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Named after the great owl of the legends, Hoole. It is the most commonly used language, and most animals know some of it, even if they are not of the same kingdom or species.

Baggywrinkle. n. Shredded air currents that lay just outside the scuppers of a strong gale in a storm.
Battle claw. n. Sharp claw-shaped weapons, usually forged by a Rogue smith, that are fastened onto an owl’s talons.
Bonk. adj. The strongest, most energetic fire.
Botkin. n. A special bag for transporting things such as ice weapons.
Breaklight. n. The meal owls enjoy at the end of the night, just before the break of dawn.
Brood. n. A cluster of eggs one female owl has laid.
Broody. n. A female owl with eggs.
Chaw. n. Small team of owls with a specific set of skills; search-and-rescue, weather interpretation, colliering, tracking, Ga'Hoolology, and metals.
Chaw-chop. v. To drop an owl from his or her chaw for an indefinite period of time, which is very humiliating
Chawlet n. An owl that participates in a mock chaw that helps in tapping owlets for an official chaw..
Churr. v. To laugh.
Churrlulu. v. The owl word for laughing something off, talking it lightly.
Coal claws. n. The deadliest kind of battle claws, with bonk coals embedded in the tips. Rarely made by Rogue smiths due to the damage they inflict on an owl's talons over time.
Cold coal. n. An odd coal that can disable the magnetic properties of flecks without burning anything.
Collier. n. A carrier of coals.
Copper-Rose Rain. n. Autumn.
Crabbing. v. Flight maneuver that involves flying at an angle, similar to the sideways walk of a crab, in order to push through a strong headwind.
Creelies. n. Heebie-jeebies.
Crowl. n. The ancestors of both crows and owls before the two species separated into distinct forms.
Deep Gray. n. Just before dawn, when the black has faded but the sun has not yet spilled even the first sliver of a ray over the horizon.
Dwenk. v. (of the moon) Wane; a progressively smaller part of its visible surface illuminated, so that it appears to decrease in size.
Ether veil. n. A layer of windless air in the atmosphere that protects the owl world. If a tear were made in the ether veil, there would be disastrous consequences, not the least of which would be the return of nachtmagen.
Fire Claws. n. Battle claws with live coals embedded in the tips. Rarely made by Rogue smiths due to the damage they inflict on an owl's talons over time.
Fire Blink. v. When an owl becomes transfixed by the light of a raging fire and goes yeep.
Fire Juicing. v. Technique used by blacksmiths to heat up coals to very high temperatures, thus giving the coals temporary bonk status.
Firesight. n. The ability to see events that take place in faraway places or in the future in flames.
Fizgig. n. A kind of flail with live coals embedded on the outside.
Fleckasia. n. The collective effect of flecks on the owl brain and gizzard.
Flecks. n. The smallest bits of an iron-like metal considered more precious than gold; prized by the owls of St. Aggies (St. Nebbs) and the Pure Ones for its ability to interfere with an owls navigation abilities.
Flint. v. To have value.
Flint mop. n. The Ga'Hoolian form of punishment; roughly means to do something to pay back for the value that had been taken away.
Fliv. v. To flirt.
Frink. v. A rude remark that means to severely irritate, as in "it frinks me off".
Fyngrot. n. The yellow glare a hagsfiend emits from its eyes in order to distract and stun its victim.
Ga. n. Great spirit.
Gadfeather. n. An owl who travels from one region to the next with no planned destination and no real home; known for their singing as well as there garish ways.
Ga'Hoole n. The Great Spirit of Hoole.
Gallgrot. n. Gall, mettle.
Galooshing. v. Like trick or treating; owls wear masks of other owls or birds and go to each hollow singing or dancing for treat.
Gazooling. n. The noisy chatter of young owls.
Geegaws. n. Strange trinkets that usually come from the Others; the Trader of Silverveil has lots of these.
Give it a blow. exc. Lighten up.
Gizzard. n. Considered the second stomach in owls, often called the muscular stomach, it filters out indigestible items such as bone, fur, hair, feathers, and teeth; it compresses the indigestible parts into a pellet; also and invaluable emotional guide, an owl's most profound feelings are attributed to it.
Gizzard Resister. n. An owl that does not believe in violence, and often rebels peacefully against attempts of violence.
Gizzlemia. n. A blankness of the gizzard, which means to malfunction of the brain.
Gizzuition. n. The ability to understand something immediately from the gizzard without the normal reasoning processes.
Glamora. n. Owl heaven.
Glaux. n. Owl's Higher Being (god).
Gleek. v. To goof off; mess around; act up; as in "gleeking about".
Glimpox. adj. describes words or actions considered to be slanderous.
Glowworm. n. A particular kind of coal valued for its density of heat.
Golden Rain. n. Summer.
Gollymope n. A depressed state or on in such a state.
Goodlight. exc. What owls say to one another just before going to sleep for the day
Grog Tree. n. A tree where owls gather to drink and socialize.
Grosnik. adj. Forbidden food; used especially by Burrowing Owls to describe a nest with only babies in it.
Haggard. n. A trouble maker.
Hagsfiend. n. Demon-like bird from the time of legends, thought to be extinct; larger than most owls and having some characteristics of crows; believed to have powers ofmnachtmagen. Also the term sometimes used for an evil scroom.
Hagsmire. n. Owl hell.
Half-hag. n. Tiny, poisonous birdlike creatures that live in the feathers of hagsfiends.
Hard Alle. exc. The command for making a 180 degree turn.
Hatchday. n. Like an owl's birthday; the day an owl hatches.
Hengleen. n. The angel owls of glaumora.
Hireclaw. n. An owl who lives apart from other owls, not belonging to any particular kingdom, who hires him- or herself out for battles.
Hoolespyrrs. n. Swirling, deceptive winds over the see of Hoolemere.
Hoolian. n. The common language of the Southern Kingdoms.
Katabats. n. A term for fierce winds in the Northern Kingdoms.
Lulus. n. Small feathers just at the bend of an owls wing, which can help smooth air flow.
Milkberry. n. Teardrop-shaped berries that grow from vines on the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. At the great tree, seasons are named after the colors the berries take on at those times: White Rain for winter, Golden Rain for summer, Copper-Rose Rain for autumn, and Silver Rain for spring.
Moon blink. v. To expose for long periods to the full shine of the moon, forcing owls' minds to become confused and incapable of making simple decisions; to destroy an owl's will and individual personality, making him or her perfectly obedient.
Moon Calf. n. A battle term that means both "idiot" and "coward," considered the worst insult a commander could throw at a soldier.
Moon Scalding. v. Only occurs in the moon-blaze chamber of St. Aggie's (St. Nebbs), and is much more damaging than typical moon blinking.
Mu. n. A very soft metal that blocks magnetic fields.
Naftur. n. Owl god of hagsmire (like the devil) derived from the ancient Krakish panthenon.
New. v. (of the moon) Wax; have a progressively larger part of its visible surface illuminated, so that it appears to increase in size.
Nimsy. n. Summer's end.
Nimsy Night. n. The festival held on the shortest night and the longest day of the year.
Nincompoop. exc. An insult; similar to 'preenie weenie' and other not-so-nice terms to call somebody
Nod pule. v. The term for the paying of respects to a deceased owl.
Nooties. n. Flavorful nuts that grow on the Great Ga'Hoole Trees during the time of the Copper-Rose Rain.
Nyrolian Owls. n. Owls hatched during an eclipse.
Others. n. What the owls call humans; extinct creatures who lived in stone buildings, now ruins.
Owl Stone Event. n. An event of the great significance in the development of a young owl.
Owlipoppen. n. Little owl dolls made from down and molted feathers for chicks to lie with in the hollow; also used as decoys by the Guardians during the invasion of the canyonlands.
Preenie Wenie. exc. A derogatory term that is considered the worst name one young owl could call another.
Pyte. n. A unit of measurement roughly equal to the wingspan of a Whiskered Screech.
Racdrops. exc. Short for raccoon droppings; one of the worst curse words an owl can say.
Riffle. v. To ruffle one's feathers so as to accentuate the white spots (Spotted Owls only).
Rogue smith. n. A blacksmith owl that does not attach itself to any particular kingdom or area.
Ryb. n. Teacher; deep knowledge.
Silver Rain. n. Spring.
Scroom. n. The disembodied spirit of an owl who has died but has not made his or her way to Glaumora.
Scroomsaw n. Soul of a living owl.
Scupper. n. Side trenches of a gale or squall where the edges of the wind spilled over.
Shatter. v. To expose an owl to flecks under "certain conditions" that cause the owl to become massively disoriented and lose his or her sense of self; the gizzard becomes like a stone, and the owl becomes incapable of sorting out emotions and feelings, sometimes causing delusions.
Short Light. n. In the Northern Kingdoms, the two days surrounding the longest night of the year, when the sun never rises more than the tiniest bit above the horizon.
Shred. v. To dart in and out of the edges of a fire, a colliering flight maneuver.
Skart. adj. An owl obscenity that covers many things considered false or unreliable, including inferior products made by poor smiths.
Slink Melf. n. An assassination squad.
Slipgizzle. n. Owl spy, secret agent.
Sliptween. n. A nest-maid snake and member of the harp guild who leaps from one octave to another while playing the great grass harp.
Snow Snob. n. A nick name given to Snowy Owls who only socialize with other Snowies, frequently used in the Northern Kingdom's firths where the Snowy Owl species is common.
Spottilate. v. When an owl makes the light parts of its plumage cover up the darker part.
Sprink. v. The worst owl curse word. Exclamation.
Spronk. n. Forbidden knowledge.
Starsight. n. The ability to see the future in dreams.
Stone Stunning. v. Similar to moon blinking, an owl that gets lost in a large canyon can become stone stunned, making it have great difficulty navigating. A stone stunned owl may not even be able to distinguish between up and down.
Tapping. n. The ceremony by which owls are chosen for a certain chaw.
Thronkenspeer. n. Threat display.
Tumblebones. n. The bones of birds or owls who died caught in a fierce wind by a hurricane, tornado, or storm. Also frequently found in the River of Wind.
Turnfeather. n. Owl traitor.
Turnscale. n. Snake traitor.
Turnpelt. n. Wolf traitor.
Tween Time. n. Dusk; the time between the last drop of sun and the first shadows of the evening.
Tweener. n. The evening meal; the first food owls consume after waking.
Twixt Time: n. Dawn; the minute between the last vanishing drop of the night and the first rosy drop of the dawn.
Wet Pooper. n. A term often used by owls to refer to other kinds of birds who don’t have gizzards that allow them to pass waste by yarping pellets.
White Rain. n. Winter.
Wilf v. When an owl becomes frightened and his or her feathers lie flat, making him or her seem smaller.
Williwaw. n. A sudden violent wind.
Windkin. n. An air current that complements another air current in the opposite quadrant.
Wingicap. adj. When an owl has immense trouble flying.
Yarp. v. To cough up a pellet.
Yarpie Barpies. n. Owl diarrhea.
Yeep. adj. When a bird loses its instincts to fly, its wings lock mid-flight, and it suddenly plummets to the ground, as in "going yeep".
Yoicks adj. Crazy; loony; out of ones mind.

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Named for the ancient and royal clan of the Northern Kingdoms, the Krakor clan.

Bisshen. v. Speak.
Blaue. adj. Blue.
Bleshka. n. Blood.
Byggenbrocken. adj. Great size, hugeness, big.
Clarren. adj. Clear.
Frisen. n. Friend.
Frissah. n. Fire.
Fryke. exc. Command for "freeze".
Gare heeldvig. exc. Think nothing of it.
Glossen. adj. Glossy.
Grot-grot. n. Native.
Gunda /gunden. adj. Good.
Hordo. n. Snake.
Hordonphonk. n. Supremely beautiful snake.
H'ryth. n. Innermost part of the gizzard.
Hukla-hukla. exc. Snakespeak* for " young owls will be young owls".
Issen. n. Ice.
Issen blauen. n. Blue ice, used to make goggles; also the goggles themselves.
Issen vintygg. n. Deep ice.
Ja. exc. Yes.
Kerplonken. adj. All over; broken; useless.
Kiista. n. Old Kratean word that can bean either strife or illness.
Kraal. n. Pirate.
Krakish. n. The ancient language of the Northern Kingdoms.
Kratean. n. Dead language more ancient and obscure than Krakish, no longer spoken but occasionally written, also known as the Language of the Northern Prophecies.
Krokenbot. n. Flight formation used in storms to protect small owls.
Krakor. n. Ancient clan of Northern Kingdom Spotted Owls, from which the old royal family of the N'yrthghar and the noble Strix lines are descended.
Kukla. adj. Crazy; loony; out of one's mind.
Magen. n. Magic.
Mammish. n. Mom; mother.
Michten. adj. Little.
Mishnacht. v. Understand.
Montania. n. Mountain.
Nachsun. exc. No.
Nacht. adj. Bad.
Nacht Ga’. n. Curse cast by hagsfiends that locks the feelings of the gizzard and stops the development of Ga’. The curse can only be broken by plunging an issen blaue splinter into the affected owl’s gizzard.
Nachtmagen. n. Bad magic.
Nuffan. exc. No way.
Nynik. adj. Never.
N'yrthghar. n. Northern Kingdoms.
Oceania. n. Ocean.
Plonkvir. n. Enjoyment; delight.
Rhot gort. n. Flint mop, punishment.
Schneddenfyrr. n. Ice nest.
Sklardrog. n. Sky dragon.
Skog. n. Singer, storyteller.
Smee Hole. n. Natural steam vents in the Earth, found in the Northern Kingdoms.
Smeisshen. n. Smith.
Smeisshening. v. Smithing.
Stresschen. adj. "Originating from" or "hailing from".
S'yrthghar. n. Southern Kingdoms.
Takk. exc. Thank you.
Trufynkken. n. Drunk.
Unguis. n. Claws.
Vhagen. n. Evening.

Developed after the first black smith of the legends, Theo, went to the Middle Kingdoms, and stems from the ancient Krakish language. Some of the words of Jouzhen are the same, or strikingly similar to those of Krakish, and it is a very simple, yet very complex language.

Danyar. n. The Way of Noble Gentleness.
Danyks. n. Owls of the Owlry, practicers of the way of Danyar.
Dong. n. Knower.
Geodes. n. Mysterious rocks split open to reveal cavities lined with crystals of luminous colors ranging from pink to sapphire blue to purple and white.
Guanjgo-Noh. n. The Sea of Vastness, also known as the Unnamed Sea.
Gwuil. n. Guest.
Hee naow. n. Hello.
Hulong. n. Two definitions, "time" or "hollow".
H'ryth. n. Stemming from the Krakish word meaning 'the innermost part of the gizzard', it means the one of all wisdom and all knowing. The first H'ryth is said to be Theo, the inventor of battle claws.
Jing jangs. n. Hail cusps.
Jouzhen. n. Lnguage of the Middle Kingdom.
Jouzhenkyn. n. The Middle Kingdom.
Jouzho. adj. Middle.
Kyn. n. Kingdom.
Kyre Of Glaux. n. The Many Faces of Glaux.
Olong. adj. Sapphire.
Pheng. adj. Honored.
Phonqua. n. Not easily translated, best described as the the destiny and fate of all, easily tipped one way or the other. Influenced by the past and the actions of all and one. The Phonqua can be chanced as consequence to one's past actions. It is almost 'karma'. Those who believe in Phonqua lead a simple life in hopes of repaying a debt and redeeming themselves. Redeeming themselves from what, it is not known.
Pikyu. n. Guide, Owls who are educated in the ways of Danyar and are teachers at the Owlery. The tops of their head are completely bald except for one feather, called the 'Ya Ni Ni'.
Qui. n. Not easily translated, closest description is 'energy of the mind and body combined'.
Qui Dong. n. The Knower and Keeper Of The Pearl Gates.
Shing zao. n. We.
Strezhing. v. Hailing from, hail from.
Feng. n. Obscure word for wind.
Wind Bong. n. Last Shriek Of Mighty Wind - the last big gush of wind, like the last part of the storm before the sun returns.
Ya Ni Ni. n. Feather that sticks out at the top of a pikyu's bald head. It is said that zi fields originate from that particular feather.
Zan Li. n. Stranger.
Zhong Phong. n. The river of wind that connects the Hoolian World to Jouzhenkyn.
Zi Field. n. Field of energy powered by the mind and body, a region of power and control. All creatures possess it - some good, some bad.
Zi Kyuan Mu. n. Battle move in which an owl flies into and knocks another temporarily senseless without killing them with lightning speed.
Zi Phan. n. The Talon Like The Spiked Flower - a fighting move that is usually lethal.
Zong Qui. n. 'The Breath of Qui', a cry which expands an owl's lungs and prepares the owl to strike with all power and every fibre of it's body with lightning speed.

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Branched off of Krakish and evolved into a vast, unique, and slightly abstract language of its own.

Attack Speed. adj. The speed a wolf or byrrgis uses when advancing on prey to kill it.
Beslubbering. adj. Insult.
Biliboo. n. Game where pebbles from the creak and knuckle bones are used. It requires strategy and great mental concentration. It is played by four wolves in teams of two, the pieces are moved from one side of a complicated pattern scratched in the dirt to another. The paths through which they move are intricate and govern my a rigid set of rules. Players are completely silent. Usually played by elders.
By-lang. adj. "Deeply away", far away, gone.
Byrrgis. n. Traveling formation the wolves of the beyond use when they hunt or explore new territory.
Byrrgnock Laws. n. Laws and order of a byrrgis; included in the Gaddernock.
Cag Mag. adj. Tainted meat, or "going crazy".
Cailleach. n. Sick, old, or dying animal in a herd chosen by the byrrgis to be hunted.
Canker-livered. adj. Insult.
Carreg Gaer. n. The chieftains pack, the main pack.
Ceilidhfyre. n. "Sky dance of fire", lightning.
Cleave. v. Wolf word for dying.
Cleave hwlyn. n. Act of separating from ones clan, ones pack, and finally his own body. The way old wolves begin to pass away.
Drumlyns. n. Piles of gnaw bones placed around volcanoes of the sacred ring, the wolves of the sacred watch stand on top of them.
Foaming Mouth Disease. n. Rabies; an illness where the victim looses its mind, its toes spread wide apart, and it foams at the mouth. Spread by biting, there is no cure. The only way to stop the disease is to burn the infected animal in a fire pit.
The Forgetting. n. Process in which a malcadh mother begins to forget about them and the pain. Sometimes this happens slower with females and the forgetting must be induced through a potion.
Gadder. n. The meeting or a clan, or the clans, in a gadderheal.
Gaddergludder. n. Pack rally, usually following the hunts of big game or special events.
gadderngaw. n. Ceremonial competition between gnaw wolves n order to join the sacred watch.
Gaddergnaw Games. n. Event that only happens once a year(on this site). It is to choose which of the gnaw wolves of all of the clans is worthy of joining the Sacred Watch by doing different events. Usually only one is chosen, rarely two.
Gadderheal. n. Ceremonial cave of each clan where the gravest of matters are discussed.
Gadderlords. n. Wolves who run the Gaddergnaw competition.
Gaddernock. n. Ways of the wolves; the codes, laws, and traditions the wolf clans of the beyond follow.
Glaffing. v. Wolf prayer; howling to Lupus.
Gnaw Bite. n. Punishment given to a wolf when they have broken a serious law, a wolf is chosen to bite and tear a piece from their pelt, possibly to the bone if the bite is deep enough, leaving the wolf marked for their mistake for ever.
Graymalkin. n. Bad owl.
Greet. v. To fret.
Gwalyd. n. Special song, or the verse of a song, howled by a full pack or skreeleen.
Hamycch. v. "To leap".
Hoole. n. Owl.
Hwlyn. n. Pack spirit, nurturing harmony.
Jaunyx. n. The vyrwolf equivalent of fyngrot.
Lochin. n. Soul of a departed wolf.
Lochinmorrin. v. Process of a wolf's spirit traveling to the other side, on the spirit path to the cave of souls.
Lochinvyrr. n. Code of honor between the hunter and the hunted.
Lupus. n. Wolves' higher being (god). Also known as the star wolf.
Malcadh. n. "Cursed", "cursed one", a wolf born with a deformity.
Marrow n. What wolves refer to as a 'gizzard' for owls. (The feeling tingled deep in his marrow.)
Moldwarp. adj. Insult.
Moon rot. n. When the shadow of the previous night's moon still sails over head the next morning, an ill omen to wolves.
moriah. n. The lament for chieftain who has recently died, the Gnaw wolves are excluded from this group mourning.
Morrin. adj. Good, pure.
Obea. n. A barren (can't have pups) she-wolf in each clan designated to carry deformed pups out of the whelping den to a place of abandonment.
"Off the bone". exc. Speaking of something unacceptable, written to the bone in silence, casually.
Paw-fast. n. Marriage.
Paw-fast Vows. n. Marriage vows.
Press-paw Speed. adj. The speed a wolf or byrrgis uses to follow prey.
Raghnaid. n. Wolves court of justice held by the Carreg Gaer, consists of specially chosen elders and the Cheiftain.
Tinalaba. n. "Chimes of the bones"; the sound the necklaces made of tail bones the members of the watch make and where, the bones are gnawed.
Sark. n. Witch.
Skaarsgard. n. Constellation, the leaping wolf who catches wolf pups who fall off the star ladder on their way to the cave of souls.
Skreeleen. n. Lead howler of a pack, also the reader of ceilidhfyre.
Taigas. n. Main watchers and teachers of the Watch.
Tock-tock Pace. n. Slow but steady speed of caribou in which the clicking of the caribous' tendons is still distinct, not a blur of sound as when caribou run very fast. Caribou use it for traveling long distances.
Tummfraws. n. P'lace of abandonment; the sites for abandoning malcadhs.
Vyrrwolves. n. Wolf equivalent of a hagsfiend. Learn about vyrrwolves here.

Also slightly derived from the Krakish Language.

Blairn. exc. Crazy, insane; bear equivalent of "yoicks".
Fao. n. Two meanings, "river" or "wolf".
Great Bear Constellation. n. The constellation bears belief point the way to Ursulana. Also known as the star bear.
Lan. n. Gift.
Ursa. n. Bear's Higher Being (god) also known as the star bear.
Urskadamus. exc. "Curse of a rabid bear", a bear curse of swear word.
Ursulana. n. Bear heaven.

Here are some acronyms and abbreviations commonly used in the owl world.

DHR Double-Hinged Retractables. n. A lethal style of battle claws designed to kill in one swift strike.
DNF Destined Not to Fly. n. A classification used in St. Aggies for owls that will never fly, to prevent secrets from escaping.
FAST Forge Acumen and Saftey Test. n. The test completed in the Metals Chaw of the Great Ga'Hoole Tree to determine whether an owl is ready to begin work in the forge.
HALO High Alltitude Low Opening situation. n. A flight technique used to fly in unseen using clouds for cover.
NAST Nickle Alloy Super Talons. n. A type of strongly built battle claws.
SOFP Standard Operational Flight Pattern. n. A normal way of flying in a group of owls.
SOS Small Owl Society. n. A society of small owls against discrimination on size.
TUPSI Tytonid Union Pure Special Initiation. n. The sick test an owl must perform to become an official Pure One, where the owl must kill someone close to them to prove their loyalty and strength.
VAT Vacuum-Assisted Transport. n. A special technique used to move injured or captured owls using a flight pattern that creates a vacuum using air currents with their wings.
WPB Wet Pooper Brains. exc. An abbreviated insult saying one has the brains of a wet-pooper, like a seagull.

Source: http://noblegardiansofgahoole.wetpain...

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