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message 1: by Conor (new)

Conor (i got me some bathing apes!) | 634 comments hey guys this is a place for new ppl to introdue themselves.
if your new post:
your intrests
your age (optional duh)
how you homeschool or even if you do homeschool
and anything else you want to add. or you can just post whatever im just giving you ideas.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm Erin. I'm 16, I want to be a marine biologist, I like to write, bake, hang out with my friends, etc. I'm currently looking for a job and struggling with MCC.

message 3: by Mikayla (new)

Mikayla | 2658 comments I'm Bobstar, in case you can't tell from my name......durr, i'm Mikayla
I'm interested in art, music, soccer, theater, reading/writing idk other stuff.
i also enjoy hanging out with my friends ;)
yupps, i'm homeschooled but i've been to school in and out through the years.

JJ[All.You.Did.Was.Save.My.Life.] | 630 comments Im JJ
Im 16
i rule over this groupe on good reads
im the home schooler like no other
im not realy that vain but realy im not like them
at all...

so yeah i go to MCC
ive homeschooled all my life

yeah so thats it

my SN is varymadjack270

that all

message 5: by Conor (new)

Conor (i got me some bathing apes!) | 634 comments I'm Conor, I'm 15, I play piano and oboe, I'm interested In Art (but imnot very good at it), science, history,cooking,music of any kind but especially soundtracks, writing and alot of other stuff. I go to mcc and I wanna start a band.

message 6: by Cailin (new)

Cailin (leahynremtp) | 983 comments i'm so and so, people here no me as thimble. i'm 16 and homeschooled. i play soccer and basketball and in case you couldn't tell, i'm a girl. my fave color is gray and i absolutely adore storms. i'm clumsy and talk to myself alot. and now i would like to know what mr jizzy j up there thinks "the rest of us home schoolers are like?

JJ[All.You.Did.Was.Save.My.Life.] | 630 comments haha thats for me to know
wht i think of other homeschoolers

message 8: by Cailin (new)

Cailin (leahynremtp) | 983 comments please?!

message 10: by Cailin (new)

Cailin (leahynremtp) | 983 comments oh! so that's what a normal homeschooler's like. ok

JJ[All.You.Did.Was.Save.My.Life.] | 630 comments yeah guess so

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm Jack. I'm a Christian fantasy writer, I've been homeschooled all my life and love it, I'm in tenth grade right now, I live in the Appalachians and hope to get a Ph.D. of English at Oxford, then travel the world. I have three sisters, my Mom's a genius (I personally think so, so does the rest of my immediate family) and Dad works for a cell phone company. I haven't posted but once on this thread, though I'd better post something!!!!
God bless,

message 13: by Conor (new)

Conor (i got me some bathing apes!) | 634 comments jj thinks normal homeschoolers have. No life

message 14: by Conor (new)

Conor (i got me some bathing apes!) | 634 comments and are a bunch of brainac prudes

message 15: by Mikayla (new)

Mikayla | 2658 comments yeaah that about summs it up Conor....and yeah JJ, that only sounded a littttle conceited....

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

a lot of them are brainiac prudes LOL i have to agree with him... not you guys of course, but there's always some weird ones.

clara[iloveaaron:]  (heyclarabeara) | 686 comments im clara. or CB. or Larry. or peach. or peachies. or just clara idc what you call me.
i loveee all my fiendds and i couldn't live without them.
i like drawing comics and writing, soccer and i enjoy some kinds of music.
i'm pretty much amazing, and everyone knows it so you should talk to mee

JJ[All.You.Did.Was.Save.My.Life.] | 630 comments hey i can think what i want and i know what i know sorry peeps

message 19: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 06, 2008 01:45PM) (new)

My name is Adrielle.

I'll be 15 on Nov 17

Imma freshman and i ve been homeschooled 9 years=]]

Im interested in the military and will be a nurse in the USAF when im older. Im currently a Staff Sergeant in a program called Civil Air Patrol which is a part of the USAF Auxilary. Im also in 4h where i show pigs and a steer this year =P

I like making new friends.=]]

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

What's up guys? My name's Asher. I'm 23 and was homeschooled all 12 grades. My parents still homeschool 5 of siblings.

I listen to punk rock, work at a Christian drug rehab in PA, and to find out my whole story, read my about me section on my profile :).

message 21: by Emily (last edited Oct 31, 2008 09:23AM) (new)

Emily Farrar (ameraq) | 133 comments I've been on here for a while but I might as well do this...

My name is Emily (DUH) my interests are many, Rowing (Crew) Catching (Softball) and skiing (Ski-racer), reading, watching anime, being lazy listening to my ipod. Hanging with friends and family. I'm 14, ninth grade. My parents teach me, and I take a few classes during the week, like science and computer art.

message 22: by Kristin (new)

Kristin (kristijn) | 2 comments hi!I'm Kristin
i am 13 i have 4 brothers and 1 sister and yes i am home schooled i love to run, bake, ultimate Frisbee, the snow, the rain, i like to ice skate, hang out with friends and talk to my dad.
i am a christian as well as a pastors kid
and my dad is a genius.

message 23: by Kristin (new)

Kristin (kristijn) | 2 comments and i live in alaska

message 24: by Kay (new)

Kay (alaskahorsegirl) Hello,
I'm Kay. I live in Alaska with 3 brothers and a sister. I love to do almost everything. I'm not to fond of the computer, but it is the easyest way to stay intuch with family.
I have a wonderful family, and I really like home schooling. I really don't know how kids that go to school have a life, if I went to school I would never be able to do any of the thing that I do.

message 25: by Kay (new)

Kay (alaskahorsegirl) Oh, I'm 13 and in 9th grade.

message 26: by Kay (new)

Kay (alaskahorsegirl) Cool! Where is VA do you live?

message 27: by Kay (new)

Kay (alaskahorsegirl) I LOVE piano, and have been taking it for 2 years! But I also like the cello.

message 28: by Kay (new)

Kay (alaskahorsegirl) I really have to agree with you, because everyone is his/her own home schooler. Everyone has there own way of learning and schooling.

message 29: by Rose (new)

Rose  | 134 comments Hey guys =) I'm Rose. =) I live in Front Royal, too, and know Sarah, Asher, and Nate. =)
I live for your laughs, and i love to make people smile =) Music, to me, aught to be the 1st wonder of the world, not just the 8th. =) I play piano and guitar, mainly.
I've heard Sarah play piano before and she's AMAZING! =)
I'm homeschooled and I love it =) I'm 13 and in 8th grade.
I'm the youngest of 6 (I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters) and I have a brother in law and a sister in law - all of my siblings just happen to be amazing =) I also have a niece and nephew =)
And yeah... life is good. Very good! =)

message 30: by Kay (new)

Kay (alaskahorsegirl) Sound like you have a wonderful family! I have never been to Front Royal, but I have family in VA.

message 31: by Rose (new)

Rose  | 134 comments cool! Do they live near here? I might know them...

message 32: by Kay (new)

Kay (alaskahorsegirl) They live in Harrisnburg, and Broadway.

message 33: by Rose (new)

Rose  | 134 comments PS thank you! they are wonderful =) they amaze me =)
right now one of my sibs is dancing... to... a song... about... pie...? lol ...

message 34: by Rose (new)

Rose  | 134 comments =) I was only stating the truth.... you really are amazing =)

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