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♥Amethyst from Jewel Group - Annabeth from Alpha (nguyenha0701) | 67 comments Mod
(step-)sibling (optional):
Life in the past:

♥Amethyst from Jewel Group - Annabeth from Alpha (nguyenha0701) | 67 comments Mod
Name: Christina (Chris, Chrissie, CP) Parker
DOB/Age: 7th, January, 1998
Looks: Wavy red hair, tan skin, light freckles, tall
(step-)sibling (optional): Yvonne Westwood
Mother: Tina James
Father: Christian Parker
Step-mom/Step-dad: Meredith Westwood
BFF(s): Jennifer Marin, Natasha Hillard, Selena Foster
Life in the past: Mother and father, Heather and Micheal died in a tragic car accident leaving me, a 1 year old baby, with my TERRIBLE aunt and uncle, who then abandoned me. I got put into a children's home and 3 months later, was adopted by my mother, Tina and my father, Christian. Well, then, i lived a happy 9 years until my mom found out that my dad had an affair with "Meredith (also known as Cruella) DeVile). Mom and dad got divorced and Cruella and her prissy little-miss-purrfection, Yvonne moved in to my house. Yes. MY house. Yvonne got MY bedroom and I, got the smelly, dirty, pig-pen attic.

message 3: by Nora (new)

Nora Carolina | 2 comments Name: Natasha Hillard
DOB/Age: 1st, January, 1998
Looks: Straight brown hair with strips of orange, chocolate brown eyes, tall
(step-)sibling (optional): Eloise Green
Mother: Sheila Hillard
Father: Thomas Hillard
Step-mom/Step-dad: Naomi Green
BFF(s): Jennifer Marin, Christina Parker, Selena Foster
Life in the past: Sheila got killed in a car accident cuz she was drunk cuz Thomas had an affair with Naomi 4 years ago and had Eloise

message 4: by Jennifer (last edited Nov 29, 2011 01:33AM) (new)

Jennifer | 7 comments Name: Jennifer Marin
DOB/Age: 26th, December, 1997
Looks: Black hair with strips of white
(step-)sibling (optional): Augustine Heffley Marin, Eloise Green Marin Hillard
Mother: Naomi Green Marin
Father: Richard Marin
Step-mom/Step-dad: Thomas Hillard, Susanna Heffley
BFF(s): Christina Parker, Selena Foster, Natasha Hillard
Life in the past: Mum had an affair with Thomas and dad had an affair with Sue. Mum got pregnant and dad went to Sue's house every once in a while. a month after mum had Eloise and Sue had Augustine, mum and dad got divorced. i am now living with one of my BFF's, Natasha.

message 5: by Roma K (new)

Roma K (mynameisromak) Name: Roma
DOB/Age: june 3, 1998/ 13
Looks: black curly hair, dark skin, black-brown-purple eyes, short, loves wearing heels and always wears jeans.
(step-)sibling (optional): Marty, Nick, and Annika
Mother: rekha
Father: sunil
Step-mom/Step-dad: Layna
Life in the past: her dad decided to leave right after she was birn. Now he decided to drop back into her crumbling life and stir things up. She is now stuck with Three step syblings and a new step mom all in the same house. What makes it worse is that her mom died a couple weeks ago in a stupid car crash. She has to deal with all this and handle a bunch of AP courses, a broken relationship between her and her best froend, and a dark secret on what she did to keep her head in the game...
Other: She is extremely afraid of spiders, and she hates deep water.

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