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Patrick (halfadd3r) I'm sorry to say that I'm really not enjoying Reamde. I was really into it up to the point where it diverged from the MMO/Virus and became a Tom Clancy novel. I've enjoyed almost all of Stephenson's work before, but I'm having to pick and choose how I spend time right now.

Could someone just tell me if the MMO/Reamde part becomes much more relavent later on? If not, I'm going to stop listening to the Audible (I've completed the 2nd of the 5 portions).

Thanks in advance!

Peter Hansen (ptrhansen) | 57 comments There is some minor T'Rain items that put Richard Forthrass together with Shamus & Marlin but most of the action happens outside of the game but for me it was worth it when the story lines combine. I listened the last last section (last almost 6 hours) in four days which the whole listen took almost a month.

Patrick (halfadd3r) Yea, unfortunately that doesn't sound like enough for me. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it!

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