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A Beautiful Friendship (Honorverse: Stephanie Harrington, #1)
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Betsy | 41 comments Has anyone else read this book? This is apparently the first in a new series targeted to the YA market. It's about the first friendship between human and treecat, and the immediate aftermath.

Yes, it's a rehash of several short stories published years ago, but I was jonesing so badly for an honorverse fix, I decided to try it.

Nothing really new in terms of plot, but since the series is supposed to be about Stephanie Harrington, maybe the future installments will include some new material.

The writing is very much good-David-Weber standard, without the detailed politics and technical science and hardware descriptions. That's probably due to the target audience.

In other words, a good read, but nothing really new in the honorverse. Yet.

message 2: by Nashoa (new)

Nashoa | 2 comments The lack of overly detailed technical sciences and hardware descriptions makes me almost want to read it. Just to revisit vintage Weber again. He has been somewhat overboard with them in the past few books for me.

I also enjoyed the original short its based off quite a bit.

Bjoern | 2 comments I was quite impressed how nicely he managed to blend from his usual hightech military tactics background into the YA style of this novel.

And it's not a first in regards to "tuning down" the Hard Scifi aspects, politics or fights... it just depends on which protagonist he writes for. the Zikwicky clan is stronger on culture, politics and spying, young steadholder Hearns is more a fun kind of space battles with a much smaller scale and less technicalities and Honor gets the big jackpot with the full out no stops Weber treatment.
Now Stephanie with 14? should neither have nor need a deep set understanding of ultra high tech of military importance nor politics so her novel blended that out for the most part. I thought hemanaged to show her world view and scope rather fine in touch with her age and social circumstances.

Oh and it might not be something new but i definitely loved the human/treecat interactions that were as intense here as nowhere since Honor was "dead" in that Peep prison and Nimitz injured...
So if you're a treecat fan this should be your "must read" as most of it is in addition or extension to the original short story of the same name.

Betsy | 41 comments The second in this series, Fire Season, is due out in October, but an eARC is available now from Baen.com.

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