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message 1: by Graystripe16(Back...again), General-I Feel Like I Talk To Myself In This Group -__- (last edited Nov 09, 2011 05:36PM) (new)

Graystripe16(Back...again) | 224 comments Mod
I am making a complaint box in case there are any issues that are needed to be taken care off. I will take care of it without hard feelings, or attitude. Don't be afraid to tel me if your having an issue, but don't constantly complain. This is just to keep argument out of other topics. Thanks.
-Your General, Graystripe16

message 2: by Kiley (new)

Kiley (dart) Uuuhhmm, the character form lacks the following:



message 3: by Tahtipolya, General Of The Army (new)

Tahtipolya | 228 comments Mod
I'll fix that.

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