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Strength & Defiance in female protagonists?

I don't have many recommendations, since I read a lot of historial romance and am trying to think of other books that have this (I've found a lot in the historial romances, which is odd in a way). But, here are a few to look into:

Janet Evanovich "Love Overboard" which was one of her early romances that she re-released. Also, EARLY Stephanie Plum. Later ones tend to have the same arguments repeated, etc. (The other caveat is that Stephanie is not nearly as "capable" as Lillian.)

Kasey Michaels writes both modern and historical romances and tends to have heroines like Lillian. Also, I believe Lisa Kleypas has done some modern romances.

All the others I can think of are either historial, not romance genre or both.

Try Linda Howard she does have some interesting heroes and heroines.

I loved the Wallflower series, and even bought the sequel story, Wallflower series. My favorite, though, was Scandal in Spring because I feel I'm a lot like Daisy Bowman Swift. :)

Susana I know what you mean. It took me a long time to buy the book because of the title.
Ok, so, the main character is Liberty Jones, _ I'm gonna try not to
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Lisa Oh yeah. Will definitely havre to check this out soon
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In the urban fantasy gender, i'm thinking about Kim Harrison series "Hollows". Rachel Morgan is one of the strongest female characters that i've ever read. Then there's Mercedes Thompson, the leading character of Patricia Briggs "Mercedes Thompson" series.
In the thriller department there's some books by Tami Hoag where the characters have a very intense relationship ( main characters have a fase of very intense dislike for one another or suspiction regarding one another ). My favorites are: -"Cry wolf"; " A thin dark line", "lucky's lady",and "Dark paradise".
Now the most "arrogant of them all"...i think he can be found in the "guild hunter" series by Nalini Singh. Raphael is one scary archangel,but Elena can definitely hold her own (Angels Blood and Archangel's Kiss) and his second in comand "Dmitri" is also one of the same type ( Archangel's blade).
Also if you like Lisa Klepas, there's "Sugar Daddy", "Blue eyed devil" _still havent read Smooth talking stranger _ who have very strong characters.

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