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Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) | 186 comments Mod
October 31, 2011 — Two years ago, when I was 12, my mom decided to move from Palmdale, C.A. to Lake Los Angeles, C.A. I had no idea we were moving until I woke up that day. I packed my room, and then went to the new house with my grandmother who was visiting from Pennsylvania for the summer.

My mom wanted me to go to help unpack the things from the first truck load. My phone was dying and I realized I didn't have my charger, so I turned it off to conserve the battery. The people who lived in my house previously were major slobs. So my grandma and I started to mop the kitchen floor, and it smelled like Pinesol. She gave me a few bucks for helping her out.

After I was done, I went outside to explore the new place. My house was surrounded by rock mountains, so I went to climb one. I spotted a store from the mountain, so I went to it and bought some chips and a soda because since we had nothing in the house to eat yet. Then I walked back to my house.

I started to think about my best friend Josh. In my sixth grade year, he told me that he had cancer, leukemia to be exact. He lived in Australia and was 16-years-young. We met over the internet. Back then, I didn't have many friends, he was one of very few. I was one of his very few, too. People didn't accept the fact he liked the same sex so he got bullied, but I accepted him.

Josh was the only thing I had to look forward to each day. He used to text me around three or four in the morning each day saying his mom was drunk again. Every time his mom was drunk, she would beat and rape him. The rape caused him to be gay. I cried every time he told me she was drunk. I wanted him to get help, but he loved his mom. He didn't want her to get in trouble.

His sister Taylor and he shared the cell phone, so I didn't get to text him all the time like I would like to. I decided to turn my phone on and text him to see how he was doing. "Hey is Josh there?" I asked. "No. He isn't here anymore. He left us," his sister replied. "What do you mean? Where is he? Is he okay?" I asked in fear. "He passed away," she said.

At that very moment, I ran into my empty room, dropped, crawled into a corner, and balled my eyes out. I sat there crying for an hour straight. I just couldn't accept the fact that he was gone. My family finally showed up with the first load and my little sister came into the room and found me. She saw that I was crying and kept asking what was wrong. My whole body quivered and I just couldn't say anything, I was speechless. I wanted to be left alone, but she went and got everyone to come to my room. They all tried to ask me the exact same thing my little sister did, but I failed to answer.

My older brother picked me up off the floor and gave me a hug, as did everyone else. I finally stuttered to say, "Josh died." I could feel everyone's sympathy after I said this. My mom tried to make me feel better, but I just couldn't cheer up. This was one of the worst days of my life. My mom said I didn't have to help with anything, because she knew exactly how I felt, for she has lost her best friend too. I've learned that life is too short to start your day with broken pieces of yesterday; it will definitely destroy your wonderful today and ruin your great tomorrow.

message 2: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Simons | 143 comments Mod
Awww this is really sad, but yet very touching.

message 3: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) | 186 comments Mod
yeah ik it made me cry

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