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H.P. Lovecraft meets Dr. Seuss!!!

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message 1: by Carl (new)

Carl I. | 609 comments Not sure if this is somewhere on here already. This is possibly the coolest thing ever. I am hoping the guy does this as a print on demand. I would LOVE to have a couple of these.


It looks like he is not done, but you can read the first 30+ pages.

message 2: by Creature (new)

Creature | 34 comments Hello
Thanx for the heads up. That was a fantastic job that I hope gets finished. Hopefully any copyright issues can be worked out so this tale can end up on bookshelves.
Have a Great Day!!!
The "Creature"

message 3: by Armand (new)

Armand Rosamilia (armandrosamilia) That is awesome, thanks for the heads up on it

Armand Rosamilia

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