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What is Alternative Medicine?

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There is a lot of confusion about what Alternative Medicine really is. I try to sum it up in a nutshell, please feel free to add your opinion.
Alternative medicine is a group of healing methods which formed through centuries by the experiments of our ancestors. Their insights into the successful use of indigenous foods and plants as medicines have survived through generations, to give us a rich, global heritage. Herbs were used in India five thousand years ago, oils in Egypt, and acupuncture in China.
The goal of Natural Healing is to reach a healthy state, and to form the ideal diet and lifestyle tailored to the individual. The goal is to provide the body with the right nutrition, vitamins and minerals, as well as to prevent toxic buildup in the body. When illness develops, it is the goal of natural healing to help the body heal to itself.
Alternative healing is a wide concept that includes a wide variety of healing methods. For example, osteopathy, Naturopathy, and acupuncture require close to the same length of schooling as traditional medical doctors, but people often put them in the same hat with kinesiology, iris diagnostics or shamanism that anybody can learn in a couple weeks long course, never having medical schooling in anatomy, physiology or psychology.
Although from time to time the uses of extremist or “magical” treatments provide negative results, people view them as important. Usually healers, including the extremists pay more attention to the person; they listen, show empathy and look at the whole person. Physical touch is also important to people. The ancient method of healing by touch wins against the machines that stand between the modern doctor and patient. The “magical” healers with their chanting and unusual, rituals create a mystical atmosphere that can be powerful along with their placebo effect, if the person believes in them.
Alternative medicine treats the whole person; including body and mind, taking into account the person’s symptoms, lifestyle, diet, feelings and beliefs. Most well informed people seek out an Alternative Practitioner who has medical knowledge and background in combination with alternative methods. They use the discoveries of modern medicine along with herbal, vitamin or other natural treatments. They pay attention to the person’s physical and emotional state, as well as family, relationships, job environment, stress level, which is all playing a major role in developing a healthy diet and lifestyle, thus preventing and treating illness.
The blooming age of synthetic medication overuse, extreme use of pesticides, loaded with preservatives TV dinners, greasy fast food, full of trans fat snacks and chips, and chemically treated, genetically altered food is slowly over. We’re coming to our senses that organic food is better for us; and we’re developing quicker and healthier cooking methods that fit our faster lifestyle. We don’t take antibiotics to treat the viral flu, and we try using herbs, massage or acupuncture to treat aches and pains instead of taking pain killers by the handful. We again are learning to use common sense. We’re relearning what our grandparents learned from their parents and so on for generation to generation. We’re relearning the forgotten knowledge, such as scrubbing fungus spots off the bathroom wall with thyme tea instead of using harsh chemicals, or deodorizing the kitchen by boiling water with lemon peel, instead of using sprays. Drinking peppermint and chamomile tea for heartburn and avoiding the foods which cause too much acid instead of eating antacids like candy.
We’re learning, but some people today are taking the concept of natural to the extreme. Many are turning their backs completely on modern medicine, and they’re refusing immunizations, surgery or lifesaving medications according to the false notion of getting back to nature. They use herbs without careful consideration, they use utmost amount of vitamins and quickly changing extreme diets. They get their information from popular books and websites that promise close to magical, cure everything in no time remedies. Sometimes I browse websites and I’m honestly amazed. Does anybody read these? Is there anyone foolish enough to follow these advices? I ask myself, and then I see that their visitor counter shows 2-300 visitors a day. Yes, some people are gullible enough to believe that they need the 300 times more vitamin, otherwise they will die, or an exotic herb from the jungle will save them from cancer, cure their diabetes, obesity and all their diseases.

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Arlena Dean (goodreadscomarlenadean) | 1 comments This is very good information for know.

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Thanks Arlena. My goal is to bring not widely known information to my readers, and to point out some dangerous practices. If you're interested in Alternative Healing, you can read more about it on my website, http://www.try-alternative-healing.com.

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