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Ari's writing

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Cat (coffeecat19) Write away!

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I'll write soon but I need a vote on what to write on

1. Fallen angels- Brookelle has lived a normal life, exept for one thing. She's felt like shes missing something.that theirs a big secret to her whole life. Drew fell from heaven thousands of years ago. He vowed to never choose a side, heaven or hell. He moved around getting away from the others who fell with him. He enrolls in Mayfield high, hoping to live a normal life. He meets Brookelle and he feels different.Brookelle wonders why she feels drawn to this boy. A story of how secrets are revealed and how life is changed between two people.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Yeah, write about them all, its your page to wrie on

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2. High school( fantasy)- Ashley has always been the weird girl. She never had many friends. Though there was one thing different about her. She had a power she couldn't explain. As she unravels the power she has with the help of Cole and sarah, her best friends she finds out the secret world of Paradesia.

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Can you help me pick one

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Cat (coffeecat19) I think 2, but yur choice, I posted on High school rp

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Ok I'll post soon

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