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The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
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The Hunger Games wk1

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Ms.Pittman | 3 comments Mod
In the first few chapters we are reading this week, we get to know the main character Katniss on her journey to The Hunger Games. How would you characterize Katniss? Why do you think she feels, acts, or thinks the way she does? Based on what you know about her so far, what do you think she will be like during the games?

Neil I believe that Katniss is a very strong person, although she may not always believe in herself. She seems to be opinionated, but she knows when to keep quiet and when to talk. Her mental and physical strength is probably the result of her upbringing. She spends most of her time caring for her family by hunting and gathering in the woods, and as she notes, they probably wouldn't be able to survive without her. I think she acts the way she does because of the fact that she has to--and wants to--care for her family: her love of her sister Prim compels her to take her place in the Games, she promises to actually try in the Games so she can come back to Prim, and she makes sure that they know what to do to survive while she is gone. I think Katniss is going to be an underdog in the Hunger Games. As she said, she will most likely be able to get rid of the easy ones, but I feel like she could probably take on the wealthy, more experienced tributes, if she does manage to make a bow like Gale suggested. Her desire to go back home to Prim and her past experience as a hunter could possibly take her all the way if she can get over the fact that she has to kill people.

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Hannah Vaughn I would characterize Katniss as a very hardworking and responsible person. She seems to feel like her family is dependent on her because they are. While her mom was depressed Katniss had to step up and care of the family. She held herself responsible for feeding them, talking care of the house, and overall she tried to make sure they were all being well taken care of. Because of all these responsibilities, Katniss knows that when she's gone her mother is really going to have to step up and take care of the family, taking on the responsibilities Katniss has had all these years. During the hunger games I think Katniss will be hesitant to kill people at first but because she's hardworking and determined I think she will put up a good fight.

Sean Hewitt I would characterize Katniss as someone who is hardworking,responsible and is very determined to get what she wants. I she feels um a whole lot older than she actually is because she has to take care of her sister and her mom. I think in the Hunger games she will be kind of staying out of the way and let the others kill and wait for the end because its a lot easier to kill a few people than it is 25 and let the people come to her like she would do hunting game in the woods

Victoria I would characterize Katniss as a very responsible and family-oriented person. She would do anything to protect her family. I think she feels, acts, and thinks the way she does because she is basically the head of the family, since her mother doesn't really take care of her and her sister. She acts way more mature than any other sixteen year old girl; has to take a huge responsibility for her family. I think Katniss will be the type of person who camps & kill. I think she'll kill the way she hunts in the forest. She'll definitely be a challenge to the other tribute.

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Destini Stridiron I think Katniss is very loyal, independent and courageous. She doesn't rely on others because she knows she's capable enough to do things on her own and she's very courageous for taking the spot of her sister in the Hunger Games. By doing this, it shows she truly cares for her sister and looks out for her. I think Katniss is such an independent courageous girl because ever since her dad died and her mom got depressed over it she had no choice but to take a stand and provide for her family or they would have nothing. With Katniss' courageous acts and intelligence she will make it far in the Hunger Games as long as she uses her hunting skills to use and trust the right people.

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Savanna Parangan I would characterize Katniss as bold, responsible, and determined. She exhibits all these traits while constantly displaying courageous acts in trying to keep her and her family well-fed. For example, she breaks the law by going across the barrier of the Seam to hunt illegally, then breaks the law further and trades in the Hob. She does this because without her, her family would starve. At a young age, she became responsible for the well-being of her family. In the games, I can tell that a driving force for her to win will be being able to reunite with her family. She seems to care for others and it might challenge her morals to kill other tributes. But with her hunting skills and knowledge of the forests and the wild, it's no question she'll be a threat in the arena.

Patrice Marie Katniss is mentally strong, especially when it comes to her family and her self-image. After her father's death, her mother became depressed and emotionally unable to care for children, which built up to the responsible and determined mindset of Katniss. If she had not stepped up to be the leader of the family, they would die of starvation. She went through tough situations to keep her family alive. One situation was when she rummaged through the trash bins to look for at least one scrap of food for her family to eat since they did not have any bit of food left. Also, Katniss is very protective of her sister, Prim, which is the reason for her being in the Hunger Games. After volunteering to take Prim's spot in the Hunger Games, she makes a promise to Prim that she will try her best to win and survive in the games. After reading about Katniss and Prim's relationship with one another, I believe that Katniss will truly put in her best effort to survive, especially with her skillful hands in hunting and nature. Although she is troubled by the fact that she has to kill many people in order to go back home, she visions her family without her, because without her, her family will not last long. I believe that Katniss finds this as a motivation for her to try and win the Hunger Games as best as she possibly can.

Angela I would characterize Katniss as a responsible, independent, and family-oriented person. She definitely loves her family very much, especially Prim. When her father died and her mother became emotionally unstable, Katniss took over the responsibilities to keep her family alive. She does what she can to get the necessities her family needs to survive even if it means having to increase her chances being selected for the Hunger Games just to receive tesserae. I think she acts the way she does because she feels like she has to stay strong for her family. So during the games, I think Katniss will do her best in the competition. She may have a hard time killing the other tributes but I am sure that she will find a way to put it aside in order to put her hunting skills to good use.

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Carlin Jacala (carlinjacala) Katniss is the type of girl who can hold her own in what seems to be a multitude of environments. This can easily be a result of her upbringing considering she has many flashback sof her mom explaining to her what to do in case she is put into a tight situation in the wild. She has proved to be quite able to fend for herself because eventhough she risked breaking the law, she wAs able to support her family and provide for them by hunting and bartering. She also swapped out with her younger, weaker sister for the spot on the hunger games also showing her compassion for her family whom she promised she would return to. Although she knows the repercussions of playing the games, which include genocide for the Competitors, I believe she will make the game quite interesting considering the fact that all the things she holds dear to her are dangling off of a thread that cam easily break without her.

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Jordan Katniss is a strong independent woman who fights her own battles and learns from her own mistakes. Katniss is very brave and family oriented. She loves her little sister very much and is pretty much raising her as her own child. Katniss puts her skills of hunting to good use by going into the forest with Gale to hunt for food to eat or at least trade at the Hob.

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Hinson Leung I would characterize Katniss as a strong and responsible person.Actually, Katniss acted like a mother more than her real mother. After her father dead, her mother was so sad and can do nothing for the home. Therefore, Katniss did all the housework likes cooking food, trading food and take care of her sister.Unluckily, Prim was chose to be one in the hunger games. Where Katniss knew that, she voluteed herself to replace her sister Prim at once. This can show that how she was strong and reponsible. She was scared about the game but I think she'll do her best in the games.Altough it's a tough things to kill the other tributes,I believe that Katniss can solve the probelm and win the hunger games.

Colton Souza katiness is a strong, tough, smart, independent, but also caring girl i say all these things because she grows up in a bad area filled with poverty. but throught all of that she finds a way to be a nice and sweet girl to her mom, sister, and of course her best friend gale. but most of the time she is tough not only because of the inviorment she lives in but also because she has to be i mean no girl can go out into the woods and gather food hunt animals and basically survive in the wilderness without being at least a little tough she happens to be super tough. during the games katiness will most likly hid out try to stay alive and avoid conflict as much as possible because althought she is skilled in a bow there is nothing that says she has hand to hand combat skills.

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Nina (momolitious) @ Colton: First off haha I have to say you really need to check your Capitalization and spelling. And just because it doesn't say that she didn't have any hand to hand combat skills doesn't mean that she isn't in the dark about it. Katniss was trained by that drunk Haymitch. Plus she trained with Peeta so in the Games she'll know his weekness thus will be able to kill him.... unfortunately.
P.S. I know I'm not in seventh period but I just thought I'd jump in and have a say. :)

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