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Do you think the story would have been different if Bella was a snubby high maintenance teenager
Brittany Brittany Nov 07, 2011 09:16PM
Ithink there would have no story at all if she was a normal American "mean girl" but I'm interested in knowing what others think.

Brittany wrote: "I think there would have no story at all if she was a normal American "mean girl" but I'm interested in knowing what others think."
You're probably right. Edward wouldn't be interested in her, so he either would've killed her or moved far far away.

Huh. Well, if she was, she would have thought the stalking was creepy, and wouldn't have even considerd Jacob; they would actually have to make an effort to chase her and clean up their act, maybe fail at changing entirely and just be friends while the other gets the girl. I would read that.

He might have killed her, her blood basically drove him crazy at first, and if she was a snob he probably wouldn't have felt too bad until afterwards. But i'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he would have restrained himself lol

...wasn't she? All the human characters were always unbelievably nice to her, and all she'd do was whine about them--way higher maintenance than the average teenager.

I think if she was she would have had no interest in Edward, maybe she would have been atrracted to the Emmett instead, and if she found out he was a vampire she would seriously freak out (as would most normal people!).

she is a little high maintenance(only a smidge), you know toying around with jacob and edward. I personally don't think it would be a great story if she was a snubby high maintenance typical american teenager

I think Edward would have seen her as the vapid, shallow human, like he did with most people and have eaten her because she was just another human and, in the end, not worth the effort.
So yeah, I'm thinking it would have been pretty different.

she'd have gone for Mike wasn't he the non vampire school hottie?
But then if she been a bitch she'd probably not left Phoenix and insisted her mother look after her or enjoy the absenses to party.

Kristen I don't know if I'm comparing him to Edward. He just has a....quality. Idk.
But yes, he did seem good enough for Jessica to settle for. But I don't kno
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Mikaela he seemed rather try hard to me
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