Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, #4) Inheritance question

Was anyone disappointed at the ending??
Trini Trini Nov 09, 2011 02:46PM
i didnt like the ending so much and with out how everything end for Eragon.

Alana (last edited Dec 05, 2011 05:59PM ) Dec 05, 2011 05:56PM   2 votes
I liked the book- and I thought that Galbatorix committing suicide was a nice touch, but then the falling action at the end lasted WAY too long. I finish reading about Nasuada shutting Orrin up and becoming queen and I'm thinking, "Oh,well, this book was fun while it lasted"-- then I look at the side of the book to count how many pages are left and I'm still not done with the last fifth of the book.
I mean, come on, Paolini. Really?

And another thing, did he just find some perverse pleasure in ruining Saphira's and Eragon's secret hopes before it ended? Within thirty seconds of Saphira meeting her mate, Arya is like, 'enjoy your two months while you can!' and then proceeds to tell Eragon that now that he has to leave she suddenly thinks it could have worked. Not to mention that becoming a rider and a queen at the same time contradicted everything Paolini has been preaching about since the first book.

And Murtagh? The only guy capable of showing a personality and you just toss him out like its no big deal? He was way better than Eragon, in my opinion.
All in all, the ending was a big let down.

Derrick I didn't like how Eragon and Arya didn't hook up either, but none of you can tell me you didn't see it coming since book 1 ...more
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I hated the end. I think leaving an open ending is fine for short stories, but when you're reading a 2,000 page+ series, the characters, plot and ideas are too well developed to just leave hanging. An epilogue would have made the end 10 times better. The rest of the book was good though....

Eric (last edited Nov 27, 2011 08:40PM ) Nov 27, 2011 01:33AM   1 vote
Honestly, it is hard to be disappointed by the ending when there were 600 pages or so of completely irrelevant filler leading up to it. I went very far past disappointment before I even got to the ending. It was just a dues ex machina cherry on top of an unfinished book with highly underdeveloped plotlines hiding beneath hundreds of pages worth of crap that really had no business being in this book.

I don't get why this book was split in two. Cut out the 300 page long, and utterly pointless subplot about the dwarves in Brisinger, and cut out all of the irrelevance from this book, and I think it would have fit very nicely into one novel.

I think it's the editor that really dropped the ball on this one. It was her job to see that literally 70% of this book could have been removed without chaging a single word of the rest of it and no one would have noticed, and tell the author that he needed to cut, or develop the ideas to the point that they actually were relevant.

The ending is not this book's problem, it's the everything else that failed to make the ending satisfying. Paolini completely failed in every way to develop the relevant plotlines that could make it so Eragon could realistically and believably defeat Galbatorix on his own merit rather than standing on teh strength and knowledge of others.

I actually didn't mind the ending at all. Yes I wasn't a fan of the fillers, especially in Brisingr. The whole episode with the dwarves could have easily been trashed. Anyhow I liked that he ended it with a few unanswered questions, leaving things to the readers imagination. I did not like that Murtagh got tossed though! That upset me. Either way he made it clear he will write more about Alagesia, so I guess it's not completely over!

deleted member Dec 05, 2011 02:15AM   0 votes
the ending was okay. but i didnt like how murtagh was kicked out of the story. I also seriously thought the story was going to end them finding the place for the eggs and eldunari.

I think this book was entirely to long and sad to say a waste of time. He could have wrapped up the ending of this series in the third book. I just didn't see the point to the fourth book. Which annoys me beacuse I waited years for this book to come out.

I felt the exact same way, Ember. One thing I found was that after reading thousands of pages, the decisive battle between Galbatorix and Eragon was so short, that I had to keep re-reading a couple of pages to make sure that I had read right, and the battle was actually over.

The ending was ok, not great. I would have preferred to see him find the place to raise the dragons - thats what I was expecting. The last part of the book dragged though. went through a lot of bs that could have been tied up in a single little chapter. All that flying from town to town and groaning over not finding a place for the was just a bunch of filler that was not needed for the story to have a decent ending.

Definitely! But oddly enough, for me, it was more disappointing that Arya was the dragon rider and not that Eragon left forever. He was getting old . . . But anyway, it was really stupid!

Michael (last edited Nov 28, 2011 12:19PM ) Nov 28, 2011 09:09AM   0 votes
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There was room for continuation, so this may not be the final story. I did indeed like the ending. I don't know what my emotions are doing though.

The ending was a huge disappointement. It was like reading The Lord of the Rings, but 100x worse and pointless. At least Frodo had a legitimate reason for leaving and never returning, but I mean seriously, Eragon couldn't come back for a vacation or something?
And Paolini couldn't even come up with a creative ending! To me, t was literally taking the ending of The Lord of the Rings, replacing it with flat, two-dimensional characters, and then re-writing it. What? I mean, seriously, what is this?

And what, in the name of all that is good in this world, happened to Murtagh? The one character with a good personality and I don't know what happens to him? I am SO very upset and disappointed.

yes the ending left me wondering what would happen to everyone. Would Eragon get the girl. Would Arya train as a dragon rider. What was going to happen to everyone. Also what about the land outside of the story that thy know little about. Will something arise out of that. Also i cant get over the fact that the leaving seemed so abrupt. I just want to know more but at the same time Knew that such an amazing series must end. but like most of the people in this chat, we did not want it to end, we want it to go on forever sadly this can not be. I just want more.... i want another book, one last adventure leaving a stable land, not one where it seems in one act the dragons could be extremely close to extinction again.

The ending was dissapointing. for me.

Yes!Yes! Me too, i expected more, or at least an epilogue! It feels dumb that we never get to see what became of Eragon and how his whole 'operation' went! And what about Arya, Nusuada, and Murtagh? Are we supposed to imagine that they live in peace for the rest of thier lives?

disappointed and sad... I felt like beaning Paolini in his thick skull

I was hoping Nasuada would end up with Murtagh

I honestly thought that the book was over after Galbatorix died.

Houston It should have ended. The plot didn't need to be dragged out for such an unclimactic ending. ...more
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Okaaay. The last chapters are eerily reminiscent of lord of the rings, and I was left wondering about a lot of things. You know how in harry potter books, it all ties up in the end? well, here, not so. Well, atleast Saphira's happy

I wonder if it ended with on the third book and not the fourth we had different opinions. But if i read right Paolini had planned to stop at #3 but there was so much that he left out and maybe thats why the end was a downer, my gest is that he rushed into thing so that he didnt had to make book #5. In my opinion thats what he should have done. I loved the book but the end was a little quick to the ending.

Kyle (last edited Nov 28, 2011 01:35PM ) Nov 28, 2011 01:23PM   0 votes
Personally, I really liked it. I kind of like ambiguous endings because they allow the reader to determine what happens in their own minds, plus it means that the story never really ends, which I think is a very creative form of writing instead of the same old endings as every other book. Because of this it leaves room for Paolini to write another book, which I believe he has mentioned that he might someday come back to it. Anyways, that's my opinion.

No, I wasn't. I think that was apt closure to a great series. There were some loose ends. would have loved to know more about Angela, but then I am expecting an offshoot book on Angela. That would be fun. I am not a fantasy fan as such. But for me it has been a jolly good ride over the past few years.

Yes it was a disappointment. He simply did not know how to end it. With how many different plot points he left open, why write the last hundred or more pages? Everything after the final battle could have been summed up in a short chapter or two, or left out and the ending would have been better.

If he decided to return to this world after the events of the series, a pro-log would have more than sufficed for most of the events. The rest, would be brought up through the new story through one or more of the characters.

I am also disappointed that Arya choose the way she did. She didn't choose to become a rider, but choosing to become and remain Queen is not in being with what we know of riders. there was a reason Galbatorix was the only rider to be King. Why do I have a feeling that should the World continue, she would become the baddie. I am fine with her not choosing Eragorn.

I honestly thought he could've wrapped up the series in the last book. It was like he was dragging it on and on. Inheritance was a waste of paper not to mention the ending was horrible. All that detail throughtout the book just to end it the way he did.

So upset that nothing came out of Eragon and Arya. Would have liked to know what happened to Murtagh and Thorn, would also have liked to learn about Thorn's character more. Really sad that Eragon can't come back to Alegasia, would love a book about his travels away from Alegasia. There are so many things that could have been done to make the ending as great as we all hopes it would be, a little diappointed. But was satisfied about the end to Galbotrix.

I didn't mind the ending at all. However, the last couple hundred of pages I was expecting to find out about Brom's seven words of power. When I finished the book I thought I missed something. Am I the only one? But alas, according to all the other reviewers, I did not!

The ending surprised me, but I didn't dislike it. I thought it was realistic - given how much Eragon's journey changed him, I thought it was resonsible for him to make the decision he did and showed that he also gained wisdom along the way. After all, major life changes like that usually mean you can't go back and you don't really settle in the new. It's very similar to the decision Frodo Baggins made at the end of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

hahaha, of course. The longest, most complex and detailed books should have the longest, most complex, and detailed comments. lol.

so anyway, eragon and arya were sooo supposed to hook up. that's what i was waiting for this whole time. ugh.

The author had a talk nearby, and I went. He said he was writing more about this, but not for a while *sigh* He did, however hint that there would be more on the relationships of the characters, so hopefully, all our favourite characters will get together.
After all, it completely sucked that Saphira and Firnen couldn't be together. She had been really depressed about being the only good dragon around, and despite finding the eggs and Eldunuri, she was still not completely confident. She finds her mate, and then has to leave. incredibly stupid.
And why can't Eragon come back? I get that he had to leave, but couldn't he come back? He must trust some of the elves who went with him to look after the dragons, so why can't he come back? How else are Eragon and Arya suppossed to make sure the other doesn't take over the world?
Waiting for the next books, which will hopefully have something about Angela- she was a pretty awesome character

Having read several thousands of pages of this series (and not particularly enjoying them) I was completely dissatisfied with the ending. Or should I say the lack of an ending. Maybe it would be even better described as a disappointment in the overly extended ending.

What was the main plot of the entire series? Answer. "Can Eragon et al overcome the evil forces of Galbatorix and return peace to Alagaesia?" Paolini answered that question when Eragon et al actually defeated Galbatorix. That part was satisfying, if predictable. But in true form, Mr. Paolini kept on writing for over one hundred pages...
His extended outro actually made the book worse as far as I am concerned. A chapter or two to tie up the loose ends after the battle and Eragon could have gone off to never neverland and hatched his little dragons. The the excitement of the climax would have still been relevant and end on a high note. The dragging on about a suitable place, the Urgal Olympics, Arya being a stony bitch etc... ruined it.

And the fact that Paolini claims he is done with this series doesn't change the fact that he conveniently left just enough cliffhangers to come back to it someday. (Murtagh, Arya, did the dragons survive?)

So to answer the question in the topic. Yes I was disappointed, but not because of the fate of Eragon. I was disappointed that the author missed the best opportunity to fade out of a decent series and instead dragged it out with useless babbling of the sort that ruined Eldest.

The ending was so abrupt in my opinion. Christopher Paolini should really write a fifth book.

I happened to be very disappointed in several aspects of the ending. Like someone already commented, there are a lot of loose ends that leaves room for continuation. I do have to say to that though, did anyone read Paolini's letter at the end?

" I don't intend to abandon Alagaesia, however. I've put too much time and effort into building this world, and at some point in the future, I will return to it. . . "

So I wouldn't give up hope that that is the "rest of the story." Although the ending was highly dissatisfying but, who knows call me crazy, maybe he intended it to be that way?

Madeleine - Tei (last edited Jan 04, 2012 03:42PM ) Dec 06, 2011 10:28AM   0 votes
I honestly thought that the battle would be on Vroengard (it would have been much much much more majestic) and that when they returned to the mainland it wouldn't be called Alagaesia/the Empire. Maybe Eragon would have been a nice name for a country, huh?

That seemed the obvious way to end the series, because it wasn't bittersweet at all only sweetsweet and it would totally and absolutely obey they rules of the prophecy....


Especially if Galbatorix got eaten by those gruby thingies =D beautiful


HOWEVER Paolini can truly finish up this problem easily in a fifth book. A book that wouldn't be part of the actual series. Maybe a book about Angela, because she was honestly the only reason I continued to read the series. But in that fifth book Eregon would realize the obvious that he could simply change the true name of Alagaesia and the curse/prophecy would be void.



But then again I may be wrong. Tell me if I am.

deleted member Nov 28, 2011 02:14AM   0 votes
in his acknowledgments he did say he wasnt finished with this world maybe we will find out but just with out not from Eragons POV.

but I do agree this book couldnt have been shorter...this series could have been done in three books, but Im still not disappointed...probably because after Bringr I thought it was going to be o so much worse

deleted member Feb 23, 2012 11:03PM   0 votes
I was disappointed. I mean, he didn't really say what happened next. Although, it might be just because it's the end. :P

honestly? the end seriously could have been better. i was disappointed, he took 4 years and thats the end i got? :/ i loved the book, i did. but the end. that killed me

I thought there may have been some extra fluff at the end. It actually reminded me a lot of LotR, and everybody knows how awesome that series is considered now. So, I think Paolini did a good job overall.

What I really loved was that Arya and Eragon didn't end up together. In so many books these days it seems like the boy and girl always get together in the end, and I was thankful that for once that didn't happen. I don't get why people keep saying Arya is cold for not wanting to drape herself all over Eragon. She's her own person, and she likes Eragon as a friend, and that's it. I always thought of her as a strong female character, one who proved girls could fight right alongside guys. Brownie points to Paolini for that, in my opinion.

I also noticed (as other people did) that Paolini's writing was better in this book. It makes me wonder what he'll write in, say, five years. I think those two girls Eragon blessed in Brisingr would make excellent characters. Did anybody else realize that Roran bumped into them during the siege on Uru'baen? I was laughing so hard when I realized . . .

Oh, and I think Murtagh is just getting started with his story. He has to come back for Nasuada, doesn't he?

Why is everyone upset about Eragon and Arya. I was happy they didn't end up together, she's basically spent the last two books telling him it wouldn't work. I liked that part.
But, the whole thing about Eragon never coming back to Alagasia. THAT seemed a bit contrived. I mean, yeah for about 100-200 years. I can see that. But what about after that? He's the Dragon Rider leader. I think he could leave some other people in charge while he visited Alagasia again. Bah.
Of course, in 200 years, he may not be the same person as he was when he could he actually come back? Maybe. Not the Eragon who left, but an Eragon who is much older and wiser and different. Who knows. That's what I like to think though.

I think Galbatorix is still alive. We're just assuming he's dead, but with all the power he had, and the fact that he preferred to survive, I think Galbatorix is somehow alive and planning his revenge, except that, with Eragon leaving Alagaesia, I don't know what could happen.

Who knows?

I loved the way Paolini ended his story simply because he gave the story a bittersweet ending. The promising future of dragon race revival mixed-in with the love relationship that couldn't be possible yet the two clearly has each other hearts-Love it!:)

the ending was a huge diappointment for me.

I would probably have preferred it ended differently, but we all knew it would end with him leaving as he did. We have known that since the first book. At least he sailed eastward down a river, not westward over open ocean.

We probably will hear more about Eragon in the future. Paolini put in his ending that he would probably be returning to the world. Eragon probably will not be a major character, but he may be mentioned if there are indeed future books. Arya is almost a given to be in future books as per her station.

That is the bad thing about being a fan of epic fantasy. Eventually the story is over, and you have to give up characters you came to love. It happened with Garion, Vin, Par, Lewis, Frodo, and others. Eventually, it will happen to Rand and Richard as well, though Richard will probably go on for several more books. Even Percy and Annabeth must eventually come to an end of their stories.

I would love for him to continue the story like Eddings did with Garion, but eventually there must be an ending.

I wasn't disappointed at the end, I was just really really sad.

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