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Evermore (The Immortals, #1)
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Loathed Titles > 'The Immortals' series were the worst books I've ever read!

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Evermore, the first book of the series was bad. Really, truly bad. The plot, the characters, the personalities. Everything was just horrible.

Then you read the sequal and all you want to do is find the author and sue her for the wasted time that was taken from your life into reading those things some would call 'books'.

Ugh, just trying to remember how the story went actually makes me angry. I've never before read something so horrible.

Brighton Henderson (brighton_hendy) | 4 comments Dielady wrote: "THE. BOOK. WAS. SO. TEDIOUS.

I hate Ever. She just keeps on being a screwup and she is just like those other people in with those sad pasts and yuck. Chill with the doggy eyes, kay?

Damon was bl..."

I thought I was the only one!! I hated it so much, but everyone in my class thought the books were tragic and romantic. Gag. Ever annoyed me most. And of course, her name is beautiful and yoo-neeek and she's a perfect little snowflake who can do no wrong. She's a snotty, spoiled, look-at-me-my-parents-are-dead-boo-hoo, a brat. Ugh. I could literally write pages about how I hate it.

Brighton Henderson (brighton_hendy) | 4 comments Dielady wrote: "Bri wrote: "Dielady wrote: "THE. BOOK. WAS. SO. TEDIOUS.

I hate Ever. She just keeps on being a screwup and she is just like those other people in with those sad pasts and yuck. Chill with the do..."

Agreed. Double virtual high five. I know ! It felt like a chore just to read the whole thing. Oh, and the character cliches! God, it's like she only goes by the definition of Mary Sue and Gary Stu. Haven and Miles were a waste of paper, and the book would have been a whole lot better if Ever Bloom (God, I still can't get over how stupid her name sounds. Seriously! Who names a kid that?) just wasn't even a character.

Don't get me started on Damon/OrEdward. He's a sociopath. Oh, Ever, I'm deranged and psychotic, but i'm also mysterious and brooding. I only stalk you to protect you. Don't worry, Ever. It's only me. You are still beautiful in every way, but you make it up by wearing fugly hoodies and listening to sad music all day. You're so special and amazing, but you're also kind and perfect and poised. GAG.

Oh, and the names of the next books:

Blue Moon (Uh, New Moon? Twilight? Can't you see you're hating. Another thing that the series has in common with Twilight, besides the fact that they both suck)

I hate, hate this series. I could literally go on and on. It SUCKS. Why are people giving it such praise?

Brighton Henderson (brighton_hendy) | 4 comments Yeah. I don't like either of them. Damon is your typical bad boy/mysterious creature/brooding/mysterious/protective monster. He's just so cliche. It's like the same character, but they just stick on a new name every time. Damon. Patch. Edward.

I still hate Ever. I lost a parent a while back, and when I read the first book, I was absolutely disgusted with her behavior about her parents deaths. It was like she didn't even care. She didn't even mention them. Hell, they weren't even mentioned again for the entire series. It was just a plot device to make Ever seem relatable and make up for her disgusting, childish, rotten behavior. I got mad. There was no sense of grief, or sadness, or even a little bit of hurt. No, she didn't even care.

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I didn't read the series. I read 100 pages from the first book and gave up. It was too, how do I put it, annoying? Typical?

message 6: by Daisy (new) - added it

Daisy And | 1 comments I strongly disagree with ALL of you! This must have been the best book i have ever come across and to say that the plot was awful. Ha well please because if you think you can write a better one go for it but however until you do i suggest wisley that you keep evil snide comments to yourself. And if it was such a waste of time why did you even read the whole series? If i was you i would sincerley take back what you said and think about some positive things to do with this book and also with your life. If you didnt enjoy just say so but every comment there was just about how bad it was. There is always one good thing whether you liked it or not so there is only one way to descirbe you and that is RUDE. If YOU have any problems with THIS comment i suggest you come speak to ME.

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Daisy, did happen you realize this whole club is literally about how much we dislike particular things? And did you realize that the main rule in this club is not to get personal?

I see that you do not read things very well but I shall not hold that against you.

Some of us cannot write a better plot then this story but that does not matter because we do not care. We are entitled to our own opinions (that phrase is coined too often) and you need to read instructions before you just start typing.

I understand how you feel right now. I love books and when people insult books I like, I feel threatened. But this shouldn't be one of those situations for you because you're about to turn around, read the title of this club and it's instructions then leave unless you have something intelligent to say.

I did not read the whole series. I read only 100 pages because my friends told me to read just as much. I did not like it. I might go as far as to say I hated it. Not because it was a bad book. It might be, I will never know because it isn't the right book for me.

You really should learn to speak your mind only where people want to hear it.

Thank you and good-bye.

Brighton Henderson (brighton_hendy) | 4 comments Daisy, I can have my opinion. Just because you think this was the "best series you've ever read" which is laughable, but your opinion, doesn't mean I have to agree. That is just the way the world works.

Joann H (Sshh!!! I'm reading) | 9 comments I haven't read the series yet. I MIGHT read the first book though since I like to form opinions of these things myself. Like I heard a lot of terrible things about hush hush, read it and can agree Nora and Patch just have a terrible relationship They basically just have the hots for each other. But I was able to finish read it though. Although I guess that isnt much of a complement about a book. Hmm.. The only time I got really frustrated was during the final few chapters. Gosh was that terrible. Agree about the iron fey series. I still haven't read the final book because I'm so worried about what will happen. No spoilers pleeeese! one series I've I will never read based on the reviews I've read about them though is the "house of night" series.

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Thit (assbutt-unicorn) | 6 comments Dear Daisy, this book club is called 'Books I loathed' it's a place where one can freely give out opinions and discuss back forth why or why not one liked a book. You are entitled to your opinion and I applause discussion and the freedom of speech. I don't like this book series. I find Ever whiny and annoying. and I feel like the plot is going nowhere and everywhere. That's my opinion and I'd love to discuss with you why you like it - you might be able to convince me of its brilliance. but if you come in here and diss everyone for expressing their opinion, discussing why they didn't find this book enjoyable.... then I guess I nothing to say but "piss off"!

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Daisy (amii_1218) Daisy wrote: "I strongly disagree with ALL of you! This must have been the best book i have ever come across and to say that the plot was awful. Ha well please because if you think you can write a better one go ..."

First of all, this is literally a club that only talks about books that we hated, and we aren't supposed to get offended by other people's opinions. Second, we don't have to be able to write a book of our own to say that a book was bad. If a book is bad, you can say that it's bad, even though a book that you write might be bad as well. We don't have to be writers to criticize books. I personally don't understand how you found this book to be the best book you have ever read in your life. Most people find it to be awful. The only reason that people have read the entire series even though they didn't like it was to see if it got any better, which it didn't. None of us are going to take back what we have said about this awful series, because guess what? IT'S OUR OPINIONS. You trying to make us take back our honest opinions makes me laugh. If you adore this series so much, then why the hell would you come to a post that was specifically trashing how horrible it was? Stop being a child. And perhaps read some actual good books. :)

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Chris (bibliophile85) | 22 comments I'm not defending this series (believe me, I agree with you all on how awful it was) but what happened to no personal attacks? Seems a tad hypocritical to be ganging up and slinging ad hominim attacks against Daisy doesn't it? Who cares what she likes and dislikes? Why trash her for her taste? She's entitled to it just as we are to dislike it.

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Daisy (amii_1218) its just that she's trashing the fact that we all dislike this series, and she's trying to force us to like it by saying "If I were you I would take back my comments, like this series, and do something better with your lives". Yes, we may be 'attacking' her, but it's her own fault. She came to a post about how we all hate her favourite series, yet she doesn't expect a lot of backlash?

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Chris (bibliophile85) | 22 comments I suppose that's true. Point taken

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