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To All Those Who Follow These CULT Ritiuals...

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message 1: by Sehrah (last edited Nov 09, 2011 05:39PM) (new)

Sehrah Lamb To Train Up A Child by Michael Pearl

You Are all Sick, To think that you have to Have parenting instructions, To think that It's ok to BEAT your children. What in the hell could an infant do to deserve being BEATIN. I have 2 of my own and have never had to BEAT them into submission much less hit them,spank,starve. I gave them the love and motherly nourishment they need. They r the most well behaved children that I know. The Pearls tell you to treat your children like STUBBORN MULES, And those that do that, it makes you just as bad as those who ABUSE their kids, Kill their kids,etc... Oh wait Some have Already Killed Their Kids/horrifically abused them..all over this book and others like it.So does this mean you all think of your children as Mules. Your children should be thought of as gifts,miricles, and should be treated accordingly.You are all Stupid, Neglectful, Abusive, WRONG, and should have never been allowed to have children..Or adopt how could you bring these angels into your home with promises of love,family,safe havens.Then you destroy everything that makes them special,beautiful,innocent.You get them home behind closed doors and Kill them/abuse them. If they do make it to adult hood they will most definantly have emotional issues or even worse do what was done to them but 20 times worse. You don't get Respect,Obedience,Love,Happiness, from following this book or any other.Nor do you get it from fear, that is not the way, And it id definantly not HIS way. You give real Christians bad names and because of ppl like you it also causes ppl to not want to be in any religion. Spare the Rod Spoil the Child, means to not use the Rod to beat your flock but to lead them, Do you think Jesus went around BEATING his Flock, NO he did not, he led his flock to be kind,forgiving,equals, do you think HE likes you using his name to Destroy your children I THINK NOT. Starving your child for disapline, Striking your infant for crying, Hello STUPID PPL all babies cry because they can't talk.To start their training as soon as they are able to arch their back and throw a fit, They are not fits its the only way they can communicate, Now I pride myself on being Crylingual so my MOTHERLY instinct tells me what my child/children want/need. My children DO NOT GET WHAT THEY WANT they get what they need and if they want something then THEY MUST EARN IT.I have only had to spank my daughter 1 time and she is currently 8 yrs old. Once I got away From my grandmother I moved with my daddy who is now 77 yrs old I am 27 He raised me the old fashioned southern way, I in return for such awesome child rearing my father gave me i am giving to my own in hopes they as well turn out to be ppl who are honest,caring,and not some cults followers, and will rise against abuse and in return raise their children the same. How would you like it if someone starved you,beat you oh and when you don't stop crying They beat you harder, You are all wrong for what you do, and STOP USEING GOD he did not make you hurt your child you did it on your own. so take responsibility in YOUR OWN ACTIONS. I am a victim of religous Child Abuse, I will never allow this to happen to those I love. To those Horrific Ignorant MOTHERS who submit to their husbands and follow in the BEATING of sed children Will never be forgiven for your crimes against Humanity and will be punished as you punished/Abused your children. We as mothers are to protect and nourish our children, keep them from harm. Don't call yourself a parent until you start acting like a PARENT. SHAME ON YOU ALL

---------- I agree. It is sickening. Jesus advocated peace. If you want to teach your kids, do it by example, not by using violence. So many cases of parents murdering children are in the news right now and their defense is they were only following the advice in this book.

message 3: by Sehrah (new)

Sehrah Lamb Thank you Maria, yes it is a shame when these So Called Adults/Parents blame their actions on someone/something else instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. We must do what we can to protect our children from harm/cults/etc. We were put here to nourish and love our children,their minds,their unique personalities. What my children become as adults is because of me and my husband, I/we will take credit/blame because thats what real parents do. Reading through the comments of this book sickened me and brought forward flashbacks to when my grandmother would call me the spawn of satan right before she hog tied me and shoved me under the bathroom sink for hours/or days..called me a mortal sin before she took rose branches with thorns still attached and beat me while i stood there in my bare skin..I am Wikan, I believe in a higher power, but it sickens me to see/hear ppl use the name of god in their abuse. I belive the proper punishment for these ppl would be to endure what they did to the children for however long they did it. Again ty Maria for your comment, things are a bit brighter now

Ellen No Greater Joy, Pearl's business/ministry, has posted on their Facebook wall and sent out a mass email urging followers to go to Amazon and write glowing reviews of To Train Up a Child.

That they can use "we're being persecuted" and "only we know God's true word" as a way to drum up business is so frustrating.

message 5: by Sehrah (new)

Sehrah Lamb To Sally and Ellen Thank you both for your insight. Together as mothers we need to rise against the evil/inhumane ppl who do/follow these preachings/teachings..As each person who rises up the light for theses angels becomes brighter. Not to sound weird but I have great love for you all. Thank you

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Laurette Castle This disgusting how-to-torture-a-child manual is the worst book I have ever read. I urge readers to report anyone who is raising their children according to "To Train Up a Child" to the police and child protective services before anymore children die. As a survivor of this type of parenting, I thank you for doing so.

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Sehrah Lamb Ok everyone i have went to the above address provided by sally thank you dear, and i typed in search bar for how to train up a child and signed every petition i found that involved sed book and any others i encourage those who have not signed to join and sign every signature helps and will eventually save many of our precious gifts from HIM... ty Laurette for responding and taking the time to read my discussion. that goes for you all maria sally and ellen ty...

message 8: by K.J. (new)

K.J. Ellen wrote: "No Greater Joy, Pearl's business/ministry, has posted on their Facebook wall and sent out a mass email urging followers to go to Amazon and write glowing reviews of To Train Up a Child.

That they ..."
yes, most of those reviews were written within the span of a couple of days, some of them have the exact same wording, also. Sick sociopaths

Sean This is a wonderful book and tool regarding biblical principles of child training. Shamefully to most of the recent reviews they misrepresent the book by misusing and twisting words to suggest things that are not taught in the book. Funny thing is most of them have not read the book and those who have do not understand some basic English words/terminology. Too bad you cannot delete all the dishonest reviews. A large number of reviews are written by such a small minority of people with such bad attitudes who are being dishonest. Myself and so many others I know (not all who have read this book necessarily) use these same principles taught here and in EVERY instance the children are the best behaved with such positive and happy dispositions. That is rare in families who do not follow biblical principles.

message 10: by Darken (new)

Darken Rahl Ok you really need to check this out:

I suspect the perl has been stealing ideas from this.

message 11: by R.J. (new) - rated it 5 stars

R.J. Gilbert Parenting techniques are best measured twenty years after they are implemented. The mothers who think they are "helping" their child by "using their words" instead of other forms of discipline may not like how their child grew up to "use their words" to justify reckless, irresponsible behavior. At the same time, the parent who thinks they are "reining in the beast" by frequent spankings and overbearing control may not like the rebellious, self-destructive adult their little toy soldier grew up to be.

As for those of you who write a scathing review of a book you haven't read just to play politics...shame on you. Eventually the internet will develop a way to brand you for your dishonesty--your own five-star rating, shall we say. In the mean time, we can only speculate who read what and wonder how, if they did, did they come to a conclusion so far-flung from our own.

BTW, my wife and I read NGJ's periodical for several years, and while we don't agree with some of their doctrinal views, they pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as parenting advice. That their own children are now working alongside NGJ or are affiliated with them in their own ministries (against human trafficking, for example) is a far better credential than the "black and white" slander that I'm reading on this thread. I worked for more than a decade with the elderly and their adult offspring, and I can say with certainty that you can judge an old man (or woman) best by how their children turned out. The lousy parents really stand out in old age. Think about that before you advocate for your own "seems like a good idea at the time" ideals.

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Darken Rahl Robert wrote: "Parenting techniques are best measured twenty years after they are implemented. The mothers who think they are "helping" their child by "using their words" instead of other forms of discipline may ..."

Um actually I pirated it off it torrent and read it cover to cover. There is a scary amount of biblical quote mining and similar techniques used in both MKULTRA and Project Monarch. Both happen to be rather sinister CIA Mind Control projects.

message 13: by R.J. (new) - rated it 5 stars

R.J. Gilbert Darken wrote: "Um actually I pirated it off it torrent and read it cover to cover. There is a scary amount of biblical quote mining and similar techniques used in both MKULTRA and Project Monarch. Both happen to be rather sinister CIA Mind Control projects.

In those few sentences, you admitted to literary piracy, stated your faith in several conspiracy theories, and accused them of being parts of a sinister CIA mind control plot.

Yeah, some folks I don't have to wonder too hard how they came to a different conclusion than I did.

message 14: by R.J. (new) - rated it 5 stars

R.J. Gilbert BTW, there is a diference between persecution and natural consequences. To write scathing reviews of a book you haven't read just because that person does not agree with you on some matter is persecution. To wake up one day and realize that your own child is now pregnant, incarcerated, dead, or mentally insane is merely a natural consequence...of your own parenting. It's not a government conspiracy to ruin one's perfect parenting techniques. It's just the natural effects caused by the parent's seemingly brilliant, progressive idealism.

BTW, I have a problem every year when the weather starts to get sunny with people who want to camp, fish, dirt-bike, and shoot up heroin on my property. When I tell them to leave they "use their words" to justify why they have a right to trespass. There are only two things that move them. Either I produce a weapon (which I have to carry on me due to the nature of those who like to argue with me), or I produce the police. Parenting is like that. If a child thinks they can "reason" their way into or out of any circumstance, there is no way you can get them to change course without the proverbial "big stick".

message 15: by Rachel (new)

Rachel The Apostle Paul talked about how he was gentle among the believers like a mother caring for her young. Jesus also spoke about wanting to gather a rebellious Jerusalem like chicks under a mother's wing.This book does not reflect this approach. I am a Christian and I lost my mind temporarily, which I believe was partly due to harsh training mistakes as well genetics and being abused as an adult. If children are taught never to say no to any adult authority they might end up impregnated by a predator. Children need to understand cause/effect and proper behaviour, but not by this book!

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