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message 1: by Anne (new)

Anne | 14 comments Mod
Write a journal entry from Rowena's point of veiw about the strange events in her life from the past few days. What has happened? (5pts) How has she felt and what thoughts has she had? (5pts) How has she felt about Sam and Henry and how have those feelings changed? (5pts)

Please use complete sentences and appropriate voice. (5pts)

message 2: by Chelsey (new)

Chelsey | 9 comments "im sorry henry" i say but he dosen't forgive me. "what i meant was for you to stay in coven tree and never leave again because i want you to stay."But now im a real tree theres is bark coming from my legs.
"you have never talked to me that way ithought you thought i was nice."
"i never did i just wanted to sell my things to your dad he's stupid if he buys that from me there usless."
"after all the things i've done for you you have to take my daddys money you are mean and selfish henery piper and not a well man."

message 3: by Brendan (last edited Nov 29, 2011 08:56AM) (new)

Brendan | 9 comments Rowrenya found out that henry piper dosint even like her. He just wanted to sell his stuff to her father. Then Rowrenya made a wish that henery stade at there house forever.The he turned into a tree and stayed a tree. Then they found thadise blin the stwe meat bout one more cared and cancled everybodys cared.

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Frank | 8 comments 11-8-11 Dear diary Today stange things have happened first of all Henry Piper is stuck to the ground because hes growing roots out of his feet. And its all my falt. me and Sam have tried to pry him off but it was no use.Because Sam cut Henrys root but another thing sam was trying to help Henry. After trying to get him out he was being mean to me and I told him to shut his face cause all he dones is a care about him self. After I got back from the party Henry Piper was now half a tree and when he tried to talk all you could here was help me help me.

message 5: by Brenndon (last edited Nov 29, 2011 09:08AM) (new)

Brenndon | 11 comments Dear diary,
Im sorry henery i am so sorry for turning you into a tree.I love you so much."you have never talked to me that way i thought you thought i was nice." i am so sad that you are a tree and i am starting to not like you anymore because you are ordering me around all the time.Also sam is so sorry for making you bleed.I am so happy i found my long lost love agian! "I wish ... Henery Pipier would put down roots her in Coven Tree an never leave agian!" I said

Next Paragraph

The fellings every body had was happy except Rowena she was felling really sad because she turned Henery Piper into a tree so she thought he would stay in coven tree but she said "Henery Pipier would put down roots her in Coven Tree an never leave agian!" said Rowena. She is so so happy now that Stew Meat used his wish to cancel all the kids wishes so now Polly Kemp can't make bullfrog noises any more, and Henery Piper is not a tree anymore so now he can sell Rowena's dad a lot of machinery now.

message 6: by Brooklyn (last edited Nov 29, 2011 08:57AM) (new)

Brooklyn | 9 comments Dear Diary this is what happened today,
"I didnt mean to make him a tree, all i did was i wished on the card Thaddeus Blinn gave me and i accidently wished that you would grow roots and never leave Coven Tree ever,again!!" You think that i liked you, i would treat you like the queen of shiba to get you to tell your father how nice i was to you so your daddy would spend his precious money on my machinery."He said in a way i think he enjoyed."Well,of course you didn't mean that Henry!"Every word now try your best to get my dang feet out.""I promise never to tell my daddy how good you are again ,your very selfish Mr.Henry Piper!."Sam was a very good help.....he was always just the farmer boy and now he's my best friend and i thought that before you were just a helper but he's a lot more now.

Rowena Jervis

message 7: by Quinten (new)

Quinten | 7 comments "I'm sorry henry"i said but he did not forgive me.I did not won't this to happen to you all i meat was for you to stay in coven tree and never leave.
But now I'm a real tree and there is bark on my legs and it dose not feel great.
Buut you never have talked to me that way befor, and i thought that you were nice to my and liked me.
i allways thought that he liked me but i ges not beacuase he is telling me what to do, and he's eaing mean to me and sam.

message 8: by Brooke (last edited Nov 29, 2011 09:35AM) (new)

Brooke C | 10 comments Rowena made a wish whishing that Henry would be suck like roots in coven tree. That night Henry was starting to leave and his feet got stuck to the ground. "Henry! how come your stuck to the ground!" Rowena gasped, "I dont know!!!!!!!! HELP ME ROWENA NOW!!!!!" Henry yelled at Rowena in a terrifying voice. Henrys ankles started cracking up like bark on a tree. "Sam! Henry's becomming a tree!!!" Rowena yelped,She thought that she was going to be busted by her parents.Rowena now seen Henry's real side and know she nows that hes mean and rude. She now started to like Sam better then Henry.

message 9: by Michael (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:41AM) (new)

Michael | 7 comments Dear diary,
I wished for the wrong wish I wanted him to set roots in Coven Tree and now he is a TREE! Thaddeus please let me revert Henry back to normal so everyone can get back on to normal, fat chance, he wouldn't be caring, just laughing at me. Henry had turned into a tree and because of me and my wish! Thaddeus could be anywere now, there was no way to find out how to revert the changes, to make things worse Henry had been yelling commands so much it made me yell at him in hopes of shutting him up however it didn't demotivate him, and now Sam our farmhand had found out and was willing not to tell anyone but forced me to care for Henry and now I couldn't enjoy my party were everyone in my class was coming and I even yelled in front of Ma about something she didn't know because of Henry and Thaddeus my life grew more stressful and meaningless.

message 10: by Brenna (last edited Nov 29, 2011 08:58AM) (new)

Brenna | 9 comments Dear Diary,
Henry has been being a jerk! I didn't mean for him to actually grow roots here.Stupid wish card! It twist everything up! I wish I had never wished that he would grow roots here! He told me that I was just like all the other girls, and that he would have told me I was the Queen of Shiba if it would mean he would have more buisness from my father! If I could I would take his own mouth and would put his head in it and FORCE him to swallow it!!! I use to think that this man could be the one.... well I most certianly wrong! Pff, he told me all those nice things he said to me was a lie! Man I o'tta dig him up and replant him far in the forest! And, uh well I was wrong about Sam, he Has helped me threw this all, and I think Papa likes him... well as much as I do! =] <3 Well we'll see how it turns out! Wish me luck!

- Rowena

message 11: by Cyreese (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:22AM) (new)

Cyreese | 10 comments Diary,
Why did I have to wish Henry Piper could put down "roots" in Coven Tree.I wished on the card,that Thaddeus Blinn gave me and I should've never done it because I literally rooted Henry to the ground.

I just found out Henry does'nt like me he just complimented me to get my fathers money.

message 12: by Kylie (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:29AM) (new)

Kylie | 5 comments dear diary,
i thought henry piper liced me but no he dosent he was just trying to get mey dad to buy stuff from him he dosent like me i but was just another girl to him because if he realy licked me he would not have yelled and hollerd and give me so many comands like that when he started to act like that i was suprised of him because all theese years i thout he licked that was all just a lie but realy suprised me was the i thought i loved was a tree wow thats not scary at all ok thats enough for tody by dear diary

message 13: by Ryan (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:55AM) (new)

Ryan | 9 comments "Oh No! This can't be happening" I feel so ashamed of myself. I made a wish that Hennry would plant roots here in Coven Tree, meaning he would stay here in Coven tree. But instead, roots grew out of his feet locking him in the same spot. I loved Hennry until this happened because then, he let it all out, "I don't love you, I just pretended to like you so I could sell your father machinery." I didn't believe him at first but now it all makes since. Well tonight is the night of Haskill's party, but I also promised Hennry that I would stay with him. So Sam told me I should go to the Haskill's party and he would stay here and take care of Hennry.

About three hours later
I dropped off at my house and I was standing on my porch when Sam came up to me and started talking. He said, "You might wanna have a look at Hennry it's gotten worse." I went to Hennry with Sam and he lit his lantern and shined it on Hennry. Bark was covering his from the ground to his neck and he could barley talk. I went up to him and he said in a faint whisper, "help me, help me,"
Goose bumps raced up my arms, but then I realized how I could fix him. I asked Sam if he would wait for me and I was off.

And that was all that happened today.

message 14: by Alex.M (new)

Alex.M | 9 comments "I am really sorry Henry" I say in a sad quivering voice." All I wanted was for you to stay in Coven Tree forever and ever with me!" I never ever wanted you to be stuck in the ground like a tree."
"Oh you shut your mouth Rowena!" Snaps Henry.
I was only all nice to you because I wanted you to tell your that I was nice so he could just buy all my machinery."
"Oh I was so wrong about you, you are a selfish mean , horrid man!"

message 15: by Madelyn (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:28AM) (new)

Madelyn D | 7 comments "im sorry henrey" I wanted you stay in coven tree I didnt mean plant roots in coven tree.Yeah well know there is bark growing on me."You have never talked to me that way henrey".I was only nice to you because I wanted your dad to think I was nice so he could buy all my machinery. Iwas wrong about you Henrey,your a horrid man

message 16: by Leah (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:58AM) (new)

Leah S | 9 comments Dear Diary, 11-29 1618
Henry was so mean to me today because I wished on that stuped card from that stuped little man and wisthed that hery would grow roots here in covern tree. He did not even love me when I loved him back. I wanted to kill him (or gust cut him down). I tried to say I was sory but he only yelled and gave me dumands. I want him off my proproty so he can go and trick other gril but not me owww not me.Now the only one I cin trust is sam, sam is loving and caring.But Henry is a snob a dill pickil he.... is.... he is a lieing jerk face. He did not even like me he just wants me to tell my pa that he is the best.. the best sals man ever. I hate hate him,I dis like him,I despise him. To sum it all up henry is a tree and he is lieing jerk face and he will leave and nrver come back.

message 17: by Brielle (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:46AM) (new)

Brielle | 9 comments 7/23/95
Today has been crazy. Henry is as stiff as a board and rooted to the ground, right in the middle of our forest! I think it's my fault. I made a wish that Henry would stay rooted to Coven Tree. I didn't mean it literally though! Anyway Henry hasen't been very nice these past few days. Maybe its because he's slowly turning into a tree. He's been ordering me around and calling me names. I am starting to see Henry's true colors and I am not sure I like them. Sam on the other hand is being very nice. I think I like him better than Henry! Maybe I am just going crazy. Well bye for now, Rowena.

message 18: by James T (last edited Nov 29, 2011 10:38AM) (new)

James T T | 5 comments Dear diary,
today I turned Henry Piper into a tree and I'm glad I did, if I didn't I wouldn't know what a sweet talking worm he is! But I still feel bad because now he can't live his life. And I'm stuck with him! So now I have to figure out how to reverse my wish.Sombody help me!!

message 19: by Grace (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:32AM) (new)

Grace | 7 comments "Come polley sit" her mama said to her "Rowena thought in her head did she discover that Henrey Piper is stoock in coventrey in our back yard."All because of her wish the one little wish that she wished, that Henrey piper would plant roots and stay in coventry forever but not in the way that had been given to her what would happen if Henrey found out that she got him into all of this and ...and ,"Rowena her mother called " what " can you go see if Henrey would like to come over for dinner?" Oh yes mama!

message 20: by Logan (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:57AM) (new)

Logan R | 8 comments Umm...Henry? I did not mean to turn you into a tree. What I meant to do was to make you settle down in Coven Tree. I wished "that Henrey Piper would put down roots in Coven Tree and never leave again!" Im really sorry. Can you forgive me? "NO I wont forgive you, you... idiot! Because of you im rooted down like a tree in your backyard! Well Fine! You are a big jerk! I think Sam Waxman is a much better man than you Henry Piper! You Deserve to be a tree!

message 21: by Alexis (new)

Alexis M | 8 comments How will life continue, with Henry stuck to the earth by roots all because of me! My mother and Sam would tell me " Rowena why do yo fall for a man like Henry Piper all he is, is a fast talking sales man!" But I would'ent listen all I would do was think of Henry and all of the wonderful things he told me and his snappy looks. Oh what a fool I was to believe that Henry Piper I had made a wish for him to stay with me and he goes and grows roots!And afer all of the sorrow I've been throgh feeling bad for the man out side he snapped out how he was only telling me those nice things to sell machinery to my papa!

message 22: by Jeff (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:42AM) (new)

Jeff | 9 comments "Henry!Quit yelling at me,Ican't work under all this pressure"!"Well,it's not me fault I'm stuck to the ground,if you haden't made that STUPID wish I would be selling machinery and making loads money right now,instead I'm stuck to the ground!"

message 23: by Shelby (last edited Nov 29, 2011 09:33AM) (new)

Shelby S | 8 comments "Sorry Henry, i did'nt mean to have you be rooted to the ground when i made my wish what i said was "i want Hennry piper to plant roots in coven tree and never leave again!" SHHHHH! Rowena don't even try to say thoes foolish words to me Rowena just try to get me unstuck before something else happens!

message 24: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 15 comments "Im sorry Henry Piper for turning you into a tree." "I wish I never wished for that to happen, Thaddeas Blinn tricked me! "I feel horible Henry Piper."

message 25: by Tyler (new)

Tyler | 4 comments "Henry Piper you are so mean for talking to me that way! I wish I never made that wish to plant your roots here in Coven Tree! Now I don't think you are so nice for saying you used me!!!!!

message 26: by Ethan (new)

Ethan B | 11 comments Henry piper when to Rowenas house to say hi then henry told her that hey had to leave for his job.Rowena went up stairs and she thought about thaddeus blinn and how he gave her the card so she grab the card from her white dress and wish that henry would stay there in the city. She wished that his feet would be planted to the ground.So Rowena and sam took care of henery for a couple of nights then henry turned into a tree.

message 27: by Macey (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:21AM) (new)

Macey | 9 comments Today the glorous Henrry Pieper came to my house and he was all nice and sweet. After I made that wish"I wish the Hanery Piper would put down his roots and stay in covintree." Things have been weird Hernery was stuck to the ground I dont now waths happaning to him. When Sam fond out he had an idea to tack a hachit and cut henry out form the ground, when he got under his feet all he saw was roots , but how could there be root growing from his feet. I was invited to a party, but I dident want to leave henry olwn he nedde to be cared for. Until that man started jabern im gald i went to that party. When I got home the un,mechinabul happend Sam shood me were Henry was and all I saw was a tree,I was horified when he said to me. Help me help me. In a wisperd voice.

message 28: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 14 comments From Rowena's point of view Henry turns into a tree and he is turned into a tree for life.And as Rowena says she had to put up with Henry for days because he was stuck to a tree and had nothing to eat and nothing to keep him warm. Henry had took the blanket after Rowena had gave it to him and he said that the blaket had smelt like horse sweat and the next day after that she ha tried to give Henry a doughnut but he had denied the doughnut and said he did not want to have it so the next day she went tot school and learn and then she had back and noticed..........Henry Piper was a treeand they did not know what to do and Sam had a lantern and shined it some more on Henry after he was a tree and did not now what on earth had happened to him. They started to freak out.Henry is a jerk and I did not now he would actually grow roots here.And he told me I was the Queen of Shiba.How rude of a guy like Henry Piper.

message 29: by Elizabeth (last edited Nov 29, 2011 09:29AM) (new)

Elizabeth | 9 comments Ohhhhhhhh, why did I do that to MYSELF! If I wouldn't have made that stupid wish, none of this would have happened. Now im stuck taking care of that no good Henry Piper! And all of those things Henry used to tell me was FAKE! All Henry needed me for was so I could tell my pa how good he was to buy machinery. Now, Henrys ordering Sam and I around like a slave worker. I wish I could go away and hide like a coward. If I would have bet a quarter for every time Henry sweet talked a girl, i would be RICH!!! Rowena do this do that! I want to SCREAM!!!Sam hes a lot of help but why????????

message 30: by Holly (last edited Nov 29, 2011 09:49AM) (new)

Holly | 7 comments Dear Diary,
I dont belive how rude Henry was being to me! He said that i was like all the others. What is that suppose to mean?! When i wished for Herny Piper to put down roots here in coven tree i didnt mean for him to grow roots like a tree, i just ment for him to stop travling so much. Then Herny yelled "I dont like you I was just pretending so you would tell your daddy how nice i was, so he would buy from me!" I dont belive that all those places he had told me about was all fake and that he had never been there! He just read about it just like Sam did! Now that I know how henry is i dont like him!

message 31: by Sara (last edited Nov 29, 2011 09:43AM) (new)

Sara | 10 comments The handsom Henry Piper came to cover tree today.I was so glad to see him again.That night I went to my room and pulled out the card that Thaddues Blinn gave me.I wished that Henry would set roots here in Coven Tree forever.After I made the wish on my card, I went to my friends party. When I came home that night,I was shocked. I saw that Henry Piper was a tree!Then Sam was worried.I could tell that Sam has changed.I think I'm starting to like him. Thats good!

message 32: by Nick (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:58AM) (new)

Nick | 8 comments "I wish Henry piper would plant roots in coven trees."As I told henry about the wish that thadeous billin had given me." I didn't mean to plant you to the ground." "Will you forgive me Henry." "No I will not forgive you" shouted henry."Because you are a idiot rowena."It is your fault i'm stuck here like a tree just look at my legs they are covered with bark.Now just look at me I can barley talk because of that dumb wish Henry shouteed.Why did you wish that I would plant roots in coven trees Why are you yelling at me because you planted me to the ground but you were so nice to me before this all happend to me. I did it because I wanted to get closer to your father so I could sell more farm eqpment because he would trust me more Henry explained.Why are you yelling at me Sam is being nicer Rowena said.

message 33: by Meranda (last edited Nov 29, 2011 09:37AM) (new)

Meranda | 10 comments No!!! Why wold I be so stupid I mean this was not what I ment when I was saying my wish.Now I am so stupid Henry is now turning in to a tree I am so stupid butt Henry also needs this punishment because he used to act all sweet but now he is being plan out rude.Now Sam is the nice one he helps me and dose not yell at me like Henry.First i make my stupid stupid wish now everybody changes it is like I am in a differnt world.It is strange though because Polly Kemp was in the tent with me to and stuff has been wird with her to.I just can't belive that wished Henry Piper whold gorw roots in coventree.

message 34: by Sydney (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:19AM) (new)

Sydney | 10 comments I made a horrid mistake and whished that Henry Piper would put roots down and never leave again. Now Henry is really stuck to the ground. Sam and I tryed to cut him loose but then realised that Henry was growing real roots from the soles of his shoes. I tryed to bring out a dounut from breakfast but he was not happy, he said "I've been sitten out here all night and this is all you give me." I felt like Henry is being alot meener than usuall. I thought he liked me but I'm not sure. I used to like Henry but now that has changed because he has been yelling and giving me orders to do for him. I also changed my felling about Sam he has been alot nicer through out this whole mishap.

message 35: by Drake (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:48AM) (new)

Drake | 7 comments Dear diary you might not beleave me but Henry Piper is glued to the ground! short and simple I Know but im so wored plus henry is treating me like a grain of sand! but sam however is being nice to me and I appreshate it.

Dear diary Henry is geting more ilke a tree than ever.
Now he is all tree ecsept for his head I hope he will stop!

Dear diary I just thought of somthing maybe Stew Meat didn't use his card , mabe I can reverse the card's spell agh why did I have to do this in the first place? oh why did I have to say PLANT ROOTS in Coven Tree

Dear diary I wish I could say this to Henry "Stop because there is nothing left of you!!!!"

message 36: by Caleigh (last edited Nov 29, 2011 09:31AM) (new)

Caleigh | 10 comments Dear Journal,
Today, Henry told me he wasn't comin' to the party at my friend's house,so I took that card that Thaddeus Blinn had to offer and used it. I wished that Henry would grow roots and stay put in Coven Tree. Now my sweet is stuck to the ground. I'm tryin' to talk him into lettin' me tell ma and pa. Sadly he's bein' a worry wart about his reputation. I'm tryin' real hard at making him comfortable, but he's bein' all rude.Oh Sam,he's been nothing but helpful during a time like this,and Sam says that Henry's just want's my pa's money and not my love. But I knew that couldn't be true until, Henry told me I was like the rest of them. Am I like the rest of them, who's the rest of them any way?


message 37: by Hannah (last edited Nov 15, 2011 06:50AM) (new)

Hannah | 9 comments Today was awful Henrey is getting weaker and he wouldn't eat the food I brought him he's becoming more like a tree all thats left is his human face.Worse yet that darn Sam Waxman found out about Henrey and he better not go tellin momma and daddy about it.Oh why did I ever make that stupid wish all I said was I wish Henrey would grow roots and stay in Coven tree I didn't mean for him to become a tree.Sam said he would help me.He said to try to make him comftorble so I pulled the weeds out around him but all he was doing was yellin at me Rowena this and Rowena that I finally just told him to shut his face and I was doing the best I could.You wouldn belive it but that worm told me he didn't love me and he would do anything to sell stuff to my pa.Oh I hope I think of somthing soon because I really dont want him here no more.

message 38: by Dylan Br (last edited Nov 29, 2011 09:27AM) (new)

Dylan Br | 8 comments You are a worm, Henry Piper!!! All that sweet talking...just to sell me stuff!! Urgh...I feel like an IDIOT. You deserve to be a tree! And I used to resent Sam Waxman!! But now it seems like Sam is an entirly differnt person...he let me go to that party and voulentered to take care of Henry...but enough on Sam Waxman. Of course, Henry would be a weak sycamore. I wonder who can fix this...

message 39: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 14 comments Henry Piper is one of the charaters and he is a tree now. And Rowena thought that Henry Piper like her,but really he did not like her at all.She was just trying to be polite and very kind and she didn't think that she would say this but she did.And Henry had grown roots on Coven Tree. Maybe it was Sam's idea!Oh,Sam!
And since this point now he Henry is stuck to the ground, and he is talking to Rowena like she is garbage......he is probaly just mad that he is stuck to the ground and can't get free!

message 40: by Ethan (new)

Ethan B | 11 comments Dear Diary, i never really wanted Henry to to turn into a tree,me and sam are trying to turn him back to a human but nothin is working, all i wanted was for him to stay here but i didnt mean to turn him into a tree.

message 41: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 15 comments " Im sorry Henry Piper, I didnt mean to turn you into a tree!" " I feel soo horible for you!"

message 42: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 15 comments " I wish I could take that wish back!!" :(

message 43: by Alexis (last edited Nov 29, 2011 09:04AM) (new)

Alexis M | 8 comments Dear Diary, I am so ashamed.Its all my falt that that slick haired fast talking salesman is outside
IN MY YARD stuck there to forever remind me of my mistake.how could I love Henry piper?He seemed all caring and honest but he was just putting down wildfire lies in my head. I've found i've come to care for sam he was all, talking about Henry like he was a good for nothing toadstool! But now sam is understanding and caring and makes a great friend!

message 44: by Jacob (new)

Jacob | 10 comments Dear Jounal
Henry Piper is turning into a tree.I feel like such an idiot, wishing you plant roots here in Coven Tree.I'm trinng as hard as I can to turn Henry back into a person.Wait, he is being a slugish jerk, so let him turn into a tree. Sam would face turning into a tree like a man , instead of acting like a brat who gets whatever he wants.Maybe I should let him into a tree.

message 45: by Francine (new)

Francine | 8 comments I made a wish on the card Thaddeus Blinn gave me. I said, " I wish Henry Piper would put down roots here in coven tree,and never leave again!" But i didnt mean REAL roots! I just wanted Henry to stay here and quit being a salesman. I tried to appologize, but he didnt believe me. I felt guilty and scared, because i didnt know what to do. I dont want him to stay there forever as a Tree! But Henry was just using me this whole time, Just so he could come back and sell more products to my father!".... i thought i was specail to you....." I said. " Special? Your not cleopatra to me, if thats what you mean! I was only nice to you so i could come back here evry year and sell products to your father!" Henry said. I felt A mix of emotions. Sad and angry, betrayed also. Before, I was so happy to see henry, and now, I want him GONE! i think that sam is better than him, which is weird because i HATED sam, but now, he's almost like a friend to me. I just cant wait untill Henry Piper FINALLY turns into a tree! "Henry piper, your nothing but a selfish man!"

message 46: by Ellyn (last edited Nov 29, 2011 06:15AM) (new)

Ellyn H | 9 comments On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 9:30 AM, Ellyn Howland wrote:

Today was horrible!I wished on a card that Thaddeus Blinn gave me I wished that Henry would plant his roots here, but I didn't mean it!
Henry turned into a tree and he is being mean to
me he told me to "put the weeds there no not there you are not
listening to me, Rowena" He also told me that he never really did like
me,ooohhhh I just can't believe that Henry Piper!And last but not least i am starting to think about Sam a little bit more he told me he would wait for isnt that sweet...what am i saying!!!!! So I geuss I'll see how things go. Wish me luck!!

message 47: by Kyle (last edited Nov 29, 2011 06:19AM) (new)

Kyle | 4 comments Dear diary
I wished for the wrong wish I wanted henry to set roots in Coven Tree and never leve.Now he is a TREE IN MY YARD!he was yeling at me so I finally just told him to shut his face and I was doing the best I could.Sam almost like a friend to me.Sam says that he's just want's my pa's money and not my love.I wish I could take that wish back!!!

message 48: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea | 14 comments Rowena made a wish that henry would set roots in coven tree. and i made a whole different wish. and sam stbed him with a knife in his foot after.

message 49: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea | 14 comments rowena touched the dot and it was warm after she made her wish.

message 50: by Tina (last edited Nov 29, 2011 06:17AM) (new)

Tina | 11 comments Strange things have been happening. Henry Piper came to visit, and the day before that I bought a little white card with a red dot that was aid could grant me one wish for 50 cents. So when it was the night before the day he had to leave, I wished for him to plant roots and stay in Coven Tree. And he actually did, except not the way I wanted. He grew into a tree til there was nothing left of him. At first I felt sad, and guilty. But after he treated me like a slave and said the truth I want nothingmor eof him. I could I be so blind of Henry Piper? Sam was right, he was smart and realized how Henry realy was. But in a way, Henry helped me, him being a tree has let me see what sam was really like. Strong, handsom, and honest. Once this is all over, Henry is to leave, and not be welcome as a guest. Not if all he wants to do is sell his machinery and lie to everyone here.

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