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message 1: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments Greetings, I'm Kodai Okuda of Yesod Publications llc and I'm looking for military SF, action/adventure SF, and space opera readers to review my novel:

The Stygian Conspiracy

The Stygian Conspiracy (Nexus Arcana) by Kodai Okuda


Gideon Krieg didn't join the Earth Federal Space Marines to become a hero. He didn't know why he signed up. Maybe it was to impress the girl he was madly in love with, or maybe it was to prove to himself he was worth something. Deeper still, perhaps it was due to the woman that plagued his dreams...sometimes his nightmares. Whatever had drawn him into the war, it did not prepare him for the destiny that lay ahead.

The Stygian Conspiracy is a unique science fiction novel that takes place during a military conflict set in the 2070s. Political intrigue and scheming abound as the major planetary nations battle for control of the solar system. The story follows the exploits of two opposing groups both fighting against the same enemy for their own reasons. Ultimately, they find themselves working towards a common goal to save mankind from the insane ambition of one man. The Stygian Conspiracy is an ideal novel for those who enjoy military science fiction, action/adventure SF, and space opera.

Shelfari Overview:

Word count: 361,119.
Page count: 723

Free copies are available upon request
My email is


message 2: by Kodai (last edited May 21, 2012 09:08AM) (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments Yesod Publications is offering a Thanksgiving sale price of .99 cents for The Stygian Conspiracy.

This sale starts today, and lasts until midnight (MST) Sunday, November 27th 2011.

NOTE: Amazon may take a few hours to change the price to .99 cents, please check back with the listing page over the next few hours if the price hasn't changed.
If you really want the book immediately, go to smashwords please, the price there changes instantly.


message 3: by Jenn (new)

Jenn  (Greeneyez2012) Kodai wrote: "Yesod Publications is offering a Thanksgiving sale price of .99 cents for The Stygian Conspiracy.

This sale starts today, and lasts until midnight (MST) Sunday, November 27th 2011.

NOTE: Amaz..."

We loves sales!!! Thanks for the update!!!

message 4: by Kayla (last edited Nov 22, 2011 11:53PM) (new)

Kayla (kaylasreadsandreviews) | 16 comments Is there anyway I can get a paperback copy to review? I don't have an e-reader, and sitting at the computer reading for too long hurts my eyes.

message 5: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments Hi Kayla,

Thank you for your interest in my book. :)
I have sent you a private message on how to get a copy of the hardback for free.


message 6: by Doc (new)

Doc (doc_coleman) | 46 comments Kodai wrote: "Believe it or not, the book is still $0.99 cents on Amazon, so I've changed it back to $0.99 cents on Smashwords.

I'll let this slide for now and contact Amazon to make them change it back to $2..."

If your book is 99 cents on Smashwords, it will stay 99 cents on Amazon. Amazon insists that they always have the book available for the lowest price. You'll need to raise the price on Smashwords, then tell Amazon to raise the price, then wait two weeks or so. You may have to keep after Amazon in order to get it done.


message 7: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments Thank you Doc,

The price was raised on Smashwords, but the decision was made to put it back to $0.99 cents as a holiday promotional until January.

Also, Amazon has its new KDP Select they are offering.

The down side to that is the 90 day exclusive rights portion of the agreement.

I do make sales on Smashwords (not as much as Amazon) and other retailers, plus the coupon features of Smashwords is excellent for anyone wanting to review The Stygian Conspiracy.

Amazon doesn't offer those types of features, so a reviewer would have to be "gifted" the book or buy it.

That's the reason I'll take a pass on KDP select for now.


message 8: by Doc (new)

Doc (doc_coleman) | 46 comments Kodai wrote: "Thank you Doc,

The price was raised on Smashwords, but the decision was made to put it back to $0.99 cents as a holiday promotional until January.

Also, Amazon has its new KDP Select they are..."

Yeah, Amazon is really stacking the deck in their own favor with KDP Select.


message 9: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments I agree Doc.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the rumor about Amazon trying to become a publisher?

message 10: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments What reviewers are saying:

"Okuda does a good job of connecting his story's many layers as they develop across the solar system--tying together the backroom political scheming on both sides of the war with intricate military strategy--leaving readers with a tale that has all the ingredients for a great sci-fi epic..."-Kirkus Review, June 29th 2011

The Stygian Conspiracy is a science fiction adventure that takes place over many years. The result is a grand story of epic proportions.
The most striking feature of the book is the quality of the characters and their development throughout the story. Far from being standard, cookie-cutter characters, they are complex and very likable. The "good" guys have their flaws, and the "bad" guys are not purely evil and not necessarily easy to hate. I especially enjoyed the comradery between the characters, the children shouldered with great responsibility, and that there is very little (if any) whining in the dialogue of the book.
-Kate R. (

The Stygian Conspiracy is one of those books you'll want to read more than once. Just check the free sample to get an idea of the kind of detail the author has put into the story. The development of the factions, the ships and the tech will appeal to fans of Babylon 5 and Star Trek. A well written story and one that shows a good level of editing and proofing. Recommended read.
-Michael Thomas author of Siege of Titan (

The Stygian Conspiracy is a truly engrossing epic. The political intrigue is fascinating. The mechanics of combat and space are exceptionally detailed and well thought out. This is a well written novel that will keep you turning the pages. I would have perhaps like it divided into two or even three novels as it is a long piece. On the other hand, you get a hell of a lot of material in one purchase. I'd definitely recommend this novel!-Nick Thomas author of Starforce Ganymede (

The Stygian Conspiracy is a pleasant deviation from the what I consider the norm of science fiction, since this book is filled with political intrigue and military deceptions that surround the conspiracy that is the driving force of the book's plot.
I like the flow, the story, and the whole setting of this novel, but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed all the tactical details, firm description of weapons, ordinance, and realistic escalation of arms development of this author's vision of future warfare.
The warship maneuvers, battle robot capabilities, and overall combat scenarios seem plausible, and were clearly given a level of thought that I rarely see outside of military fiction.
The author knows how to write exciting battle scenes and believable characters.
The political scheming is this novel's strong point, and the ending completes the story satisfactorily while keeping it sufficiently open for more.
-Mark Powell (

This should be a television series! An exciting and involved story. I very badly want to see the battlerobots. Sequel...?-Tasha (Goodreads)

Can't say I've read a science fiction novel like this one in a very long time.
Aside from a few minor points, the Stygian Conspiracy is a page turner.
This book cost me many hours of sleep at night as I devoured its pages.
The begining of the novel is somewhat tedious, but in my opinion very necessary to set the stage for the plot.
The characters that populate the world of The Stygian Conspiracy are both lovable and quite memorable.
I don't want to spoil the story, so I'll make this short.
Basically, this story is about how ill prepared we humans are as both a society and a race for whatever kinds of alien civilizations may lie out in the cosmos. It explores the myriad of social, economic, political, and evolutionary issues that threaten humankind not from an alien source, though aliens do play an indirect role in this tale, but from within.
I hope others enjoy this story as much as I did.
-Old_Military_Man (Barns & Noble)

message 11: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments I was recently interviewed on Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews.

Here is the link:

message 12: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments Finally,

Yesod Publications has released the 2nd Edition of The Stygian Conspiracy.

Check it out here.

message 13: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments The Stygian Conspiracy is now avaiable on Smashwords again.

Anyone wishing to get a free copy (to review the book) please PM me here and I'll give you a coupon code for it.

message 14: by Sarah (last edited Oct 27, 2012 04:54AM) (new)

Sarah Yoffa (webbiegrrlwriter) | 501 comments Kodai, I would LOVE to review a milSF action/adventure :) Pretty much my favorite genre, though I'm not so keen on the alien space wars aspect mentioned. Still, I'm a bit of a connisseur and have just started a new feature on my Webbiegrrl's Writing blog for Authors to request reviews, interviews, whatever. Please see deets of what I offer, what I require and use the form linked here to sign up for my queue.

Since your book's been published for a year now, I suspect you can handle the fact I'm booking a couple of months out :) but please let me know if you were trying to do some kind of "relaunch" PR buzz. Is it really 350,000+ words long? That's like 3 books in one...or do you have a sample of something else attached to the end?


message 15: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments Thank you Sarah,

I will check out your site and see if my book meets your criteria.

In answer to some of your inquiries:

Yes, it's really 356,000 words (729 pages, 2nd edition).
There aren't any alien space wars taking place in this book (though future sequels will touch on this), those wars are ancient history.
However, the entire story does takes place during an interplanetary war between human planetary nations that are fighting over the alien technology (among other reasons).
If you don't like oodles of combat, this book will not suit you.
Don't expect a fantasy like Star Wars, or a drama like Star Trek, this book reads like a traditional military science fiction with emphasis on strategy, tactics, combat, and realism.

There is some drama and romance, but it's not the focus of the story.
The focus is technology and the evolution of mankind, not relationships, drama, or emotional themes.
The themes of this story are of the hard SF variety.

If you don't like books such as Joe Haldeman's The Forever War, Ian Douglas' Semper Mars, Marshall S. Thomas' Soldier of the Legion or Niven's The Man-Kzin Wars you will have trouble reading The Stygian Conspiracy.

A lady beta-reader for the 2nd edition told me it's an intellectual SF book, so be warned this book is not intended to pull on your heart-strings, it's intended to make you think.

message 16: by Sarah (last edited Oct 27, 2012 12:03PM) (new)

Sarah Yoffa (webbiegrrlwriter) | 501 comments Hi Kodai,

You said a few things, and I'll reply separately to each:
If you don't like oodles of combat, this book will not suit you.
I love oodles of combat--between humans and esp. with technology (human in origin or not). Case in point: absolutely loooooove John Ringo's Ghost/Kildar series because of all the super crunchy military passages. Great battle scenes. I simply couldn't believe the stunning battle scenes in Book 4 (Unto the Breach). Alas, I've tried many others of John Ringo's books (e.g., Posleen Universe space wars series) and absolutely HATED was the fantasy element relating to the aliens, I think.

You also said: If you don't like books such as Joe Haldeman's The Forever War.... Well, actually, I really couldn't force myself through Haldeman's Forever War and I did try. His writing voice was so forced, so affected more than natural, it made it very hard for me to get into his world. I have the same trouble with unemotional and affectation-rich narratives from Neil Gaiman. Cannot read much later Clarke either (though early Clarke's are on my treasure like gold list)

I have not read the Thomas and/or Niven books you referenced so I can't comment on those. My own SciFi (under a pen name) is 232,000 words and regarded as a cross between a dystopian thriller / social statement (in the Huxleyian form so pretty dry for some of today's YA/Dystopian readers) with some kind of SF Romance. I disagree on that last since I kill the Hero in a particularly gruesome manner. I don't really think that counts as a romance even though I let him get good and truly f***ed first (hehe) Sorry but I love that double entendre and did write the story that way entirely on purpose. I write Romantic Suspense under my real name. I don't need or mind sex in my scifi but I prefer it to be a side facet of character development, secondary to the storyline, not a primary focus/destination. Sounds like that's precisely what yours is doing.

I'll read your book without precursors or expectations other than "science fiction" and "crunchy milfic" crossed in space (or lost in space, depending on how well you navigate me - Asimov is a high standard and I'm a deep fan of the Foundation series)

I ask for the form to be filled out just to keep people in (a) standardized format, (b) some kind of ordered queue and (c) one of my 11 inboxes. The "requirements" are pretty basic and I can already tell you that you qualify, esp if all you want is a review. It'll just take me a while, esp. given the length of your book.


message 17: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments Hi Sarah,

I checked out your website.
My book is a far cry from "Seal of my Dreams" ^_^
It doesn't get steamy like that, but it is a military novel without doubt.

You need not worry about "fantasy" elements too much, though there is quite a bit that deals with super string theory, quantum mechanics, and especially Dark Energy.

I tell you what, I'll send you a smashwords coupon to get the 2nd edition of the book for free (widest choice of format: HTML, RTF, PDF, Epub, Kindle, etc.).
I just hope you like it.

Also, there is an online compendium and a website/blog you may wish to check out.

It contains full color images of the various spacecraft, vehicles and weapons found in the book and some of those discussed in my blog.

Like the MBR-01 series for example:



message 18: by Sarah (last edited Oct 27, 2012 05:50PM) (new)

Sarah Yoffa (webbiegrrlwriter) | 501 comments Got your submission, thanks for the coupon. I'll try to figure out the scheduling to,do a read. You didn't specify if you just want a review and/or anything else, so I'll assume limiting it to a review only is good.

I cannot imagine why you would compare a science fiction novel (yours) to a collection of romance short stories (not mine, I just reviewed the anthology for my blog)


message 19: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments Thank you again Sarah,

Take your time, I'm in no hurry.
I also review books (SF mostly) and since I don't rush reading other people's books, I certainly would never rush a fellow reviewer.

I was just trying to point out that while that book is somewhat military oriented (albeit in a rather odd way IMHO, though for a smashingly good cause mind you) I just wanted you to know that the "passion" of my book is in the adventure not the sex (and I did actually add some to my book :) ).

As for choosing one of the options on your site; I must have misunderstood your instructions. I thought we were supposed to choose only one option (interview, or review, or promo, etc.).
My bad if I messed that up a bit.


message 20: by Kevis (last edited Oct 27, 2012 09:43PM) (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) | 82 comments Looks like a great read. Your website is quite interesting as well. A lot of thought and effort has obviously gone into this series. Well done.

message 21: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Yoffa (webbiegrrlwriter) | 501 comments Kodai, thank you for telling me my page's instructions weren't particularly clear (it's that overly-wordy thing going on methinks :) I'll have to see about editing that page to be clearer that you can choose one or more (any arrangement or suggestion your own) from the list.

I start a new day job tomorrow morning so I think I'm currently booked up through to January, 2013 (using a few Tuesdays for the Nanowrimo 2012 tips, though I am NOT doing Nano this year - I have too many written books still to edit to start a new one now!) Assuming after that is still okay, think about doing an interview or giveaway or something to attract (new) attention to your book.

I'll know better by New Year's as to when I'll be getting to your book. I have 7 books in the queue ahead of yours, at least 2 Tuesdays taken by Nanowrimo so that's 9 weeks minimum and I do like to do at least one Tuesday a month to round up Smashwords / industry news (like I'm doing this coming Tuesday). I also might take one or two weeks off if I have to work in excess of 40 hrs due to the holidays.

If you like to review SF books, I can message you privately with the links to mine (under my SF pen name) I think we write in similar styles so you might enjoy mine, too.


message 22: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments Kevis wrote: "Looks like a great read. Your website is quite interesting as well. A lot of thought and effort has obviously gone into this series. Well done."

Thank you for the kind words Kevis.
Yesod has a small team of people (4-6 at any given time) that contract with them to help build that site and my book. However, I still have to do most of the work. :(

It can be fun though.
Today I get to work on Chapter 4 of the new compendium.


The compendium should be ready next year.
The second book is also coming along nicely.

Currently I'm on Chapter 14 of "The Grand Duke's Ambition" and may get finished this year (been quite a few rewrites and delays), but most likely will not be done until 2013.

A compedium is currently in the works for that book as well.

The idea is for each of the novels to have a companion compendium to help expand and build the world of Nexus Arcana.
Much in the way that Star Trek has the various "guides" that were published over the years.

It is quite a project, but well worth the effort. :)


message 23: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments Sarah, The Webbiegrrl Writer wrote: "Kodai, thank you for telling me my page's instructions weren't particularly clear (it's that overly-wordy thing going on methinks :) I'll have to see about editing that page to be clearer that you..."

Hi Sarah,

I hear you.
My weekdays are occupied by my first full-time job (that pays the bills) while my weeknights are consumed by my second full-time job, my book(s).

It is a labor of love and so I understand that you can't get to my book until next year. I've waited longer for reviews than a year before so no worries there.
Besides, I prefer when a reader takes their time to read my book.
They can enjoy it more that way. :)

I also have a full que of books in my TBR, however, I would be happy to add yours to my list.
I love SF, both writing it and reading it.


message 24: by Kevis (last edited Oct 28, 2012 06:38PM) (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) | 82 comments Kodai wrote: "Kevis wrote: "Looks like a great read. Your website is quite interesting as well. A lot of thought and effort has obviously gone into this series. Well done."

Thank you for the kind words Kevis.

Having spent most of my life creating sci-fi/fantasy universes I can see the staggering amount of work that's gone into your series. I'm very impressed with what I've seen and I absolutely love your presentation with the Compendium. I'm also working on an Illustrated Encyclopedia for my series. So I know how difficult these kinds of projects are. My curiosity is peeked. I'll definitely be checking out your book. Keep up the great work!

message 25: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 24 comments Thank you Kevis,

I've added your book Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter to my TBR. It'll be awhile before I can get to it.

Thank you for checking out my website and for the words of encouragement.
I appreciate it very much. :)


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