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Michelle Herondale | 33 comments ((its awesome!))

Michelle Herondale | 33 comments ((K))

After looking for a while Cam finally found the dorm. He walked in, and looked around. Nice he thought. He threw his back of clothes on the bed, and started unpacking.

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Michelle Herondale | 33 comments Cam looked up as he heard someone enter the room. "Hey, im Cam" he held out his hand to Alexei. "Looks like were roommates" he smiled. "Im new here. How about you?"

Michelle Herondale | 33 comments Cam nodded. "Yup. Me and my sister got seperated a long time ago, and I heard she enrolled here." he shrugged. "Plus it looks like a pretty nice school" He moved the mess on his bed aside, and sat.

Michelle Herondale | 33 comments "You know....the fallen love to gossip." Cam laughed at the truthness of his statement. "When I attened school I always attended regular ones." He shrugged. "This seems MUCH better."

Michelle Herondale | 33 comments Cam laughed. "Its so true." then he nodded in agreement. "Yea thats always a problem with being a around humans"

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kazuya walked into the room absently and sat on the edge of his bed

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((i wont be on then, but yes to the rp together))

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"Kazuya" he replied, then asked "got any bandages?"

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((okey de))

"thanks" he said and got up. he went to the bathroom and cleaned the long scratch on his arm before putting a bandage on it.

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"errr.....well, i kinda got it saving this girl..." he said akwardly

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"not really. i just couldnt walk by and act like nothing was wrong. it goes against every fiber of my being" he replied

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he shrugged and winced "yeah, i know" he siad

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"yeah sure, later dude" he said and took a nap.

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Kazuya lay fast asleep on his bed. he rolled over and fell off. he leapt to his feet and said "alright, who shoved me off?"

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Kazuya looked around and say that nobody had shoved him. he stretched, winced, and changed before walking out of the room.

Michelle Herondale | 33 comments Cam walking in the room slauching, and tired. He walked over to his bed and threw himself on it as he exhaled. He fell face first into his bed, and grunted.

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Annabelle followed Alexei in and looked at him. "What should I do with my bag and stuff?"

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She put her bag where he said to and walked back to him. "Do you wanna watch a movie?" She asked, sitting on the couch.

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"I don't care. Anything but horror."

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((Alright. :( See ya!))

"Sure. No rom'coms?" She said with a smile. "I'm just kidding."

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((I'll be on awhile!! Yayness!))

"I do too." She smiled at him. "So, whatcha got?" She looked around the dorm silently.

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((Cool. Try to smush in as much rp as possible! The hut in Stranded on an island?))

"I'll watch anything. You choose it this time."

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"Sounds like a plan." She snuggled up next to him after he put it in and rested her head on his shoulder.

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She wrapped her arm around him.

((Wanna skip to the end of the movie?))

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((SORRY!!! I had to go to bed and my ipod wouldn't let me on goodreads. :/))

"Yeah. I had never seen it but it was really good."

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((Cool. I don't know how much I'll be able to get on next week and over winter break cuz I'm going to my grandma's. But I'll find time.))

"It might be for me too."

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((OK. I'm leaving early for dance at 4:40ish. Poo.))

She looked at him. "What do you wanna do now?"

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((That's okay. I can't get on late tonight bcuz my ipod's not working. It sucks.))

She wsmiled. "Sure. Sounds like a plan."

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((Continue rp there?))

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"Hang on a second." She ran into the bathroom and grabbed her bag chnging into: Except with jeans that were folded up to the middle of her shins. "Okay. Let's go!"

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She smiled. "Thanks." She followed him out, holking his hand.

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((Start there!))

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