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message 1: by Annice22 (new)

Annice22 | 219 comments Mod
Anyone planning on reading this? I just ordered it. I just love the whole take on Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" but with Batman. Hopefully it's pretty good. I just love Christmas.

message 2: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments I saw it in the store and it looked spendy. I will be happy to wait for a cheaper edition.

message 3: by Annice22 (new)

Annice22 | 219 comments Mod
I didn't spend too much, I only spent less than $14 for it on Amazon.

message 4: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 130 comments I note that it got a great review in the NYTimes book section, so I must look into it.

message 5: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (ralph_nater) Batman Noel is delightful. I was quite skeptical to order it for the shop but when it came in I thought what the heck, I'll give it a shot. The only redeeming quality it had before I read it was that it was of course drawn and inked by the legendary Lee Bermejo. Having never written anything (to my knowledge) I wasn't sure if artist could take the leap to become writer.

That being said you can imagine my surprise at how fresh the story felt despite the millions of spoofs of it. While it is based off of Charles Dickens' classic it has a lot of it's own character and is almost a story within a story sort of scenario. The art is jaw-dropping as usual and the writing is superb. If you haven't already checked it out I would strongly recommend it.

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