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Tabitha (tabby18) hey :)

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Tabitha (tabby18) so what to do....

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lol moving this topic to 1 on 1 folder. it's messeing up :)

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Tabitha (tabby18) oh sorry

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lol you didnt do anyhting...what do you want to rp?

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Tabitha (tabby18) um not sure you got anything?

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hmmmmmmmmmmmm lol nope! We could do.......paranormal..fantasy...IDK :D

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Tabitha (tabby18) this is very hard,think think about we do something with 2 lovers?

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*shrugs* ehh.. im not really into the whole romance....

!!! We couldnt continue on the Alexa and Max thing here, but add a twist. so we can use more than one sentence :P

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Tabitha (tabby18) or we could do something with friends? idk

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let's do that. :) are they going to school? a speacial academy or what?

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Tabitha (tabby18) i don't care.

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!!!! JUST CHOOSE! lol how about they are at an acedmy like the one in Hex Hall mixed with the one in The Summoning

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Tabitha (tabby18) i don't read those books,but ok.

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lol basically they have powers :)

Personality:Fun,nice,smarty,funny,can be trouble,throw a punch and she'll through one back
Powers:lots of things but most talented with fire and water
History:got dropped off at the academy
Keepsake: nothing
usually wears:black, boots, some dresses, casuaal

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Tabitha (tabby18) oh ok

Apperiance:Has golden hair with icey blue eyes
Powers:Can move things with her mind
Personality:Nice,helpful,friendly,can get mad
History:She finished high school
Wears:Jeans, t-shirts
Crush:none yet

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nice :)

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Tabitha (tabby18) thanks and you too.

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:) Ill start i guesse....

Lexi drags her bag across the courtyard, walking to the front doors of the gigantic school

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Tabitha (tabby18) Ro ran past her to go somewhere.

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She looks at the girl rushing by. She shrugs and shoves the fornt doors open

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Tabitha (tabby18) Ro falls on her face"ow"

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She looks back at the girl and runs over, dropping her bag. "Oh my gosh! are you ok?"

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Tabitha (tabby18) "yea i'm fine thanks for asking""i'm Ro"

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She smiles and offers Ro her hand to help her up. "Hi, Im Lexi. Im new here."

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Tabitha (tabby18) "nice name and so an I",Ro says to Lexi

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"Oh, cool. I was just going to my dorm. Can you maybe help me find it?"

(Dorm partners?)

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Tabitha (tabby18) (ok sounds good to me)

"i think that i'm with you"

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Tabitha (tabby18) (hey there lol)

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(oh, sorry :P)
"Reaaly? dorm 27?"

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Tabitha (tabby18) (its cool)

"wow i've got that one"

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She smiles "Cool. Mind showing me where it is?"

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Tabitha (tabby18) "not sure but we can ask someone"

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"ok." She walks to the door and grabs her bag

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Tabitha (tabby18) Ro gets her things also and walks next to Lexi.

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They ask and someone tell them how to get to it. She walks adn srtops n fornt of a door. She reads the number. I think this is it

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Tabitha (tabby18) "its looks like it",Ro says

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Tabitha (tabby18) They walk inside.

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"Wow, it's bigger than i thought."

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Tabitha (tabby18) "very nice and roomy too"

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She drops her stuff on the bed and opens the curtains "Now what?'

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Tabitha (tabby18) "lets look around or something",Ro says while getting her bed.

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"Ok." She opens the door and looks out into the hallway "Lets go."

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Tabitha (tabby18) "ok",Ro follows her

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She runs down the hall and stops at the end "How the heck do we get out of here?"

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Tabitha (tabby18) "over there i think",she points to the right.

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She turns and laughs "I knew that." She walks down the hall

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Tabitha (tabby18) "i'm sure you did",Ro walks to some peole with Lexi.

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"Do you know them?" She points down the hall to a group of guys.

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