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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Lily stood on the blacony of her bedroom. She looked out on the town. It was always so pretty at night, with all the lights. She was thinking about her mother and how she has no one close to her, except Ally. She has no one to tell her to help her run this country. Lily sat in a chair ans starred at the stars/

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Ally came out in her pink ball gown. "Are you ready for the ball?" she asked her sister. Lily twirled around to get a good look at her sisters dress. "You look beautiful." Lily said.
"Wheres your ball gown?" Ally asked
"In my closet." Ally pulled her sister up and draged her to the closet. She pulled out the dress. "PUt it on" Ally demanded.
"No" Lily siad.
"Why not" Ally asked her
"Because I dont have a date and I dont want to go." Lily stated.
"Well to bad, your going. You are going to be future Queen in 4 years. And your getting married in 3. So get you butt down stair and mingel." Ally said. She put the dress on the queen sized bed and pulled out some heels. Then she left the room, closing the door behide her. "Oh, and shower first" she giggled.
LIly rolled her eyes. She showered and slipped into her gown and the heels. She looked at herself in the the mirror.

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) Lily read the invite before leaveing her room.

Come one and all of Cambridge to thy party of thy century.

Thy future Queen Lily will be present and will discuss events coming up.

Where: Kings Castel

When: Tonight- November 10

Time: Please arrive between 7 & 7:30

Dress: Dress formal. Shall Not Dress to Out Shine thy Princess

RSVP: Please make sure you RSVP – November 9
When present, say name to door man. If thy name is not on list then you shall not enter

Lily headed for the stairs, leaving the invite on her bed

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) what the castel looks like:

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