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What are your thoughts on Hunter? Do you think he really loves Erin?
Melissa Melissa Nov 09, 2011 06:57PM
I think that he honestly loves her. The money Erin's grandma was paying him with was just an added bonus for him. He wouldn't have called her grandma right away the morning after his and Erin's 'special' night to tell the grandma what happened and to be cut off from the money supply.

Um, yeah I think he loved her. I can't say that I was too crazy about her character, but I could sense the chemistry.

I think that he honestly loved her but that the money was a bonus. I could see that there was chemistry there. It was obious that he did really love her. The money was just a reason to get close to her again and that was what he really wanted, was to get close to her.

He loved her. That made me dislike him a little bit because she didn't deserve it.

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