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Confused about Villefort's crime
Zoe Zalta Zoe Nov 08, 2011 09:22AM
Did Villefort intentionally murder the baby? I was under the impression that when the baby was delivered it was a stillborn and so he buried it honestly thinking it was dead. When Bennedetto reveals the history in the courtroom he implies that Villefort murdered the child and then Villefort admits that he is guilty. I am so confused can anybody clear this up? After I finished with the book I reread these two parts (the first was when Villefort and Madame Danglars are talking in his office) and I still cant figure it out. Thanks!

The child wasn't breathing, but was easily revived. The courts would've counted that as murder since the child could draw breath. You also have to remember that this was an out of wedlock child born from an adulterous relationship, also criminal acts. It is possible from the reading to interpret that Villefort knew the boy was alive, but told Madame Danglars that it was a stillborn for the specific purpose of burying the child and keeping his reputation. Either way, to be found out would've been too much for a person who measured their worth in the eyes of others.

I can't remember if Bennedetto actualy was the baby, or it was just the fact that he could stand in court and make the statement revealing Villeforts past.

I was under the assumtion that it was more about the count having the documents and having Benn Make the claim.

I'm pretty sure he thought the baby was dead. But he still buried her alive. So he was guilty of involuntary manslaughter and I'm sure carried huge guilt after finding out and blamed himself.

The way I read it, Villefort buried the newborn baby alive intentionally and both Villefort and Madame Danglers knew it, hence their reactions to being taken back to the scene of the crime later. Of course, I did not read the original French. Valerie and Hitandmiss, the baby was Bennedetto, a boy. That much was clear.

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