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((That's an awesome pool!! Nvmind, I'll post first!))

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Lily followed him in, having grabbed her bathingsuit on the way. She immediately saw the pool and her jaw dropped. "That. Is. AMAZING! I'm so excited!!!" She pulled off her clothes revealing her bathingsuit: with plain purple bikini bottoms. "This is gonna be awesome!"

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campbema ((lol, thanks))

Owen chuckled. "it's definitely nice to be pretty much stuck on campus 24/ 7, they feel bad and give you whatever you want pretty much" he said and took his shirt off, he had changed earlier and smiled at her. "you look amazing in purple by the way"

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((Hehe. Sors that I was gone. I was in the shower.))

Lily chuckled. "Sounds nice. Maybe I should come here more often." When the last comment registered in her head, she blushed openly. "Well, what are we waiting for?" With that, she pushed Owen into the pool and jumped in after him, laughing.

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campbema ((no prob, just got back too))

Owen laughed slightly under water and wrapped his arms around her. He had to keep in mind she wasn't a poseidon child therefore couldn't hold her breath as long as him.

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She accepted the embrace underwater, but lifted up not long after, needing some air. She continued the embrace above water and smiled at him.

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campbema Owen came up with her and smiled. He kissed her softly and rubbed her back. "You're adorable"

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She somehow felt warm, even though she was in a pool. "Thank you. You're not so bad yourself." She said with a smile and a chuckle.

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campbema Owen smiled and dove under again.

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Lily rolled her eyes playfully and followed him under.

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((R U there???) U posted on another topic...))

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campbema ((sorry, back))

Owen smiled at her under the water. He swam over and kissed her lightly on the lips

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((Now I'm back. U still here?))

She felt the kiss, though it was gentle and she couldn't see. She loved him. Everything about him. She thought someone might snap her out of it any second now and she would be back home, without him. That's how much he seemed like a dream to her.

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campbema ((I am now))

Owen kissed her a few more times before going back up to the surface so she can get some air. He grinned at her "So, just want to swim around or do other things?" he wondered.

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((Ever noticed how we're nver on at the same time? LOL!))

She pulled up with him after enjoying the kisses. "Other things like what?"

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campbema ((lol, yep. Sorry, I'm usually on like 24-7 but my life is soooo hectic right now))

"I don't know. Marco Polo, tag, .... this" he said and kissed her again teasingly light so that his lips barely touched hers.

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((It's ok. I have dqance wednesday afterschool and band in the morning b4 school, so I can't get on much on Wed. But the rest of the week I'm like lued to my screen. LOL! And when I have to go to bed, I switch to my ipod. Teehee... But don't tell my parents.))

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She smiled. "I'll take this." She kissed him deeply.

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campbema ((lol, I used to do that too))

Owen grinned and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back the same way.

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She allowed him to wrap his arms around her and she did the same. Though she didn't stop kissing him.

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campbema owen smiled and kissed her happily

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((How to reply...))

She only stopped to take small short breaths, but the kiss seemed to go on forever, until she finally pulled away to take a break. "You. Are. Amazing." She said between breaths.

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campbema ((lol))

Owen smiled "So are you" he whispered and rested his forehead against hers. He stroked her spine lightly, liking the chills he gave her

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She leaned in against his forehead and felt the chills run up her back. Normally, she hated having chills, but these were the best feeling she had ever felt. She allowed herself to blush.

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campbema Owen smiled "I love your blush" he whispered and went under the water again.

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She kmew it. What was he doing now? She decided ti stay above water this time to see what he would do.

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campbema Owen smirked and went behind her. He moved easily to go so that she was now sitting on his back, his hands holding hers as he swam around with her on his back.

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She laughed "What are you doing weirdo?!"

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campbema Owen grinned under water then let go of her when they got to the deep end. He resurfaced and smiled. "Giving you a ride of course" he said smiling.

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She shook her head and smiled. "You're crazy. You do know that right?"

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campbema "yep" he said and kissed her softly. "that's why you're dating me"

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She nodded her head this time after the gentle kiss. "Exactly why I'm dating you." She loved saying it. That's why I'm dating you.

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campbema Owen smiled and kissed her again, liking when she said that. He was glad she had come up to him in Starbucks.

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She wrapped her arms around him as they kossed.

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campbema Owen smiled and pulled away after a little while. "Want to swim some more or go do something else?"

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"I don't know. What about you? Great. Here I go with the questions again." She smileed and chuckled. "But seriously. Your turn to choose."

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campbema Owen laughed. "I like your twenty questions though" he said and kissed the tip of her nose. "Come with me" he said and hopped out.

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"Alright." She said with a tone of suspicion in her voice. But she flollowed him anyways.

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campbema He wrapped a towel around her and then one around himself.

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She shivered from the cold of the air and nuzzled herself up against his body as he ked her sokewhere.

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campbema He grabbed their clothes and led them to his room. "You can take a shower or get dressed, dry off a bit more"

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((Sorry if I fail at spelling. It's m ipod. I'm watching little kids in my neighborhood at the neghborhood park. There is 4 of them and my friend left me with them. Ugghh. It wouldn't post cz there isn't internet connection@ the park.)$

"'ll jst get changed. Do you have a bathroom I can use?"

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campbema ((no prob))

"yep, it's the the first one on the left when you get to that hallway" he said pointing. "I'll be in here" he added, pointing to his bedroom.

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((Thx for understanding. The kids are crazy. But I got 25 dollars in my pocket and I'm home and I'm happy. ☺))

"Alright. I'll be right back." She grabbed her clothes from the pool area and headed into the bathroom, changing into: and then put just a little bit of makeup on. She walked back over to his bedroom door and knocked on the door.

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campbema ((lol, niiiice))

He had changed into jeans and a plain gray shirt. "come on in" he said smiling. He opened the door and smiled "Cute outfit"

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((Yeah. There were only two girls and go figure, they were the only ones listening to me.))

"Thanos." She walked in calmly. "You wanna watch a movie or sometuing?"

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campbema ((that's cool. I sometimes babysit my cousins. it's crazy))

"I was just gonna ask you that" he said honestly and sat on his bed. He pressed a remote and a tv came down. "What movie would you like to watch?"

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((I'm sorry about my spelling fails sometimes. When I'm on my iphone I have typing troubles. I love babysitting. But yes, most of the time they're crazy. I take advantage of them a lot. With the boys, I was pretending to be their army general and everytime we'd go into 'battle' they would do whatever I told them to do. So one time I said drop and roll and they got down on the floor and started rolling around and shooting their guns. It was HYSTERICAL! I was trying to contain my laughing. Then my friend came down and saw us and just bursted out laughing. It was a crazy night!))

"I don't care. What've you got?" She said with a smile on her face. No matter what he said, it put a smile on her face. I don't know what I did to get him, but I don't regret it! She thought to herself.

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campbema ((no prob, I do that sometimes. LOL, that's hysterical))

Owen smiled and put on a random movie. He laughed when he realized he put in a Lion King. "Don't ask. We can change it"

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