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message 1: by Mach, Kurisawa (last edited Nov 10, 2011 01:45PM) (new)

Mach | 13 comments Mod
Hey everyone, while i have been reading books on and off for years there has been some years where i did not read at all, but i have watched movies since i was a little kid. My parents were very lenient on me and let me watch all kinds of movies even R rated ones, i remember watching Rambo as a 10 ten year old and from then on i was hooked on action movies. Weird thing is that now that i have grown up i don't like action movies anymore. I love Thrillers and Drama movies, and dislike romantic comedys.

message 2: by Traci (new)

Traci I come from a family of book and movie lovers and got both traits. My mother was also very flexible on what I could or could not watch. It's funny watching some of those movies being older and wondering what on earth she was thinking. :) I like all genres. All film eras. From any country. I guess my experience is mostly horror from my mom. And old black and whites from my grandmother. And I hate remakes. Reimagings, homages, and sequels are fine though.

message 3: by Global (new)

Global Donnica (globaldonnica) I'm an advid reader and movie watcher... I watched movies and read alot growing up. As far as restricted movies I was allowed after a certain age but still pretty young but my mom and I talked about it and kept things in I still read and watch movies but I'm extremely selective but my tastes are always evolving... oh.. I love independent films...

message 4: by Global (new)

Global Donnica (globaldonnica) watched "Bel Ami" and "mooz Lum" over the weekend.. some inetense movies... definitely puts the human mind and spirit to in play on these. ( Now off to read the book on "Bel Ami")

message 5: by Mach, Kurisawa (new)

Mach | 13 comments Mod
Welcome Donnica, i have not seen Bel Ami but i will check it out.

message 6: by Global (new)

Global Donnica (globaldonnica) Make sure... tell me what you think....:)

message 7: by Global (new)

Global Donnica (globaldonnica) Searching for those who watched.. Albert Nobbs!!!!.. what did you think?

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