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I LOVE this book..

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Rose  Clark I think it is a vary good book i love how Andi the teen likes old musi, and that she is a gothik kinda

Hayley I also loved this book! I thought it was really well written! I loved the storyline. I love how the author included historical accuracy along with a good fictional story! Although I didn't like it when she went back in time, that ruined some of it slightly for me because it was real up until that point!

Carolyn i loved the musicality :)

Tiffany I remember when I first read this book I fell in LOVE with it. It's definitely a hard book to read but such a good read.

Beth Richard-nornhold This is one of the best YA books I have read. It prompted me to look up info on the French Revolution. I have now read 3 other books by this author and loved them all.

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Zia Lawrence This book was truly amazing. And i think the author was so creative!!

Ariel OUI! J'ai ADORÉ l'histoire dans ce livre! (YES! I LOVED the history in this book!) This book is about the French Revolution, which #1) I find history in general very fascinating #2) I've been learning how to speak French in school and #3) We just started learning about the French Revolution in my social studies class!!!!!!!! I just happened to come across this book in my library at this coincidental time!!! How crazy is that? All of those factors added up and made this book very exciting for me to read. Yet, even with out the circumstances, I would have loved Revolution anyway. The way the author wrote the book from Andi's point of view was very personal, and it made me feel the same emotions that Andi went through. I cried. I laughed. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happened next (Eiffel Tower scene AAAHHH!). I got butterflies in my stomach when Virgil was sweet. Jennifer Donnelly is a GENIUS.

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