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Sadist: The Rise
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Mainframesysop | 9 comments Sadist: The Rise

Patrick Stetson left his wife and his home for the grit of the South Bronx. He was determined to make detective and to start a family.

Calton “Cal” Johnson just wanted to live in peace in his own little world until he found someone just as lonely as he was.

Amanda Stetson changed her life by having a child that wasn’t her husbands.

Maria Fletcher lived in a world of silence, but she listened and always followed her heart.

None of them saw it coming.

When all is said and done, they will all be touched by the Sadist.

Hi... I am looking for someone to review this book. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you :)

Charlene | 59 comments Your list of characters hooked me. That said, si-fi horror is not my genre of choice. I generally go for the crime mystery. So, if you want to risk a review from someone who does not normally read horror, let me know. My email is

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