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message 1: by Paulina (new)

Paulina | 375 comments Mod
What websites do you buy your books from? And if its cheap the reason I'm asking is I want to buy a lottt of books for myself for christmas :) But I can't spend too much money

message 2: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (jacquelynnemarie) Well I find that Chapters/Indigo.ca always as online deals rather than in store deals. Like you can receive 24% or 12% or free shipping and handeling after you spend 25 bucks - So that is where I order my books from (if you live in Canada or the States). And you can also pre-order books and then you have 3 selections for shipping and handling as well. They have great buys all the time online, and if your a "plum rewards" member (its free to join if your not) then you receive an extra 5% off every book in store or online.

I hope that helps, lol. I'm doing the exact same thing for christmas so I'd like to also know what everyone else thinks :)

message 3: by Emilie (new)

Emilie | 417 comments Mod
Uuuum, I usually use adlibris.com which is a scandinavian site so I don't know if they send to other places than Scandinavia.. I've used Barnes&Noble a couple of times :D

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