'm not totally opposed to reading it, but I want to know, is this an "Outlander" wannabe?? After reading the summary, this is what it appears to be. I love the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon (published in 1991), but I'm not sure I want to read a copycat. . .

If anyone could give me their thoughts, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.

I am a huge fan of the Outlander series and the highlander series, they are 2 completely different ideas. The thought never crossed my mind that KMM's highlander series was a copycat of DG's outlander series. I am such a fan of the highlander series that it took me quite awhile before I would even pick up Kmm's Fever series I thought I would be dissapointed by it.My Mom is a huge fan of both of these series also and never connected the 2. JMO! I hope you do give it a chance, I think you'll like it.

I loved the Outlander series. I was recommended the Highlander series because of my review of Outlander. So I read the first book and I gotta say I'm disappointed. I felt the Outlander series characters and plot so much more involved and interesting. The Highlander series just had the typical romance novel adoration by the man for no reason for the girl, lots of flowery words of devotion. Can't say I'm a fan. If you loved the Highlander series, the Outlander series is a whole different book.

Ashbo85 I felt the same way. Fake Outlander
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Dee not fake outlander...totally different genres...outlander is historical fiction, the highlander series is PNR through and through
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I have not read the Outlander books - but I did enjoy most of this series ( some books more then others)

a few of the characters actually show up in the fever series

I read the Highlander books on the recommendation of a friend. I did not like the first Highlander book, but I have to say they got better and better. I am glad I didn't stop with the first one.

I just read Outlander, and I would not compare the two series at all. Outlander is grounded in Historical reality, and the Highlander is pure magic and fantasy.
Both compelling, but in totally different ways.

The time traveling is the only aspect that's similar but these two books are totally different. KMM's Highlander series is a good romance series but I think Outlander is on a different level. I enjoyed both books but they are nothing alike except for when the girls travels back to Old Scotland.

I loved both of these book series' I feel that they are very different but both are excellent.

It's not trying to be a Outlander want to be.It stands on it's own along with the whole series.The Highlander is one of my favorites series that I won't part with!!!

Of all the books on my shelves, the Highlander Series are the ONLY ones I have bought in e-version for my NOOK just in case 'something' happens. This is the series that I judge all other series against.

It's that good and I'm that crazy about it. I couldn't get in to the Fever books. Too dark for me and I need a HEA in every book. That's just the way I roll. :)

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