Miles to Go (The Walk, #2) Miles to Go question

Elderly woman at the end of the book?
Sabrina Sabrina Nov 10, 2011 08:46AM
I very much enjoyed "The Walk" as well as "Miles to Go". I was just stumped at the end of "Miles to Go" when Alan encounters an elderly woman who knows his name and says she has been looking for him. Who is this woman?

I think it's his wife's mom, who left her when she was young (if I'm recalling correctly). If not her, possibly a grandma of his or his wife's.

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Steve yes, wife's mom ...more
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Just finished the three books one after the other in a week. Liked the first one, really liked the second and really, really liked the third one.
Though, I would like to know what happens to a few of the people he encounters during his walk.

My neighbor know's Richard Paul Evans.her name is Karen Christofferson and she aksed him to make that book and i have the first book of the walk series but I can't remember the name

I have read all five of this series and loved each and every book. His adventures, and stories keep you wanting to continue "The Walk" with him. Easy reading and great Storyline. I just might read this series again!!

I think the elderly woman at the end of the second book is a cliff hanger so the reader will want to read the third book when her identity will be revealed.

Sabrina You were right! I just started the third book, and her identity is revealed early on. Nicole also was right! Thanks for responding.
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